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Submission + - Net Zero Fuel Infrastructure Solution

Sterling D. Allan writes: "By injecting a water-ethanol mixture called Aquahol that can be used on most any vehicle, and by producing ethanol from the prolific and multi-use sweet sorghum plant, Tectane's net result is no added emissions to the environment, at a cost savings. This past Wednesday they had a press conference in which they showed a 30-minute short version of a documentary film about their company, being produced by Nicholas Klein, best known for such Hollywood hits as The Million Dollar Hotel starring Mel Gibson and The Venice Project starring Dennis Hopper and Lauren Bacall. A vehicle running on this technology requires only a slight addition to the engine compartment to house the injection apparatus, which is said to increases mileage by between 20 and 40 percent, cutting emissions by 20 to 60 percent, while increasing horse power by 10 to 15 percent, and increasing the lifetime of the engine by 50 percent. It also removes the need for the catalytic converter, as well as environmentally destructive chemical additives to the fuel like MBTE. The modification enables almost all cars to run on any fuel, including low (75) octane gasoline, which is cheaper, requiring less refinement. The second part of the equation is in the ethanol production method that they promote, using sweet sorghum. The plant can grow without pesticides or expensive fertilizers, grows prolifically, with little water, producing two crops per season; and the entire plant can be used, not just a portion. The stalk fibers can be used as a substitute for wood composites, eliminating the need for deforestation for buildings. The grainy top can be used for animal feed. The pulp can be used for paper production, and has been by the paper company, Cascade, since 2003. The leftover biomass can be used in energy generation plants, being an ideal fuel since it is neither too dry nor too wet."

Submission + - Killer bird flu invades England, wipes out turkeys

An anonymous reader writes: An outbreak of bird flu on a farm run by Europe's biggest turkey manufacturer Bernard Matthews is the highly pathogenic H5N1 version of the virus which can kill humans. It's a surprise because bird are not migrating now, in the middle of winter. So how did the virus get into the turkey sheds?

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