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Comment Re:Because they weren't written in just ten days (Score 3, Informative) 125

To be fair, in most other languages, 99999999999999999999 == 7766279631452241919

Which other language, exactly?

Let's see :
Not in Ruby.
Not in Python.
Not in Java (compiler would complain, needs to be BigInteger).
Not in C# (same) ...

Sorry, JS is all alone on the shittyness podium.

Comment Re:Javascript really sucks (Score 2) 300

I can learn a new language relatively fast. Any language, except for JS.
This clusterfuck of a language would rather return something than throw an error. Bugs appear apparently out of nowhere, because some data has been passed in the wrong format for the last 10 functions.

As an example :
    '1' + 0.1 is '10.1'
    '1' - 0.1 is 0.9

Then comes a JS 'expert' telling you "It's perfectly normal! It's been described in ECMAScript clusterfuck Specification"

Just for fun :

    Array(16).join("lol" - 2) + " Batman!";

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