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Journal andy314159pi's Journal: Global Warming Cluelessness 11

Now, brothers and sisters, I've been preaching the word of Global Warming since 1989. And now I'm sure some of you have also been giving out the word of the Greenhouse Gases like me, for quite some time. I was saddened to see how many of my fellow Americans have yet to receive our proselytizing and outreach to teach them that their planet is heading straight to hell if they don't deal with Global Warming.
Can I get an amen?
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Global Warming Cluelessness

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  • Maybe this is just my two cents, but the brief paragraph in your submission should give us a good idea of what content lies within the link.

    I know the link will have SOMETHING to do with Global Warming, but instead of throwing out silly rhetoric, how about you give us a brief synopsis of the article, perhaps with a smidge of your take on it.

    It isn't worth posting to thousands of readers that you personally believe in global warming. I don't mean to be rude, but no one cares about whether or not one individ
    • I didn't post this to Slashdot. I just posted this to I guess the list of people I've denoted as "friends." Actually I thought it just went to people who were "fans."
      • See, now, this submission here... This is even worse! No links, no data, just some personal conjecture about whether or not some message got through to some imagined "fans", as you call them! The quality of your submissions has really gone downhill, ~andi314159pi (787550). No digg.

  • We're also the only country that thinks The Bible ought to be taught in science class. I wonder if there's an approrpiate Bible quote for that, maybe, "Ye reap what ye sow?"
    • It's frightening how many folks are choosing to be irrational about this subject. I'm not sure what it is; it might have something to do with how unbelievable the problem is. The very thing that has allowed us to live well and comfortably and in as many numbers as we do is the same thing that is going to change the planet. It's just a difficult thing to accept I suppose.
  • All I can say is more people believe in UFOs and that the world is flat than deny global warming.

    But I should point out global warming isn't exactly warming - it's more an increased oscillation of global temperatures.

    You can still end up being in someplace that suddenly freezes, while most of the world sees glaciers melting, and it's caused by it.
    • Some good stuff lately on solar influences and dramatic climate change. It might even be the primary reason for it..but I can't say. I know I am in favor of less air pollution and trying to get away from burning so much oil and coal, so if that happens and it helps with the warming, good, if it doesn't matter with the warming-it is still worth it to get away from the old fuels, and also to help bust up the entrenched power monopolies, as they have way too much influence over global politics and such like. J
      • I never said that I had never seen a UFO.

        I just said more people believed in UFOs than believed there was no such thing as global warming.
        • well, alrighty then!

          I just been in a talkative mood, more tha normal tonight.

          I noticed my dogs were, too, outside, they start to howling and barking at some other dogs like a mile away,or the train at two miles, that REALLY gets them going primeval... I call it being on the doggernet. They were in *fine* form tonight.
  • Well, I guess. Actually we just like blaming others for our mistakes.

    I know quite a few people who don't watch the news (or have it on in the background).

    People typically don't discuss global warming around the kitchen table[1].

    [1] Except for the types that do...

    On a related note: I'd fan you, but I don't have enough money to buy the /. subscription so I can fan anybody else! Stupid 200 friend/foes limit... bleck.

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