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Comment It's worse than that. (Score 2, Interesting) 460

I'm pretty libertarian, but I agree these should be stopped. As the other poster said, it gives real estate closer to the market servers an advantage, I'm not quite clear how it works, but it is evident that it does because people are doing it. I assume they can recognize short term patterns and jump in ahead of anyone else who might try to take advantage of them.

No, it's much worse than this. High frequency trading allows its practicioners to cheat, quite literally, as I pointed out in another comment that linked to this blog post.

When a buyer or seller places a limit order, their limit price is supposed to be a secret, and the market is supposed to deliver the best possible price for them relative to that limit. Flash trades and "immediate-or-cancel" orders allows high frequency traders to issue a flurry of really quick orders to discover a slower trader's limit price, and then trade at that limit instead of the price that the slower guy would have otherwise gotten.

So if ACME is trading at $26.10, slow buyer A enters a limit buy order for $26.40, and slow seller B enters a market sell order, the high speed trader is able to use really fast trades to discover A's $26.40 limit, buy B's shares at $26.10, and then sell them right away to A for $26.40, all before A can learn about B's more favorable sell offer and accept it.

Comment Not for Europe and the UK (Score 1) 182

This may seem obvious to some, but I spent an hour or so looking into this phone as my next upgrade last week. It uses CDMA, which is new to me (as a UK consumer), which means that it has no sim card, and instead the phone itself logs onto your network provider - as such, you have no way of importing and using it. There are no stated plans to bring it across the pond :O(

Which is a shame, as it blows the current android crop available in the UK out of the water.

Comment Re:Not quite.. (Score 1) 182

With the amount of fighting I have had to do with SprintPCS directly I would say going to Best Buy would be well worth it! To get a rebate you need a sales slip, which is never in the package delivered to your door (at least not mine). They don't accept other documentation other than what they list on the MIR forms. The MIR processing itself is handled by an outsourced company that can't or won't look up your Sprint records and absolutely refuses to honour anything as far as I can tell. Ok, once. I have been through this with five phones over the years and so far I have collected on a single phone MIR so far. Next time I'm documenting everything and sending a cc copy of everything to my lawyer. I bet there is a class action suit brewing here somewhere, as I can't be the only one screwed by this again and again. They will have to pull my current phone/contract from my dead or dying hand, or at least they will never get a contract renewal from me until I have the MIR payment in hand *first*. I'm happy with their service over all, but this MIR rejection stuff has got to stop. Don't promise what you won't deliver, please. Sprint, you listening? Hello?

Comment Re:Ethics and morals went poof! (Score 1) 63

But is it Catholic teaching that confession, i.e. repentance, is enough, without changing?
It is Catholic Teaching that repentance *ALWAYS* contains both contrition and conversion, or else it isn't true repentance. Thus one has to make that sincere commitment to *try* to change, and also accept the penance the priest gives you in the confessional, which isn't just a decade of the Rosary anymore, but is also advice on *how* to change.

Comment Switchblade Keys. (Score 0) 763

At the risk of getting modded down further I'm going to post a few links. Either of my recommendations will require you to reduce your number of keys but it's definitely worth it. I use the leatherman hack myself with my car key, my house key and my office key and then keep everything else in my car. (Very nice key holder made by a pair of watch makers, you'll pay for it though)

Comment Tonight on Comedy Central (Score 2, Informative) 1224

On Thursdays, Comedy Central usually shows Wed night's new episodes. They showed last night's episode of Ugly Americans, the newest episode. However, for South Park, they showed the Facebook one from two weeks ago. Not last night's, not the 200th episode, the 199th episode from 2 weeks ago that was not at all controversial.

Comment Re:Brutal civilization. (Score 1) 640

Most calves, no matter what they are destined to produce (veal, beef, dairy, etc.), are bottle fed and restrained. It is the only way you can realistically ensure they are fed without compromising the mother's milk. Once they are old enough to feed without intervention, they are moved to less restrictive quarters.

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