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Comment Very true: can already see it happening (Score 1) 257

In South America, glaciers are disappearing so fast that people are running out of water, and moving to other places, regardless of boundaries.

Even internally you can see the migration occurring in North America, regardless of boundaries, or oceans.

Now if only these land-hoarding NIMBYs would stop their futile attempts to resist growth, and decommission the empty states and counties, we'd be fine.

Comment Re:I hope so. (Score 1, Informative) 83

I know, right? Expecting people to pay back the loans they agreed to... And even threatening to *gasp* take back big-ticket items like houses and cars used as collateral for the mortgages? Might as well just give out bank-branded kneecapping sticks, amirite?

Banks certainly have their flaws, and make no mistake, we have some outright bad-actors like Wells Fargo. But as a whole, I have zero sympathy for people whining that their creditors actually dare to expect repayment. If you can't afford something, don't buy it.

Comment Re:Every Fucking Day with this Shit (Score 1) 104

Ever walk down the street in the city and a bum comes up to you begging? He can smell and look offensive. Should that be censored?

Yes. My purpose of being there is not to be a begging target, I didn't invite him to approach me, he is, in Internet terms, spamming me.

Ever been on a farm and smell the pigs or the cow manure? That's offensive.

But it is a necessary part of the operation of the farm. It is a direct consequence without which the farm could not function. In Internet terms, it's the annoying login dialog.

Ever see guts at the scene of a car wreck? That's offensive.

That is an unintended side-effect, not desired by anyone and not intentionally inflicted upon me by anyone. In Internet terms, it's lag or slow loading times.

You are comparing completely different things, not understanding that for some of them, there is no reason we should have to endure them (for the record: The proper solution is that the bum doesn't exist, our society is rich enough that every homeless person is a shame to us all)

Get off your ass, unplug, get out there into the real world and get offended! Trust me, it gets easier after the first few times. And you'll probably realized that being offended isn't anywhere near the worst thing that can possibly happen to you

I'm with you on that there's no right to not be offended.
However, I can absolutely want to protect myself from what I don't like. I keep my house clean because I don't like trash and smells. I keep my door closed because I want to decide who I invite in and who not. I don't hang disgusting pictures on my walls, etc.
I can filter my view of the world. You have a right to Free Speech, but not a right to force me to listen. Individual filters are a necessity or we would all drown in spam. What we need to prevent is centrally controlled filters.

Comment Re:Our Miss Brooks (Score 1) 122

Never heard of it until last night. Had insomnia, it's on at 2 AM. Something about a chicken egg and tricking people into thinking it was a real egg. Funny as hell.

Aired in 1954, 4 years before I was born.

I think the CBC or CTV rebroadcast that back in the 1980s after midnight.

Not sure which.

Comment Re:Sour grapes (Score 1) 1424

Uh, Obama didn't lose the popular vote either time (the last president who was elected despite losing the popular vote was Bush in 2000.) In fact, he won an absolute majority (not merely plurality) of the popular vote both times. Not sure what you expected people to complain about there?

There's a lot more broken than the imaginary "popular vote" or the EC. There's the whole gerrymandering issue, the voting machines debacle, the voter registration issues, the fact that many people are stopped from voting, that the voting is on a working day and a hundred more.

I wouldn't even agree that the EC is broken as a concept. It's a slightly odd way of doing it, but there were and are reasons for making it this way, and while they can be discussed and maybe don't apply to the world of today anymore, many of the issues I listed above are much more clear-cut examples of why the election system is fundamentally broken.

Comment Re:The Streisand Effect has been triggered (Score 2, Insightful) 226

Well, I still haven't seen any smoking guns just yet


So if CowboyNeil came out and admitted to editing your posts because he disagrees with your politics, would you have a problem with that?

This isn't speculation, Spez admitted to depriving Reddit of its default protections under 47 U.S.C. 230. Spez didn't just commit a minor faux pas, he opened Reddit-the-company to serious legal liability as a result of his thin skin.

He then got caught in a leaked chat transcript conspiring with a handful of top default mods to find a way to ban T_D (y'know, the only sub openly supporting the goddamned president-elect of the United States of Fucking America without pissing off the userbase too much.

And you want a smoking gun? Hey, does this video footage of the gun firing repeatedly count?

/ Jesus, when will Slashdot allow HTML entities, never mind actual *gasp* Unicode!

Comment "Willing to"??? (Score 4, Insightful) 130

I don't even keep location services turned on except when I need to use my phone as a GPS, never mind allow any apps to access it.

Why the hell would I want to share my location with Uber? Oh, right - "Location data could also be used to provide new channels of revenue for the digital platform. This could include serving ads of local businesses". Yeah, kindly fuck right off, Uber.

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