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Comment Retail Hell, More Proof Cats Are Better Than Dogs! (Score 1) 249

There's a reason people that own one cat go crazy and have brain damage and end up owning more of those things.

The Toxoplasma Gondii requires cats to multiply, so it alters the behavior of its host rodents in order to steer them towards a cat's digestive system.

Now, humans and cats have lived together for millenia; it makes perfect sense that the Toxoplasma Gondii might also have steered us into giving their furry brothels a comfortable place in our homes and our beds... And for the cats, they have two species directly feeding them: Mice and Men. Perfect case of symbiotic evolution.

You'll never see Lassie do anything that smart.

Now, back to the parent post about working at PetSmart:

I've seen coworkers that were normal before become irritable and irrational after getting a cat.

Are you sure that's not just caused by working retail for long enough?

And then there was me, working at Home Depot, wearing the trademark Orange Apron. We had a cat in the store; it ate the mice that lived on the birdseed in the Seasonal Department. As I walked into the lunchroom, about 30 people eating lunch, big shift change time of day...

"Hey Lawrence! I hear you found the store cat!"

"Well, I found part of the store cat..."

Comment Re:Other way? (Score 1) 249

Does mental illness lead to owning a cat, though?

Being a crack dealer seems to lead to owning a pit bull, so why not?

Given the above, I'm proud to be a cat person. We must be nuts... why else would we put up with an egotistical, narcissistic, impatient, violent, snobby creature in our homes?

Better to have such a creature in my home than in the White House.

Comment Misty Water-Colored Memories... Slashdot Oldtimers (Score 1) 86

Great printer, those old Panasonics. Fast, clean, quiet, durable. Also loved the Epson MX-80 and the Okidata ML320.

I had a DEC LA-36 teletype (nb. not a TeleType) attached to my TI-99/4A back in the day... its 7 pin printhead lacked true descenders, so the print matched the text on the TI-99/4A's screen!

By the time I got to the Amiga 1000 and 500, I had a hand-me-down HP LaserJet I. What a tank. A Canon photocopier with HP's modifications, and doubled as a great ozone generator. The printer was connected to the Amiga by a 300 or 1200 baud RS-232 link. Annoyingly, I couldn't print anything from the BBSes while I was online - the Amiga's single serial port was needed for the modem. :)

Nowadays, there's a Unix mainframe in my right front pocket. And I can wirelessly print to a Samsung color laser printer that's 10x faster and 1/4 the weight. Don't even get me started on that Chromecast thing that's smaller than a videocassette and faster than a drive to Blockbuster.

But I do miss the quality of the old stuff. The old HP LaserJet just happened to be the very first (shared with the Apple LaserWriter) of its kind. Cost-reduction was not a goal; quality was. And it showed.

I miss HP.

Nice to meet another Slashdot old-timer...


Gemalto Launches eSIM Technology for Windows 10 Devices ( 47

An anonymous reader shares a report: Global digital security firm Gemalto on Tuesday announced it will make available its on-demand connectivity and eSIM technology for Microsoft's Windows 10 devices. The eSIM is designed to be remotely provisioned by mobile network operators with subscription information and is globally interoperable across all carriers, device makers and technology providers implementing the specification. Gemalto's On-Demand Connectivity solution gives service providers the capability to deliver a seamless customer experience for connecting consumer and industrial devices. "eSIM technology remains an important investment for Microsoft as we look to create even more mobile computing opportunities," said Roanne Sones, General Manager (Strategy and Ecosystem), Microsoft.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 114

It's called the iPhone SE. 5 form factor but close enough. That's what I got to replace the 5S I've had for the last few years. I don't like the bumpy 6, and really dislike the 7 for dropping the headphone port. Maybe Apple will pull their heads out their asses on the 8S/9 when I'm next ready to upgrade, or maybe I'll end up leaving their ecosystem. I'm already one leg out the door due to their recent shenanigans with the MacBook Pro/Air lines.

Pity, their hardware really is very good.

Comment Re:You need to BUY these? (Score 1) 155

I've re-wired our most used switches with z-wave switches. (Of varying brands, just to avoid being considered a shill).

I'm looking at these as well. Do you have any recommendations for or against any particular brand or "type" of switch? I'm very interested in ones which are compatible with existing three-way switches and which are *not* toggle switches themselves. I also seem to be favouring in-wall as opposed to smart switches, as all the smart switches seem to be that large, flat Decora style.

Comment Re:When to buy a Mac (Score 1) 328

Not OP, but I did do this. I did go to an Apple store and check them out.

* shit keyboard (almost like typing on glass)
* lost my escape key to an idiotic touchbar I'll never use
* my inverted-T arrow keys are kind of there, but in a shitty form
* soldered-in SSD
* no 11" option
* no magsafe
* not even ONE USB-A

I get that the world's moving to USB-C and I'm happy for that, but not being able to plug in anything without a dongle is stupid. Losing magsafe for a USB-C which by some accounts loosens up rather quickly is a bad move. No way to swap out the SSD means these laptops have a very real and short lifetime for any kind of serious use.

Oh well. I really liked their hardware, but won't be buying this latest offering. Hopefully Apple gets their head out their ass, fires or at least puts Jony back where he belongs and starts manufacturing machines that professionals do want to use. If I wanted an ultrathin, light use netbook, I'd spend $300, not $2000.

Comment Re:Well, no shit! (Score 1) 328

Very, very true, IMO.

I'm typing this on a 2012 11" MBA. I maxxed out all the knobs when configuring it and, aside from the "would be nice" of a retina screen (or at least 1920x1080) and 16 or 32G of RAM, this thing has been amazing. I have no need to upgrade and given what Apple offered lately, no desire to upgrade either. I can do my embedded development, EDA, run a Win7 and Linux VM for the things I need to do on those platforms... I'm good, and it's been 4 years since I bought this laptop.

That has never happened on any laptop I've previously owned, including my old love, the pre-Lenovo Thinkpads.

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