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Comment Re:Latin lover (Score 1) 115

If Trump gets in, the house, the senate, the speaker, everybody is going to be against him. Not much will get done.

Most of Trump's big ideas don't require Congress at all. He can blow up trade deals, withdraw from NATO, deport millions, ban certain religions from coming to the US and it will not require one bit of congressional approval.

He'd also be traveling with nuclear launch codes. I don't want a guy who is rage-tweeting about Miss Universe's sex tape at 3am to have access to that stuff. Sorry, not sorry.

Comment Re:In a car,ship, or plane. Coming back is harder (Score 1) 36

Canada does ID and interview everyone who comes in, and there are sensors all along the border looking for illegal crossings. A lot of it is to prevent Canadians from smuggling goods home without the proper taxes (the joke is the CBSA is an extension of the Canadian Revenue Agency). As an American entering Canada the most common question you get is "are you going to be meeting any Canadians, and leaving any goods with them?"

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