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Submission + - China pressuring US for cheap green-technologies (

Trintech writes: "At a U.N. conference on climate change, China is asking developed nations like the US to offer cutting-edge renewable technology to poor developing countries at a reduced price. American companies though are not receptive to selling their technologies at a reduced price and also worry that countries like China will not respect the intellectual-property rights of their technologies. China argues that this is for the public good and will help combat climate change."
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - SPAM: Sun to dangle prize money over open-source efforts

alphadogg writes: Sun Microsystems on Wednesday will release details of a new award program meant to spur growth and activity within the company's open-source efforts, according to a post by Sun's open-source officer. The award program will involve the OpenSolaris, GlassFish, OpenJDK, OpenSPARC, NetBeans and communities, according to Phipps. "This is a great opportunity for members of these open-source communities to take their passion and creativity and push the innovation boundaries — and get paid in the process," he wrote.
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Submission + - Canadian passport applications easily seen online (

scorilo writes: "Other people's information can be easily accessed by creating a passport application online and then altering characters in your browser's address bar and going to that URL. The flaw was discovered by Jamie Laning, an IT worker at Algonquin Automotive, in Huntsville, Ontario. The available data includes SINs, driver's licence numbers, mailing addresses, business and phone numbers, federal ID card numbers and even a firearms licence number. Passport Canada claims the flaw has been fixed, but Globe and Mail found that this is not the case. Canada does not have legislation requiring organizations to disclose security breaches, unlike in the US, where a majority of the states have enacted such legislation."
The Internet

Submission + - Yahoo! Japan, eBay Link Online Auctions Across Bor (

Jadeite2 writes: "From ANN. "Yahoo! Japan Corp. and eBay Inc. announced on Tuesday that the two companies will link their online auction services, and thus give American bidders easier access to Japanese auctions, and vice-versa. Although eBay is the dominant online auction service in many countries including the United States and Canada, it fell so far behind Yahoo's Japanese auction service that eBay pulled out of the Japanese market in 2002.""

Submission + - Spammers Hijacking My Domain Name 1

TW Atwater writes: "My wife and I run a small Mom and Pop business and we have a website and email accounts. I set up a catch-all account to trap misaddressed messages. It also works well for one-shot submissions to sites that demand an email address.

Now, for the second time my catch-all email account was flooded this morning with notices of rejections and undeliverable email from dozens of ISPs. In every case the rejected email was from a non-existent account. The headers indicate the origin of these emails is in Poland, and (no surprises here) the subject is Viagra.

Aside from the feeling of having been violated, I worry that if this happens often enough I may find my domain blocked as a SPAM source. Also, I will eventually have to explain to clients that we are not advertising Viagra.

I've run nmap on my router and computer and am confident that the messages are not being run through my box. My hosting is with GoDaddy.

The question for Slashdot is how can I protect myself from having my domain name hijacked by SPAMMERS? Is there anything that can be done about the nitwit ISPs who don't bother to check if the SPAM actually came from the domain in the return address before they contribute to the useless information cluttering up the internet?

Thanks, Slashdot.

My signature is missing."

Journal SPAM: Is Mankind Shortening the Life of the Whole Universe? 8

Like Schroedinger's cat, looking from inside the box, two American physicists have postulated that our study of the universe may have shortened the lifetime of the cosmos. Quantum theory says that when we measure something, we select a specific quantum state from a multitude of states, each with varying probabilities. The result in observing dark energy, is that we may have confirmed a state whe


Submission + - AmigaOS 4.0 for Classic Amiga available now

GURU Meditation 8000 writes: "ACube Systems Srl is pleased to to announce the immediate availability of the awaited AmigaOS 4.0 for Amiga 1200, 3000(T) or 4000(T) with a PowerPC CPU, developed by Hyperion Entertainment VOF. It is now possible to benefit of all the features of this new AmigaOS release, an operating system famous for its efficiency and small footprint.

