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Submission + - How is the six-strikes system in any way legal?

WarmBoota writes: IANAL so I'd like to throw this out to anyone with a legal background. How is it legal for ISPs to intercept Internet communication for the purpose of copyright "re-education"? I'd like to know why this doesn't run afoul of wiretap laws and learn what laws keep telephone conversations (hopefully) private but allow for this type of one-sided judgment regarding the legality of a download.

Submission + - What good is a Hacker Safe badge?

WarmBoota writes: While doing exam research, I stumbled on a test prep site that offers sample questions. The site sported a "Hacker Safe" badge and proudly claimed their files were spyware, adware, and malware free. Surprised at a 7mb executable file for 15 sample questions, I scanned it before opening with ClamAV and found that it contained a Trojan. I've been trying to explain this for over a week to McAfee (the certifying party in the Hacker Safe deal) while the file remains undetected by "Daily Scans" to the site. Meanwhile the fine print is slimy enough to disclaim any and all responsibility. So I ask you — does the Hacker Safe badge mean anything to you? Why do sites pay protection money to companies that don't offer any real value beyond a shiny jpeg image?

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