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Submission + - Is interoperable DRM really less secure?

Crouch and hold writes: Are closed DRM schemes like FairPlay more secure than interoperable ones? Based on the number of cracks, it doesn't look like it. 'When it comes to DRM, what history actually teaches us is that one approach is no more secure than the other in practice, as they relate to the keeping of secrets. Windows Media DRM has had fewer security breaches than Apple's FairPlay, yet WM DRM is licensed out the wazoo: there are more than a dozen companies with WM DRM licenses. The way things came to be this way are complex and numerous, but none of them have to do with the sharing of secrets..'

Submission + - Low Power, High Performance 10G

rss writes: "Solarflare, one of the contenders in the 10Gig Ethernet market have just released details of their curiously different Solarstorm product. They advocate a different approach compared to normal TCP offload by doing "partial offload" — the usual stateless offload (IP,UDP and TCP Checksum) is done in hardware but the actual TCP/IP stack runs on the host processor instead of on the NIC as with traditional offload. They claim 2.2W power consumption on their Base-T NIC compared to 10-15W for traditional offload. I must say this idea appeals to me. Could hardware-offload be the killer app for multicore?"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - How many LEDs do you have on?

olddoc writes: How many LEDs do you have on in your computer room?
Can't see! Too much glare.

Mars Probe May Have Spotted Sojourner Rover 149

Maggie McKee writes "NASA's eagle-eyed Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter may have spotted the tiny, toaster oven-sized Sojourner rover just a few meters away from its companion, the Mars Pathfinder lander. It appears to have crawled there in an attempt to re-establish contact with the lander after the lander had already died. But the pictures aren't clear enough to definitively ID the rover, and it's possible Sojourner simply took off on its own. If it were miraculously still alive after 10 years, it could be 3 kilometers away from Pathfinder — and probably impossible to find, even with MRO."
Linux Business

Submission + - EU Commission Study Finds You'll Save Money Switch

PS3Penguin writes: "Groklaw has a great story about the EU Commission's recent findings .. "Our findings show that, in almost all the cases, a transition toward open source reports of savings on the long term — costs of ownership of the software products." The study can be found here. Also available is the pdf file of the report. Of course .. we all knew that was the case :)"

Submission + - Efficient HPC using low-power components ?

Anonymous Coward writes: "Most High Performance Computing systems use lots of 1U or 2U racked nodes with dual processor/dual core opterons or xeons. Such systems consume large amounts of electrical power and usually require additional electricity supplies and cooling plant. Do any Slashdotters utilise more power efficient computing nodes which still have reasonable floating point/subsystem performance to build their computing clusters ?"

Submission + - A lightly older follow-on to programmable robots.

Bright Apollo writes: I was reminded of a Slashdot story a few days ago about a fully-programmable robot from iRobot, and stumbled upon a month-old c|net photo article about a robot+PC:

I kinda dig it, especially if you can couple this with the proximity charging tech (Splash tech: . You can dock it in your workroom, load it up or tweak it, then "deploy" it to your home for serving up video in the living room, etc (would only be viable for people with ranches layouts, no splits or colonials).


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