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Comment Re:Cost of Infrastructure? (Score 1) 40

Common wisdom (amongst MBA types anyway) is to outsource things like shipping to external companies who are experts in that field. Reasons for doing it yourself are: the existing services suck, you think you can do better (which may be the case, what with their research into delivery by drone), or doing it yourself gives you a competitive edge for other reasons. Your suggestion may be one of those other reasons. Once this service is in place, they are in a good position to offer free shipping on anything. And that will make a real difference.

Comment Re:don't get your hope up (Score 1) 133

Really? You're not going to bother explaining that?


Well, in any case, for people who don't want to go hunting for earlier, unmentioned discussions,

Are you going to hold their dick for them when they have to piss, too? Is this hand-holding, dick-jerking Slashdot the one you want yo participate in? Let 'em learn to internet like the rest of us. At most, give 'em a LMGTFY link (if not fuckinggoogleit, pls)

Comment Re:Who are these people? (Score 1) 353

Intelligence being good for you is not the same as stupidity being bad for you.

Of course it is. Intelligence is a scale, at one end we call it stupidity and at the other we call it intelligence. Less of one is more of the other.

But correlation is required for causation. Are you suggesting intelligence is irrelevant to income-earning potential for most people?

I'm outright saying that income-earning potential is relevant to eventual performance on an IQ test. And it's not news, this is a well-known critique of IQ testing. People who use it to try to prove things usually fail.

Intelligence is a benefit as long as it doesn't impede your ability to breed. And it doesn't. It's good in all kinds of situations, even smashing things with a rock. Getting just the right smash on is aided by intelligence.

Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 2) 57

Where do you draw the line, if I'm *suspected* of running, oh i dunno... an illegal unpasteurized milk business from my home, should the telephone company be obligated to cancel my service? Should the power company be obligated to turn off the power? Should the snow clearing company be obligated not to clear my driveway?

While they cannot "keep the sites offline"; pulling their service will, at least for the short term block a venue for accessing those sites.

Yes, and the power company, telephone company, and snow plow all pulling their services will all make it more difficult for my 'customers' to access my illegal services. That doesn't make them contributors to it.

If knowingly extending CDN services to any of these websites, CloudFlare can legitimately said to be aiding and abetting the distribution of their content by those websites.

And if you tell my snowplow guy you suspect I'm delivering illegal milk (remember I haven't even been charged yet, nevermind convicted... you could be a busybody for all he knows), but he's now aiding and abetting the distribution of illegal milk by clearing my driveway? Really? That's how you think the world should be?

I think CDNs should be treated as neutral in this. If a court asks them (via subpoena) for a the contact / billing information for the allegedly infringing site then they would have to turn it over. But I don't thin the CDN is aiding and abetting the illegal activity any more than the telco is for running the wires, or the power company is for providing the electricity.

Comment Re:Siri on Mac (Score 1) 57

I'm not sure that the main thrust of your argument is entirely relevant here, because the context is that its slurping your contacts into icloud, which is definitely not anonymized in anyway.

It does this so that siri on your phone knows about the contacts on your desktop, just in case you ask about them. Is this not correct?

That said, I concede that calling it the same privacy nightmare as cortana and google is overstating it too much. Siri / icloud has many, but certainly not ALL, of the same privacy issues as cortana and google; and while I'm glad to see apple taking privacy seriously -- it is definitely far and away ahead of the other two, the fact remains that the nature of icloud itself has many privacy implications that you simply can't handwave away nor solve with math.

Siri on your desktop, and siri on your phone can only do certain things if the two have shared information about you... information that is stored on icloud.

Comment ... pretty much got what I expected ... (Score 2) 133

I've got about 140 hours in on PC, and I may be at the crest of what I can do. I've got my suit and tool and ship maxed out for inventory, with suit and ship maxed out with upgrades. Some 20,000,000 units in the bank. Learned 2 of the 3 alien languages (halfway through the last one, by now). I'm pretty much down to achievements at this point, and jumping from system to system. Visually, it's got a lot of appeal. It's pretty soothing to play -- a bit like "Endless Ocean". I didn't really expect to get great spaceflight mechanics or anything like that. I pretty much grind out on burglarizing Operations Centers and Manufacturing Facilities, looking for new tech blueprints to make a handful of technologies and materials I don't already have ... and learn that last language. It's beginning to get a little dull.

So what's it missing?

