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Comment Re:What do we need? (Score 1) 537

Do you think climate change is a big problem? Do you think that the amount of power consumed by information technology globally is a terrifying figure in the face of anthropogenic climate change? This is a problem we know how to fix in "tech," and we're working on it.

What exactly is the solution you propose?
Jevons paradox is a tough one :
It might not please the /. crowd, but I think less-tech and low-tech are the answer to global warming and peak oil.

Comment Re:speed (Score 1) 225

You're right, escape velocity at this altitude is 10.9 km/s. (
"Up to 40000km/h" is in the same ballpark, so it's hard to know for sure.
Still, 2 orbiting objects could possibly hit each other at a relative speed twice as high as the orbit velocity.

Comment Nah (Score 2) 203

Just ignore the biggest problems (oil dependence and climate change), concentrate on everything else, and say it all looks good!
Technology needs an imperial fuckton of energy (mostly from oil, gas and coal) for sometimes dubious results that don't do much, if anything, to improve our quality of life (Pokemon Go, Bitcoins, ...).
Let's not forget that technology isn't science, and that we shouldn't do everything just because we can.

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