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Comment Re:Hey look! (Score 1) 180

I've been using Ruby every day for more than 10 years, and I'm still learning new stuff every day.
It's possible to write beautiful, productive, readable and maintainable code with it.

Rails is a cool project, but what bothers me is that it changes a lot between versions, sometimes just for the sake of changing stuff. For many people, Rails is the only Ruby project they know, and this might be very confusing because so much "magic" happens behind the scene. 6 months later, this magic has been changed to something else.

My story is basically the opposite of what you described. I love Ruby, but I'm in the process of learning Python, just because it's so widely spread in academia and in the industry. I find the language kinda boring (almost FORTRAN like), but it sure gets the job done. It's simply incredible how many cool projects there are, and how much can be done just by importing 2 libraries and writing 5 lines of code. It's also pretty cool to ask a question about graph theory and have Ron Rivest (R from RSA) replies with a Pygame example.

To me, Ruby is like Italian : I find it expressive and beautiful, but it's not so useful outside of Italy. So I learn Spanish :)

Comment Re:...without sacrificing photo quality (Score 3, Informative) 103


It's really impressive how much a difference sharp eyes make. I like taking close-up portraits with my 85mm f/1.4 on a full frame sensor.
99% of the whole picture is basically completely out of focus. If the other 1% falls on the eyes, the picture looks perfectly sharp.
It's junk otherwise.

Comment Re:Or people are just under/wrongly medicated. (Score 1) 432

I wish you and your family luck, strength, and hope!
Once it gets better, you really have a different point of view and find it easier to concentrate on the important stuff in life.
I wish it'll soon happen to you!

PS: Meds are important at first, but pets/music/sport/travels/whatever could help relieve the pain/anger/fear in the long term.

Comment Re:Or people are just under/wrongly medicated. (Score 2) 432

'try this for two weeks and come back to see me'

100% true. My wife has been diagnosed with postpartum psychosis 5 years ago.
She spent 2.5 years in a clinic, trying new medication every 3 weeks or so. I've seen dozens of symptom you don't want to see, especially not on a young woman who happens to be the mother of your child.
Somehow, her 4th psychiatrist managed to find the right combination, very possibly thanks to sheer luck. My wife's now perfectly healthy and we're a happy family.
I still cannot believe it, even though it's been 3 years now. I had lost any hope after 1 year of different treatments. Almost every doctor told me "Time for plan B". What the **** is a plan B when you're alone with your child at home, and your loved one in the clinic, looking like a zombie?

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