  • Well, the NPC aliens are pretty much finger-puppets that iterate through a set of 4-5 interaction templates and then repeat them. They don't walk around anywhere or appear outside of the stock set of buildings.
  • The economy is pretty simple and even though it is nominally "galactic", you can't find or buy everything at trade terminals. There is seemingly no influence of supply or demand in it.
  • The animal life is kinda cool to watch and interact with. There ware some truly bizarre creatures out there. But, your only interaction paths seem to be feed and or shoot 'em. It gets tiresome just running around scanning them to 'collect them all'. I've only seen worlds with about a dozen or so animals, so it's not terribly rich.
  • The flora is pretty much static, but there are some grassy worlds where there's a lot of movement in the terrain, but it's simplified down to just the grass that moves, and everything moves together at the same time in a somewhat unsettling rocking oscillation that I can't handle for more than 5 minutes at a time. There are other games like Crysis where the wind will move leaves in the trees, or your shots will blow away branches on the trees, but we have no detail like that.
  • There's a flimsy-yet-huge quest string (Atlas) that is casually interesting, but it seems to crop up randomly to remind you that it's there. There's no notion of one thing or achievement or activity that leads you to seek out the next. There are no real side paths and the NPCs don't seem to be involved in any quest activity. It'd do well to have a bunch of quest strings, like a hundred per planet and a hundred per system (maybe rated by difficulty?) that you could sink into.
  • Each planet is a starter-world. That is, if you started the game afresh, everything you need to max everything out is pretty much right there on that first planet. Yeah, there are variations that force you to leave for other worlds (like toxic atmospheres and/or aggressive sentinels) to advance completely or get new materials, but once you have everything maxed out, 80 percent of all buildings and their loot or capabilities become so useless that they can be ignored. I don't even pick up random loot anymore to sell, because I don't have any way to spend the money and no use for the random crap, regardless. When you have all the upgrades, there's nothing left to build.
  • It just seems to lack a lot of rich creative content. I'd like to see more ship types, to have the ability to customize the appearance of the ships, too. I'd like to see and maybe build unique buildings. It would be great if I could build my own settlement or compound and be able to advertise it for visitors. Crafting for different types of suit skins and color schemes or ship types would be welcome .. anything you could sell as a finished thing. There just need to be more aliens, everywhere... outside walking around, harvesting resources, sleeping under trees, hunting creatures, visiting monoliths and ruins, shopping at trading posts, drinking in pubs, playing holographic monopoly or something. I've never run into a settlement that has more than three aliens and each one is confined to a different building. I get attacked all the time as I'm moving between planets in a system, but not once have I been attacked by aliens when roaming on foot (or flying over the surface of) a planet.

In sum, I think the framework is there onto which a lot of stuff can be built. The basics have been hung on that framework. More stuff needs to be hung on it, and quests that describe the lore and stories behind and with that stuff needs to be included. It's a big sprawling universe and it's too empty and quiet and dull once you've advanced through the basics. Level one has been great, but I'm done with the tutorial and I'm not seeing the next level. If the makers wanted the open universe to be a blank slate onto which I can make or live my own in-game story, the universe needs to have the tools for me to make that story and decorate the setting to suit... the models are out there... second life, the sims, StarWars Galaxies, EVE. They're such a small shop (less than 20 people or something?), and creative talent for story and artwork and the tools development to gird those efforts is probably not an easy reach. This is the cost of fast and light, I guess. I'm optimistic that it will fill in over time, or that a sequel will handle the next generation of the game, but I sense that I'm almost done with it.

Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 135

Its great that you know the right way to do it and everyone else who wants to deviate is wrong.

"Knowing the right way to do it" is something beginners learn.

If you want numerical validation for your physical activity, then maybe cross-fit would be more appropriate than a serious discipline like jiu-jitsu. I guess it's just something you'd know if you'd ever seriously studied martial arts. It's qualitative, not quantitative.

Comment Re:Refused to hand over "evidence" (Score 1) 73

Yeah, not going to do that. This is going to the police as evidence because I need to file charges against you so that I can sue you.

"+5 insightful"

The police would only be collecting it into evidence if there was a likelihood of the state pursuing a criminal prosecution. For a simple defective product, causing a mild injury the police would not be involved.

I wouldn't hand it over to the Samsung rep either unless they are standing there agreeing to accept responsibility and my medical bills at a minimum.

And Samsung would agree to accept responsibility and offer a damage settlement before verifying that the unit exploded due to a fault of the unit? As opposed to you exploding it by placing it the microwave...?

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