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Comment Re:Great idea... (Score 1) 187

It was also just a bad game. If it wasn't for the brand, it would never have even taken off. I don't really recognize anything of Pokemon in this game.

They even try to make you into an irrelevant villain in this game, except instead of Team Rocket/Plasma/Magma etc. they're trying to make you a Team Valor/Mystic/Instinct grunt.

Comment Re:SystemD? (Score 1) 536

This is why I use FreeBSD. People at work think I'm the Linux guru but I'm not. It's just close enough to BSD that I can get most things working with a bit of google-fu.

Do you want a NAT router with a DHCP server that also handles mail, DNS and FTP? Okay, give me about a half hour with a bare box. Add 5 minutes for traffic graphs delivered via MRTG and Apache. Another 10 minutes and you'll have IPv6 via a tunnel broker. All on a minimal platform using BSD.

Of course you can do that with Linux too, but I've been doing BSD for two decades now and can do it in my sleep.

I use Windows 7 as my desktop because work requires AD, AV, Checkpoint VPN, Domino Notes mail (I'm the admin.) and other programs that really just work there. But any special tasks I just request a VM, they are always surprised when I ask for just 1 CPU and 512MB of RAM. The Windows guys just don't understand how much you can get done with BSD in a small footprint.

Comment The anti-science sure is odd. (Score -1, Troll) 270

Yeah, I don't know why Slashdot attracts these anti-science nutters that cannot understand the data has been totally blown on the whole global warming scam. Yes some warming is occurring, but not enough to matter in any way worth even getting excited about - at least that's what the hard facts and careful research tell us. Heck it's probably not even enough to counteract the next global cooling phase which is close at hand even in human turns, then will be the time to panic...

Now the soft facts and panicked revelations made by so called "scientists" who are backed by governments trying to bilk the people into more central control - isn't it astounding that after literally decades of being utterly wrong about long term climate forecasts, people still listen to them? But then I guess it's not since other religions have been around thousands of years as well.

Comment Ahh, science (Score -1, Troll) 270

Making the data fit the narrative since 1970.

I wonder when exactly we just start calling all science scientology? Vastly more accurate, what with the e-Meter like shifting uses of temperature data that has been so stretched and re-formed it's kind of a digital taffy now.

Comment The best solution for Lousiana and Gulf aid (Score 1) 299

The best solution for Louisiana and Gulf coast aid for storms is simple.

Rezone all new buildings for solar and wind power only.

And build them on stilts.

Don't accept excuses.

This will both help the locals - as solar gets more efficient due to global warming and revitalize American construction industries, since construction labor is local for the most part.

Anything else is a total and utter waste of time.

Oh, and cancel all flood insurance over $1 million for any residential property.

Let the market fix the problem, not the tax subsidized fossil fuel No Change communism.

Comment Re:None of this solves real world problems (Score 1) 80

The discussion was the appropriate use of game sims in training. Game sims are very useful in expensive training to get basic operations skills and certain techniques down, but they tend to have certain flaws, due to the nature of how we design the sims.

If, for example, we expect to be continuing operations in certain desert and mountain terrains, which we will (unless something happens), we need to account for the actual extremes in actual operations in those climates.

We can do those in sims, to a certain extent, or we can realize those work better in actual physical training exercises supplemented by sims to teach basic operations, basic faults, highly likely combat impacts (stoppages and immediate actions), and highly likely environmental impacts (excessive heat, visibility and temperature control failure).

And, I served. Carp happens. Sims only work so far. Failure to train for that leaves one vulnerable, or like the stupid movies and commercials walking on a ridge so that everyone in the world can pick up your exact location from heat IR UV and basic line of sight silhouette optics. Or driving an armored vehicle into a bad situation you could have avoided.

Who do you think was in Afghanistan when the US Army bugged out off mission to Iraq? It wasn't unicorns, that's for sure.

Comment Re: None of this solves real world problems (Score 1) 80

I see you failed to read the post. I specifically referred to a number of environmental conditions most sims fail to accurately record.

Excessive heat. Inversion layers from heat. Rock stress from operations. Depends on the rock type or soil type. Some of these are partially simulated, but most aren't, even today.

It's wicked hot in a damaged MBT when the outside temp is 114 F and you're coated in black dust that's increased the sun's effect.

Could you simulate them?


But not very well.

Comment None of this solves real world problems (Score 2) 80

When we would send up Canadian reserve units against US active units, we found they had no idea their people would pass out inside the combat vehicles and tanks from extreme heat and dust, or deal with optical illusions from heated air, making it easy to trick them into going into tank traps that were covered by snipers with heavy and light mines. Or what happens when rocks crush your tank in a mountain pass because you fired your main gun next to an unstable rock face.

Sims only work so much.

You have to train for the bad things that happen, like your tank getting stuck in loose soil with water, and people who are actively trying to make you do the wrong thing. That requires actually taking vehicles into those actual types of terrain and obstacles.

Game that.

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