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Comment Re:What Congress really needs .... (Score 1) 463

It would also have a nice benefit that if they passed too many laws they would spend all their time renewing existing laws and be unable to create more. Of course, they would just bundle all the laws together and pass them at once and then nothing would ever be reviewed and it would just be some quick automatic thing they did at the beginning of the next year.

Comment Re:You think they give more... (Score 2) 321

Webster has no legal standing in the US Court system. The Constitution, on the other hand, does: "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court."

Comment Re:I'm sitting this one out (Score 1) 836

This isn't a forum to go into what needs to stay and what needs to be removed, such a discussion here would be insane so we have to use generics. The Libertarian platform does not state that all regulation is bad: Not to mention you can identify with a political party and not be in 100% agreement with their platform. Clinton was definitely the best president of the last two decades and we are talking about regulation because you started posting false crap about regulations and the Libertarian party. But hey don't let the fact that I've pointed out that all your posts are based on straw men arguments from making half a dozen more in a single post.

Comment Re:I'm sitting this one out (Score 1) 836

All people are the same and every model you build has to take that into account. Neither government nor corporations are evil or good. Power is abused no matter where it is. Putting power in government is the same as power in corporations, because both are filled with normal people. We see this all the time, how many regulations have been broken and abused over the past 4 years in scandal after scandal, whether it is in housing, mining and drilling, banking.... Is more regulation going to solve this? More watchers to watch the watchers? Are we suddenly going to find honest people who are not corruptible to put in these positions? This isn't even getting into the corporations writing/lobbying for their laws, subsidies and loop holes. Just because you feel safer to think the guy in the Department of Interior is more honest and caring than a manager is some company, doesn't mean you need to spin libertarians as evil capitalist anarchists.

Comment Re:I'm sitting this one out (Score 2, Insightful) 836

Actually there is nothing big money loves more than government regulations, subsidies and power. Without that they can't get free money and shut out the competitions and pass favorable laws for their business. They would shit their pants if they thought libertarians were going to start running the country. Regulations rarely mean 'consumer protection' in this day and age. Lucky for them the majority of Americans are blinded by the fact that somehow giving the government more power decreases the power of big money and that you can define libertarianism and anarchy and dismiss it entirely.

Comment Re: No worries (Score 1) 470

They don't have any IOUs to call in, they own bonds paying a predictable interest rate at predictable time periods. The only thing they could do would sell their debt to others and flood the market with US bonds. This would make it so that we would either not be able to get more debt (because no one is buying) or we would have to pay extremely high interest rates to create more demand. This would not be good, but if we balanced the budget we would be alright, we would not have to try and pay it all back right away.

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