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Comment Re: Why wait until now? (Score 2) 289

Let me play devils advocate for a second. The federal government will always have jurisdiction over the DNS servers in the US. If US dns servers are forced to use a new authority, there's nothing IANA can do about it. The FCC would have no problem finding the means of enforcing it. Also many other countries I think would follow our lead if the DNS system became bifurcation. Either way our government will find ways to gain regulatory power.

Comment Re: So what? (Score 0) 108

A 10 year old hacker knows you don't need Russia to shield you. The Swiss do a good enough job at that and if you're not going through at least 10 different countries when anonymizing your traffic, even if you're in russia, you'll end up waking up with a bag over your head wishing you took anonymity a little more seriously. The trick is to always have one more country people can blame for your hacking, each a little more hostile than the next. I believe the majority people who are hacking the US are in the US. Why not? They have nothing to lose by physically being here and plenty to gain.

Comment Re: Well duh (Score 1) 141

The sale price on most retail sites is usually more expensive than the price on Amazon. I usually do a quick search for prices prior to each purchase even if I ultimately buy from Amazon. I rarely will use a site that doesn't use one of the major pay services(paypal, google, Amazon) for fear of releasing CC info to yet another irresponsible retailer.

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