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Comment Re:Impressive (Score 1) 175

Thanks. I don't know much about the project, so I didn't pick the best performance ratio.
It might end up being over 90%. It also could end up much worse, with either shadowing, module mismatch, inverter mismatch or soiling.
I've seen big projects where almost a dozen inverters (out of many hundred) were either out of order or even not connected at all without anyone noticing for over a year.

Comment Re:Impressive (Score 5, Informative) 175

Your calculation is a just bit too simple and optimistic.

Madurai (about 50km away from the power plant) has an average global horizontal irradiance of 224W/m**2.
At 9 degree latitude North, the optimum tilt angle is pretty close to horizontal : 10 degree tilt only brings 2% more irradiance over the year

Total insolation is year * average irradiance ~ 1960kWh
The performance ratio of such a power plant could be around 85%, with cable losses, inverter losses and automated cleaning.
The nominal power of the installation is 648MWp, tested under an irradiance of 1000W/m**2.
So your expected yield is :
1960kWh/(m**2*year)*85%*648MW/(1000W/m**2) ~ 1.1 TWh/year

compared to your result of 1.9 TWh/year.

The plant should pay for itself in less than 8 years, and your calculation wasn't too far off.

Comment Re:Ball-busting ... (Score 2) 559

It's pretty easy to understand why Obama didn't close Guantanamo :
There are many innocent people there. If they weren't terrorists before entering there, they sure would be now after 15 years of inhuman treatments.
No country wants them, so they'll rot there for eternity without ever facing a trial.

Obama learned the lesson, and just gave the chairforce orders to use more drones.

Comment Let Google do the same (Score 5, Funny) 74

Let Google do the same :
* Your credit card number is 5500 4567 3436 7804
* You spent $3754.17 on Amazon in 2016
* Your coordinates are 39.2904 N, 76.6122 W
* Your dad has undiagnosed cancer since may 2016.
* Your wife cheated on you yesterday. Twice! At 39.166537, -76.624614 and 39.204198, -76.655321, with Google users #5465487874 and #497987544

Have a nice day, and remember : "don't be evil"!

Comment The same german police? (Score 1) 88

Is it the same German police who said last month "How could we know that Jabr al-Bakr (who was planning a suicide bombing) was suicidal?".

Fun fact: It was a fake article in Postillon (a german The Onion,, but the real police said exactly the same thing in Spiegel ( afer the suicide bomber commited suicide in his cell .

PS: If you find a MP5 laying around in Germany, please be kind and send it back to the police ( Thanks in advance!

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