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Comment That's not really the case... (Score 1) 15

ActiveX "applets" are/were full Windows programs, which could do anything any other application could do.

Which is why for a time they were widely used.

Android Instant Apps don't have access to storage, to other applications, etc.

If that were wholly true they would not be very useful...

Instant apps have some access to the system, with restrictions. In addition to the standard Android permissions apps have to obey, they have some other limitations - a subset:

* Can't access external storage - but they can access private local storage. That to me is a potential hole, especially if the full app can get at that later.

* No access to long term ID's like SSAID, or IMEI - but can access AdvertisingID.

* Foreground services are available while instant app is running.

* Cannot use explicit intents to access other apps.

So while there are many restrictions, there are also areas where security issues may allow an instant app to break from the sandbox. Being pretty new there are bound to be some gaps.

I personally have reservations about something like Instant Apps really being any more useful than applets were. We'll see though.

Comment Catch-22 (Score 1) 53

Realistically, doing so would create a catch-22 lose-lose situation for American corporations.

Don't give information to US authorities from foreign servers: they're violation of US law and you get penalised

DO give away information to US authorities from foreign servers: (often) they're in violation of the privacy/access/etc laws in said foreign country, and they get penalised

I'm not American, and certainly not a fan of some of the international shenanigans perpetrated by US corporations, but allowing a law like this would be a *huge* disadvantage for US companies and possibly even a death sentence for some. As it is, many companies (including many I've worked at) have rules against doing business with US entities that store data outside of the service country, due to laws protecting customer information and privacy. So entities like Amazon, Google, etc are basically on the no-go list for vendors when it comes to any RFP that involves customer info.

  The government was arrogant and idiotic for even thinking to try pushing this through the courts. They might as well run a razor across their own throat.

Comment International plans (Score 1) 101

International plans are only useful if they let you receive calls from your domestic number for emergencies.

In almost any case I've seen, grabbing a cheap local SIM is much better. In Asia, you can usually buy one right at the airport (at a special short-term rate only available for tourists, even). It does require an unlocked phone but that's getting simpler these days as well.

Comment Re:People also put cases on thicker smartphones (Score 1) 80

It's still going to end up thinner than a thick phone with a case, right

Most rugged cases I've seen haven't decreased any if at all with the new "thinner" phones. They're not being made to thicken phones, but as phones get thinner it can also mean more easily breakable (especially if they get thin to the point of being "bendy") and the cases need to compensate for that.

Comment There's a good reason why Trump is right (Score 1) 295

The cheaper energy is, the faster R&D goes. Movement to renewable energy is going to occur regardless, but a thriving economy based on cheaper energy now means we get to a great alternative energy future even sooner.

The previous administration was just helping subsidize solar for rich people. That's nice and all but I want electric cars for everyone, not just the 1% or wannabes.

Comment Re:What is up with airlines IT structure (Score 0) 115

I'm not sure about that - the 50 missing flights may not be able to re-book, but the original flights will still fly roughly on time, to the same places. Individual cabin crews know what the passenger count is to let more people on or not. There's nothing about an iT shutdown that SHOULD have to cause a complete failure of all planes to fly.

Comment But renewables are cheaper than fossil fuels (Score 5, Insightful) 295

How much business sense does it make to invest in cheaper and cleaner energy instead of expensive tax-subsidized pollution-heavy energy that can't exist without taxpayer subsidized mining leases on public lands and non-accounting of pollution costs?

I mean Big Government demands we do the worst possible most expensive fossil fuel version!

If we don't Fill The Swamp with massive tax subsidies for old Soviet-style fossil fuels, we might become independent of the Middle East!

And then what excuse will we have to start foreign wars to make billionaires richer at the cost of American blood and treasure?

Comment Re:Maybe voice activation is overrated? (Score 2) 204

BTW, the part about knowing who's going to use the door and who isn't is probably doable with cameras and enough processing power.

It is possible, and it has been built. A couple of colleagues in Sweden did just that for one manufacturer, more than fifteen years ago. The idea was to reduce the amount of heat lost from unnecessary door openings in winter, and to a lesser extent from cooling losses in summer.

It would recognize who was aiming for the door versus those that just walked past. It wasn't fooled by dogs or kids (would open for kids, but not dogs) or things like suitcases or prams. During development they built a version that would only open if you did the Vulcan hand sign thing.

But it was too expensive. Automatic doors are not a high-margin business - there's many competitors - and the actual savings did not make up for the higher price. The actual energy losses are pretty minimal for most shops, and door openings are usually not in error. Those that have a real problem with it tend to use revolving or double doors already.

Also, it didn't help that the shops might have needed permission to mount what is effectively a camera pointing out on the street.

Today the hardware would be cheaper, and cameras are far more acceptable. But from what I heard customer interest would still be small.

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