AmigaOS 4.0, thanks to its power and optimization, succeeds in using at the maximum even systems running at 160Mhz, allowing the multimedia performances and the usability everyone expects from AmigaOS.

The interest expressed towards this new AmigaOS version is so high that, actually, orders are twice than expected. This shows that the Amiga community is still strong and that it enjoys and support the efforts made by Hyperion Entertainment VOF and ACube Systems Srl to develop and promote concrete and powerful products. It's possible to order AmigaOS 4.0 for "Classic" Amigas directly from ACube Systems or from a reseller listed on page"

Submission + - Church files order for Yahoo to release identities (

An anonymous reader writes: Yahoo and consumer opinion site RateItAll had until Friday to follow an order by a Muscogee County, GA Superior Court judge to disclose the identities of 5 people who emailed and posted anonymously about Cascade Hills Church of Columbus, GA and its pastor Bill Purvis.
United States

Submission + - Fire and Home Safety (

Neil Porte writes: "California Fires....What to Do ? "Protect Your Family, Home and Property"

In the wake of the 2007 Fire Storms, the worst in decades...We Need Help!

Remember 2003 ? Over 700,000 acres burned and over 3,500 homes were destroyed, 24 lives lost including 1 Firefighter.

Problem: Information is disseminated throughout the internet and often times difficult to locate and understand.

Solution: One-Source All the TOP Fire and Home Safety information consolidated into one

I am a retired Firefighter who designed this website because Fire Codes, brush clearance guides, contractors, the correct plants to use, OR not to use, are all on different websites and some information is burried inside these sites unless you are familiar with specific terminologies. is a free Fire and Home Safety website providing valuable links to Fire Departments, Fire Department brush clearance guides, approved contractors and TOP websites that provide plants, tools, guides and tips on how to clear brush and landscape property, fire safety, child and animal safety, disaster planning and much more.

Please see

I will place any good company with Fire and Home Safety information on my site.

Help protect yor Family, Home, Property and Animals

Thank You



Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun accused of hardball open source project tactic 2

An anonymous reader writes: The OpenDS project now appears close to extinction now that the people running the show, including the person who has contributed > 50% of the code have withdrawn from the project after Sun tried to force them to relinquish control.

In an open letter to the project and Sun, Neil Wilson gives the history behind their decision to retire from the project.

Sun have tried to put a different spin on the story and discredit Neil (Ludo, Eduardo-1, Eduardo-2) but were firmly rebutted by another (ex) member of the team Trey.

We will now have to wait and see if Jonathan Schwartz really means the hype he has been generating about Sun's commitment to Open Source — preferably by firing the execs responsible for this mess.

Submission + - Smarter homes with an Amigo 1

Roland Piquepaille writes: "I'm sure that some of you remember Jini, an initiative launched in 1998 by Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems. This software was supposed to turn all the devices we use into 'network citizens,' as Joy said. It never really worked. And even if the electronic devices we own are increasingly network compatible, they still are unable to work together intelligently. This is why the European Union has funded a project to allow your fridge or your TV to communicate with your phone or your PC. This project, named Amigo, will end in February 2008 and was granted 13 millions by the EU. This project enrolled powerful partners such as France Telecom, Microsoft or Philips which pay the rest of the bill, expected to reach 23 millions. The researchers think their approach will be successful because it's an entirely open source project and everyone can participate. But read more for additional references and a picture describing how the Amigo home network will work."

Submission + - Duke Scientists Map 'Silenced Genes' ( writes: "From a newly posted article: Remember biology class where you learned that children inherit one copy of a gene from mom and a second from dad? There's a twist: Some of those genes arrive switched off, so there is no backup if the other copy goes bad, making you more vulnerable to disorders from obesity to cancer.

Duke University scientists now have identified these "silenced genes," creating the first map of this unique group of about 200 genes believed to play a profound role in people's health.

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