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Comment Whole thing, not "at all" (Score 1) 69

You're going to lose that wager. Early Neilson ratings are showing the debate broke the all-time record for viewers.

Yes, that's people who "tuned in" - that is watched it at all. I agree that was very high.

I'm saying a lot of people "tuned out" after the first half hour or so, I saw a ton of people on social media saying exactly that. They got tired after a while, both voices are irritating. Even if they didn't turn it off, they were not really watching with full attention after that point. The Neilson ratings say anything about that.

Hillary may technically have "won on points" but if you read the link I posted (not from a conservative source either) it shows Trump actually won massively among watchers. So the only way that happened is if people were not paying attention later in the debate.

Comment Trump won according to polls, here's why (Score 0) 69

Trump was better earlier, then it evened out and at times Hillary was better.

I would have called it a rough tie. But the important thing to remember is - how many people watched the whole thing? I would wager not a lot. So Trump doing better earlier probably means he won with the general populace...

This is borne out by polls taken immediately after showing that Trump actually won the debate, by a pretty large margin.

The CNN poll being an outlier is just an illustration of how the media is rigged strongly in favor of Hillary. I was going to vote for Johnson but I think an important part of this election is to consider just who the press will actually watch closely and call out anything wrong - they are going to do that constantly with Trump, and very little to not at all with Clinton. A representative democracy needs a functioning press and the unfortunate reality of the times is that the press is so Democratic, you have to have a Republican president if you want issues widely discussed in the news. You heard about war protests all the time under Bush, not at all under Obama despite drone strikes on civilians that would have had the press howling under Bush.

Comment Sometimes works in reverse (Score 1) 401

On the other hand, sometimes this works in reverse. I've had people who don't think much of workers from their own race, as they come with a lot of baggage and bad history. It's kind of odd to think that you'd have a Chinese manager who doesn't hire Chinese, or an Indian manager who doesn't like Indian workers, but it definitely can happen.

In most places where I've seen people of a given origin clustered, it's often a communication thing where side-conversations are often in a non-english language that they all share. This effectively excludes people from other languages/cultures, which I suppose some could find frustrating. Never bothered me though as generally such conversations are not work-related.

Comment Re:No CA is the New Black (Score 1) 109

How about don't use a CA at all? Self sign your certificates in your organization. Expect everyone you do business with to verify and install your certs rather than trusting Mozilla to trust a third party. Oh... and staff up your help desk to answer questions like, "I didn't need to do this with Amazon. Why are you guys so stupid?"

If browser vendors bothered implementing RFC 6698, we wouldn't need CAs.

Comment Re:It worked for Java (Score 1) 140

Running Java apps in a VM is safe right? Nothing bad can happen in a VM.

You forget that Java virtual machines originally gave full access to the system without prompting. Permission schemes were later implemented on top, but weren't introduced as a true scheme in the runtime itself, leading to continious methods of bypass as malicious individuals kept finding APIs that let them do things they shouldn't.

Comment And trucks (Score 2) 223

Actually, the bizarre thing is many firms manufacture more efficient and less polluting planes, trains, and vehicles, including trucks.

End the tax exemptions for business use of fossil fuels: as fuel, in depreciation for vehicles, in deductions for business miles travelled in fossil fuel vehicles of any type.

The Invisible Hand of Capitalism will then crush fossil fuels, which are massively subsidized, and eat up large segment of national and state and county and municipal budgets.

This includes any lanes for fossil fuel vehicle usage, by passenger mile traveled.

Capitalism cares nothing about fossil fuels. It will crush these buggy whip manufacturers and kerosene users like it did before, if you give it the proper signals.

Comment NNTP (Score 1) 203

I was a pretty strong NNTP user until some of my more regular groups became unavailable (dropped by ISP, probably due to piracy concerns) and the rest started getting spam-flooded.

The big difference in this, other than distribution, is that NNTP was generally synchronised by topic, whereas I'm speaking more on something like a distributed "site" seemed and keyed by a single author/organisation. I.E. for Krebs, only he or somebody affiliated with him should be able to post.

Another user mentioned "ipfs". It seems a bit complicated to setup but is a similar premise.

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