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Comment Re:Or.. (Score 1) 401

That will refresh the ice surface, but it will also reduce the thickness of the ice if you don't have some form of cooling to compensate. That isn't much of a concern for skating rinks but would completely defeat the purpose for the arctic ice.

Comment Re:Only 86%? I would have expected it to be 100%+ (Score 1) 194

A load following plant or peak plant or balancing plant is completely capable of producing "base load". Facepalm. Base load is just current, electric power, just like any other plant.

Modern grids wont have any base load plants any more as they are neither needed nor economical.

In other words, it's this power plant that is allowing you to get away from a traditional base load, not the wind and solar. The wind and solar are just the reason you want to get away from it.

Comment Re:Only 86%? I would have expected it to be 100%+ (Score 1) 194

In order to get 5% always fulfilled without storage you would need massively more than that in production. To completely convert your base load to wind and solar you either need to be able to store some of the energy or you need to have enough generators that even in the worst conditions you're still generating enough power to meet minimum demand. The latter would require you to have far more capacity than would be used on anything like a regular basis.

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