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Comment TL;DR - Javascript (Score 1) 629

Javascript for me, then on to PHP. Tried a bit of C, C++, & ASM, but never really dove into it enough to be productive. Learned a lot from them though. Eventually I settled into Python, 'cause PHP had certain deficiencies that made it far less useful than Python to me. Now I'm exclusively a Python & Django guy.

Comment Our Robots (Score 1) 364

As humans die out from their self imposed destruction via global warming, our robots will continue on, surviving through the environment we made that was unlivable for us. Someday robots will be made by robots, whose purpose will be to terraform the earth into a habitable place for humans again and they will recreate us from old DNA samples they find or have stored away. Then we'll take some of their jobs.

Comment I Like The Idea, But... (Score 1) 333

Maybe if they fined each person who shares a fake news story, then people would start being more thoughtful before sharing news. That would get to the heart of the problem quicker. The heart of the problem being -- many people can't be bothered to learn how to identify fake news & actually think about it before sending it off to others. If people had to open their wallets each time they did it, they'd be motivated to think first & share later.

Comment White-n-Gold, Then Black-n-Blue (Score 1) 420

I originally saw it as white & gold when I saw it on a forum Thursday night, and figured it was being posted by trolls 'cause they were asking people what color it was even when it was obviously white & gold. Friday morning I saw it on the news on TV, and they explained that some people see it as black & blue. I thought that was a bit crazy, but after a few minutes, I was suddenly able to see it as black & blue......and I can switch back & forth between the two color sets if I try hard. Awesome.

Comment 3.6 BILLION? (Score 0) 48

There's only 1.357 billion Chinese, so did all of them move, and another 2.243 billion come there from outside of China, to travel across China? The article really doesn't explain where they're getting the numbers from, & I'm having a hard time believing that HALF of all humans went to Beijing for Chinese New Year. According to the article, Baidu's app was on only 200 million cell phones to be able to do this.

Comment Sign Up + Don't Do Course = No Loss (Score 1) 182

I hate to admit it, but I signed up for a few courses at some MOOCs and never did even one lesson of some of those courses. I signed up thinking it would be awesome to learn the subject I signed up for, but then when it came to the time to do it, I didn't have the time to do it. That being said, I know that if I'd paid for the course, then I definitely would've done the courses or given more thought before deciding on whether I could do the course. The way it's all currently set up, you don't have to give any thought to it before signing up besides being excited, because if you change your mind later or if you can't do it later, then you don't lose anything for it.

That being the case, I think MOOC's should charge a small fee from everyone who signs up. Maybe $10-$100, depending on the course. When the student finishes, they either get all the money back or they get a percentage back. Then the student has something to lose, and will be sure to put more effort into the course and make people really think before signing up.

Comment They Used Water to Wet the Sand (Score 2) 202

Rolling the stones as huge cylinders would've been cool but they used water to wet the sand, which reduced friction. There's even some hieroglyphs that show it being done. Was big news back in the spring. See:

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