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Comment Re: So now Trump controls where we vacation (Score 1) 194

Thank you for both correcting my point with more accurate data while making my point.

I meant really the Christian Israel under the Byzantine Church, but the point is well made- Christendom was slow to anger by 4 centuries of insult, and it was the Islamics who attacked first.

Comment Re:Uh, why? (Score 1) 195

Yeah, I don't know anything about your particular situation, but it was the kind of thing I was thinking of when I wrote my post. People have a tendency to think, "Why would you bother to support old [DOS | Windows 3.1 | Windows 95 | whatever] apps? Nobody uses that anymore." And it's true that it's very rare to see a normal person still using Windows 3.1 as their desktop OS. However, there are still various systems that businesses have in place, that may have been build decades ago with an old OS, still in operation. I don't know that OS/2 is the right choice for those systems, but it's one reason why legacy OS support might not be completely worthless.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 271

That's a neat trick, unless they mean their IDEA of their computer rather than the physical hardware.

If it rendered the computer unusable, then that's the same thing from the user's point of view, who then has to spend money to have someone fix their computer — money they may not have.

Windows is shitty, not malicious.

Uh, no. It's spyware which cannot be disabled. That's not the same as eating your data, but it is malicious.

Comment Re:ATM decline (Score 1) 284

Contrast that with an ATM where you have to hunt for your bank's machine or face an extortionate $2 charge to withdraw from a rival bank's machine.

My credit union belongs to an ATM co-op, you insensitive clod! I can deposit or withdraw money all over the place without any fees. Lately all the ATMs take cash without an envelope and count it for you while you wait, so I have no qualms about doing so, either. Maybe your bank is just shit.

Submission + - SPAM: Life After Windows Vista: A Brief History

Mickeycaskill writes: Microsoft is finally killing off the much unloved Windows Vista and Mozilla has said Firefox users should expect support to end in September.

It never came close to surpassing the popularity of Windows XP and received largely negative reviews despite security improvements, a graphical overhaul and nearly six years in development.

As of February 2017, Vista’s market share was just 0.78 percent, and although it retains a loyal fan base (including the character Doctor Sheldon Cooper of the TV series ‘The Big Bang Theory’), Microsoft has decided that after ten years, it is time to cease providing security updates for the OS.

But there is no clear upgrade path from Vista to Windows 10 and there is the chance that some people could be left stranded on an ageing platform.

Here is a brief overview of the troubled life of what some regard as Microsoft's worst ever OS.

Submission + - UK home secretary peddling Security Snake Oil (

Martin S. writes: Amanda Rudd the UK Home Secretary responsible for Policing is peddling security snake oil. Ignoring the big problem with information security is that is really is impossible to tell the difference between good security and bad security without an expert and we all know what the current crop of politicons they think of experts.

Submission + - Prominent Drupal and PHP dev kicked from the Drupal project over Gor beliefs (

An anonymous reader writes: Last week the Drupal community erupted in anger after its leader, Dries Buytaert, asked Larry Garfield, a prominent Drupal contributor and long-time member of the Drupal and PHP communities, “to leave the Drupal project.” Buytaert claims he did this "because it came to my attention that he holds views that are in opposition with the values of the Drupal project.". A huge furor has erupted in response — not least because the reason clearly has much to do with Garfield’s unconventional sex life. Buytaert made his post in response after Larry went public, outing himself to public opinion.

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