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Comment Re:who are cyclists? (Score 1) 232

Note, this is all based on the US, I'm not sure about the societal differences in Denmark.

Living 6 miles from work is still fairly close. As for children, parents often have to personally deal with emergencies. This will usually mean a similar distance to their commute to get to where their child is and once there, they need to be able to transport their child. As for expensive, the GP was saying it was a lifestyle that most of us couldn't do, not that we can't afford it financially.

Comment Re:Its (Score 1) 171

While the GP's complaint is fairly minor, a more serious error appears earlier in the summary when the author states that the brighter destination star allows for increased deceleration resulting in increased travel times. Spending some time proofreading can save a lot more time later explaining what you actually meant.

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