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Comment Overpopulation solves itself, but it's messy (Score 1) 123

That's what happens when people are too stupid to recognize when they should stop having children.

Whenever I see ads to "feed the poor children" I think that it would be a better idea to send books to women and condoms to men.

Mod me down if you please. Overpopulation is a very important subject, it will dictate whether our future will be shitty or extra shitty but it's somehow politically incorrect to even mention this topic.

Comment Parse error (Score 4, Insightful) 75

I parsed
"Mark Zuckerberg Drops Lawsuits To Force Hundreds of Hawaiians To Sell Him Land"
"Mark Zuckerberg Drops Lawsuits (To Force Hundreds of Hawaiians To Sell Him Land)"
instead of
"Mark Zuckerberg Drops (Lawsuits To Force Hundreds of Hawaiians To Sell Him Land)"

Can the title really be undestood both ways?

Comment Re:Hey look! (Score 1) 199

I've been using Ruby every day for more than 10 years, and I'm still learning new stuff every day.
It's possible to write beautiful, productive, readable and maintainable code with it.

Rails is a cool project, but what bothers me is that it changes a lot between versions, sometimes just for the sake of changing stuff. For many people, Rails is the only Ruby project they know, and this might be very confusing because so much "magic" happens behind the scene. 6 months later, this magic has been changed to something else.

My story is basically the opposite of what you described. I love Ruby, but I'm in the process of learning Python, just because it's so widely spread in academia and in the industry. I find the language kinda boring (almost FORTRAN like), but it sure gets the job done. It's simply incredible how many cool projects there are, and how much can be done just by importing 2 libraries and writing 5 lines of code. It's also pretty cool to ask a question about graph theory and have Ron Rivest (R from RSA) replies with a Pygame example.

To me, Ruby is like Italian : I find it expressive and beautiful, but it's not so useful outside of Italy. So I learn Spanish :)

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