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Comment Re:I hear Hillary participated in this study (Score 3, Insightful) 182

This was a classic case of little lies leading to big ones. NOBODY ever cared for one instant whether this guy was for the Iraq War in 2003. 70% of the population was for it. A normal person would say, "well, I guess I forgot I said that, since after all this was 13 years ago". But that almost sounds like an apology, or at least admitting to an imperfection- which he will not do unless an ISIS fighter is behind him with a sword. Instead he has to double down and construct an imaginary alternative universe of conspiracy theories where people are spreading malicious lies about him, trying to insinuate that he favored the Iraq War- as if anyone ever gave a flying fuck in the first place.

Comment Re:I hear Hillary participated in this study (Score 5, Funny) 182

...and she voted for the Iraq War. Donald Trump did not vote for the Iraq War, was against it, and said so. I hear people have tapes of Donald Trump saying he was for the Iraq War. It's all fabrications, all lies. Donald Trump does not tell lies. Donald Trump is a very honest person, very decent person. The best. The best. And all these people faking audio tapes, making all these fraudulent, phony, tapes, are all linked to Hillary's campaign rigging the election. All these people coming out of nowhere, saying "Trump, even though I never met him, he was for the war, I heard him say so on the radio." No witnesses. All lies. It's a huge scam, people, a huge scam. Donald Trump exhibits only a narrow subset of normal human behaviors which does NOT INCLUDE PATHOLOGICAL LYING but does include referring to himself in the third person- that makes me smart.

Comment Re:come on, have a little perspective here... (Score 1) 344

Bringing down large portions of the internet is much more than a mild inconvenience. People work on the internet. Entire industries revolve around it. Disruptions have serious financial impacts that can threaten the livelihood of families. I don't necessarily think it should warrant a death sentence - but don't brush it off is a trivial matter either.

IMHO - it should carry a LENGTHY prison sentence. 10 years minimum. And any country that doesn't match mandatory sentencing guidelines or that doesn't investigate abuses seriously should be disconnected from the main network.

Comment Re:I say BS (Score 1) 169

I'm sure many wouldn't mind, but see there's not really open land to just live on anymore. Most of it is either privately owned or public land that forbids camping.

And if you figure you'll hunt/gather? Everyone - even the homeless - are still subject to game seasons. Kinda hard to live off of hunting deer if its only legal to hunt them for a month or two out of the year.

The simple fact is that if you are broke, you can't just go live off the land like our ancestors did without breaking a myriad of laws and getting arrested. I'm not one for expansive social programs - I'm actually fairly conservative. However I think that as a public service we should absolutely provide a basic facility to house anyone without a permanent residence. It needn't be extravagant, but IMHO providing them with a bunk, a shower, and 3 basic no-frills meals until they can get back on their feet should be obvious. Otherwise you have people who get into a rut that they can basically never climb back out of.

If you don't most of them are going to resort to crime and you'll be providing all those things anyways - why not provide them in a way to promote getting people off the system ASAP?

Comment Re: Halfway There (Score 1) 424

You do realize that it's a very dangerous idea to buy a gun that you only ever shoot when you need it right?

Unlike in the Walking Dead - guns to shoot tiny laser guided bullets. It takes a lot of skill to not only operate the gun in a safe manner, but also to actually hit what you're shooting at. If you only pull the gun out "when you have to" - it likely will do more harm than good.

Any responsible gun owner should practice with at least 100 rounds every few months at a bare minimum.

Comment Re:One trusted model per hundred years. Model 1911 (Score 4, Informative) 424

For a user of moderate skill? Yes, the Glock is better. I say that as someone who owns a semi-custom 1911 that cost me just shy of $3000. A 1911 just tends to be more temperamental. You can get them to be mostly reliable, but even the best tuned 1911 is still merely on part with an out of the box $500 Glock when it comes to reliability. The thumb safety also takes more training to get used to vs the Glock's point-and-shoot. The magazine well on the Glock, being a double-stack, also makes mag changes faster, and the magazines hold more making mag changes less frequent.

Granted, the 1911 does feel better in the hand, points more naturally, and is generally a heck of a lot more accurate, but there's a reason 95% of all police departments carry Glocks.

I'd consider the 1911 akin to a sports car. In the right hands you can get a lot more performance, but for your average driver they'd be better served by a Camry with an auto-transmission.

Comment Economics? (Score 4, Informative) 343

$4.7B for a nuclear plant. Is it worth it? Will the company get $4.7B worth of use from this asset? If they put it on the market today, what price would they get?

Does this price reflect the cost of building a new nuclear plant today, or is it horribly inflated by the troubled construction history?

The new planed UK Hinkley Point station has (Wikipedia) "estimated construction cost of £18 billion, or £24.5 billion including financing costs." This is two units with combined 3200MW output. Watts Bar II is 1200MW - so the UK is planing on spending more per MW than this plant cost.

Comment Re:In all honesty... (Score 1) 242

They should have let him continue. It's not like he was contributing anything except masses of data for the cool-aid drinkers to misrepresent. And discrediting himself in the process. Now those cool-aid drinkers will have something unfair to point to.

On a side note, I'll point out that he's been dumping on Hillary with impunity, but as soon as he got into what the banks consider their private business someone gave Ecuador a call.

Comment Endorsements from people who don't know me.. (Score 1) 48

People seem to endorse me for things and they have no background in it. If you are going to endorse me for a skill, you should have that skill set in your linkedin profile. Your endorsement becomes more valuable when the people who endorse you also rise in the esteem of others. Ultimately, there needs to be a metric on skills by some unaffiliated power or weighting system.. (preferably, not stuff like certification training)

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