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Comment Re:The problem is not the ratio but the total carb (Score 1) 29

Why China? Why not everywhere else. Seems a bit unfair to expect China to stay on bicycles and not adopt ICE and only allow electric if other countries are not willing to do the same. Indeed, whilst the POTUS is promoting Coal as the fuel of the future, China has been promoting renewables. (it sucks that they have all the pollution and disregard for the environment from all the factories).

Because only China is doing this in large part. They have the top emissions worldwide. The US & Canada are both dropping.

it's 2017, not 1997. wake up.

Comment Most of this comes from certain Net block regions (Score 1) 134

Just don't let them post news without it being verified first.

Problem solved.

Their motivation is to lie to get the click ad dollars. They will do whatever Russia asks them to get the sweet bonus spiff for pushing Russia fake news, since they get both the ad dollars and the Russian extra.

Comment The problem is not the ratio but the total carbon (Score 3, Insightful) 29

While it is true that China is rolling out more all-electric cars SUVs and trucks than North America, the problem is not the ratio of electric vehicles but the shift from 80 percent bicycle to more cars and SUVs.

China needs to stop providing parking spots for non-electric cars in high demand areas, and use those spots for bicycles.

Comment Re:Call the whaaaambualance (Score 1) 221

They do, but that means they're also playing with only the local people on that servers.

We have similar issues on MOBA type games where people from various places with crap pings login the western N America hosts and then either end up dropping or just screwing up the game in general with lag. It's one of the reasons for the massive DOTA hate on Peru.

But this is realistically a problem without a good solution? Sure they could add servers in Hawaii but then you're going to have a smaller pool of people to actually play with if using that local server.

Comment Re:fraud ISP = obama internet (Score 1) 65

Canadian broadband really depends on where you live, but in my experience while it's quite expensive everywhere, it's fairly fast and reliable in Western Canada and much less so in Eastern Canada.

At least that's my personal experience with BC vs Ontario
* Bell=Suck
* Rogers=Suck
* Shaw=Good, though not cheap
* Telus Fibre=Good (though Telus tech support is kinda suck as they love to blame you for issues on their end)

Comment By 2040 4/5th of Lousiana will be under water (Score 2) 307

At the current rate of carbon emissions pumping energy into storms and glacial melt in Greenland, along with sad attempts to stop flood plains from renewing decaying soil mass by siltration deposit of alluvial soils, four fifths of Lousiana will be under water for part of the year.

Look, flood plains are supposed to flood. Stopping the river deposits is why it's getting worse. Destroying the biomass buildup from salt infiltration from Gulf storms.

Florida is way worse off, quite frankly. And it's all the fault of people sticking their heads in the sands (which will also disappear).

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