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Comment Civ V: Off The Grid! (Score 4, Interesting) 320

I'm actually looking forward to some of these changes now... paying upkeep for roads makes sense to me. They're more like interstate highways now, not the roads that go every-which-way. The new way to expand your cities and develop culture sound good, too.

Well, there goes part of my 2010 and all of my 2011... just need to get a machine that can handle 3D graphics to play it, now...

Comment Re:Test your /. age by reading the summary... (Score 1) 89

If you read the heading of this post and thought ' this is stupid, you can gauge someone's /. age by the number of digits in the UID, its probably a valid point, but makes this entire post worthless, so keep that to yourself.

Damn kid. Get off my lawn.

Everything else posted is pretty much 100% correct...

Comment Regrettably... (Score 1) 262

... it turns out that they used an old AT-style connector, so you're only able to use your thoughts to type on a 386DX2/40 at best. Wuich is okay, I guess, still runs Linux.

Seriously, tho, combine this with Bluetooth, and we've got ourselves a winner. Connect to your PC, cell phone, PS3, whatever. I'll go in for the surgery as soon as it's availa... wait. Can I also move a mouse with my thoughts? Using a computer with just keys could be harsh these days.

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