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Comment Re: He sounds like an idiot (Score 4, Insightful) 332

The problem is that experience can do one of two things to developers. Open your mind or close your mind. Many programmers refuse to open the Pandora's box and they stick to a tool, paradigm or coding style they know even though its not the best thing to solve the problem at hand. It's like a carpenter trying to cut down a tree with a circular saw because that's what he spends 99% of his time using.

Comment Re: Why are not the host of these cloud services (Score 1) 45

The cloud providers are not police men. They have no responsibility to make sure their customers are following their policies. They do have a responsibility to shut them down when a violation is found.

They also have very little incentive to stop something that isn't really affecting their service or their brand. Most people don't even know where malware is hosted.

Comment Re: I vote for... (Score 1) 857

The way I see it the only people who have a chance of winning are fictitious presidents when you understand the original meaning of the work president (one who presides). Regardless of the way this election turns out, the authority of the president will be compromised. Someone will be indicted of something. Might as well just vote for the VP you like more since they take over when the president goes to jail.

Comment Re: Thanks, *hats (Score 2) 80

Some software can be proven secure. Look at sel4. It's just that software engineers take shortcuts. If you design an aircraft wing you have to prove that it can take the load with math and physics. When we write software we assume it's good enough because we "tested it thoroughly". I guess it's time to start treating software engineering like real engineerings. Hold them accountable and teach them how to prove things secure before they are allowed to use technology. I feel like most software engineering are simply stumbling around in the dark when it comes to security.

Comment Re: Should have used APPS! (Score 3, Informative) 109

Yep. Processes have memory. Memory is divided into pages. Some pages are shared by multiple processes. Initially some pages are marked read only. If the child writes to the page you get a page fault. The fault causes the kernel to make a copy of the page and maps the copy into to the original virtual address space.

Multiple processes may share that original readonly page, so if exploit the bug and write to it then you actually are writing to a page shared by multiple processes.

Comment Re: Its not open source (Score 2) 32

Yes, but xml actually served a need. Bank controlled blockchains don't serve a need. Banks establish trust by being a fucking Bank. Bitcoin needs a proof of work function to establish trust. A blockchain with a backdoor still depends on the original trust of the bank. If you can trust a bank why do you need a blockchain. If you can't trust a bank then the backdoor they build into the blockchain isn't going to make me trust it anymore.

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