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Comment Re:Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 1) 175

Bzzzzt. Thank you for playing, try again. If the Clinton Administration ran a surplus, then why did our national debt increase every year? It's increased every year since 1957. Don't fall for the "on budget deficit" trick; that takes a LOT of the spending off the books and makes the numbers pretty - but we still spent more than we brought in (and thus our debt increased - because we had to borrow to cover the balance).

Comment Re: Sounds Familiar. (Score 3, Interesting) 155

This was known and discussed. But they found microgravity to be a compounding effect of radiation exposure

This just drives home how much of a risk interplanetary flight is right now. And we really don't have great solutions that don't involve great masses of shielding. Artificial magnetosopheres for example are insufficient to deal with GCR.

Comment Re:Time IS on Apple's Side (Score 5, Insightful) 105

Actors are on the way out because of course as computers increase in capability so virtual acting bots become possible and they live forever

I was with you until you took a left turn into sheer fantasy. The most compelling stories are about humans (or analogies), after all, so I have a hard time believing we'll be discarding the human element entirely from story-driven entertainment. After all, even though we can play back musical recordings with perfect fidelity, music-lovers still flock to live entertainment.

Also, paragraphs > giantwallsofindecipherabletext.

Comment Re: M$ is following a well-known path (Score 1) 155

The code is fine, have you used .NET since 1.1? It's arguably one of the best frameworks and language sets (C#/F#) available... certainly heads and tails beyond Java. It's only getting better since their move to open source the whole thing.

I think you misunderstand. I'm not complaining about the quality of Microsoft's code. I'm just stating the reality that Windows as an OS is just a slowly evolving piece of code. There's undoubtedly a lot of original NT code in there, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, especially in terms of security and stability. Whether MS periodically takes a snapshot of it and calls it Windows "whatever" or just keep upgrading it as Windows 10 service packs really makes no difference from a technical standpoint. It's really more of a marketing decision at that point.

BTW, I actually really like the C# language and the .NET framework (both are extremely well-designed), but I'm talking about the core OS code (which is mostly C/C++) being slowly upgraded. I'm not sure what .NET has to do with anything.

Comment Re:dark patterns huh? (Score 4, Interesting) 121

Microsoft's design of the Windows 10 upgrade dialog box was a great example of how to trick users into accidentally upgrading, even when they didn't want to.

Another one: charging a low price for a product on Amazon, then setting an exorbitant shipping and handling fee, which nearly doubles the price. I've seen this one fairly recently. The shipping fee is every bit as much of the price, but it's displayed only in tiny fonts compared to the main listing.

Is it any wonder that UX designers are getting a horrible reputation among some segments of the tech-savvy crowd? It's going to suck if consumers get pissed off enough about this that government regulators have to step in, and then anyone putting up an e-commerce website is going to have to wade through layers upon layers of government bureaucracy. Maybe that's inevitable, but it's annoying how it always devolves into that...

Comment Re:M$ is following a well-known path (Score 1) 155

The notion of "last version of Windows" is just semantics. It's the same NT codebase, simply modified and upgraded a bit at a time... a new subsystem here, a new coat of paint there, etc, same as every previous Windows since 2000, or XP, if you're talking about just the consumer line. The same incremental upgrades will occur, but will stay under the Windows 10 brand, and will just be rolled out as periodic system updates, like we're seeing even now.

All this means is that that Windows is no longer a cash cow for them - operating systems are a commodity item now (see: Linux, ChromeOS, etc). There's no point in rebranding and renaming the same OS every few years, as that's not their future. Haven't you wondered why MS seems to be embracing Linux and open source? Because it's no longer a competitor for them. Desktop operating systems isn't part of a growth market - it's actually in *decline*. They're moving to cloud-based computing, and software as a service. The operating system is just there to provide a platform for software and services to sell.

As for the layoffs... they're dropping employees in their non-productive areas - of course they're going to be cutting their smartphone division, with 1% of the global market share, or something pitiful like that.

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