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Comment Re: A few ideas (Score 1) 95

Years ago comcast introduced some speed boost thing. I forget what they called it. It was basically a docsis command they used to temporarily uncapped the modem. Every time it would kick in my modem would take a dive. I finally just purchased my own. They weren't getting any more of my rental fees and trying to convince them to send a new modem didn't work.

Next they were having problems with a particular router. Traceroute proved it. They didn't listen and it took weeks to fix.

Comcast isn't better because they have better support. Comcast is better because the technology now tells them when they have problems and the lemmings go and fix it.

Comment Re: No. (Score 1) 198

Google and Facebook are oranges. Apple as a tech company has to constantly innovate. Google and Facebook will be able to sell ads based off the same technology for to next 100 years. Apple could easily become the next IBM.

Comment Re:Never understood the Ubuntu hate... (Score 2) 374

The very same muppets would write about how terrible it was that IOS/Android had no competition

Mir is running on Ubuntu touch, which is one of the few viable open source mobile operating system alternatives to Android. It seems we should be embracing Mir for that.

I do hate how long it's taken Mir and Wayland to come to the desktop. From my experience, they aren't very stable.

Comment Re: Just use Ubuntu (Score 1) 510

I wish you cited specific examples of problems you had and the remedies. I find all distributions have problems and finding one that works could be simply the release date of a version of a distro.

For example, one problem I had with WiFi was a kernel related one. The drivers did not support the WiFi card I was using. I find upgrading kernels solves many problems, including this one. Using a more recent version of Ubuntu instead of an LTS does wonders because newer Kernels are shipped . Also, it's fortunate that Ubuntu back ports kernels to the LTS, but I wouldn't expect a newb to know how to install one.

The best distribution is sometimes the one with the latest release because of upgraded packages and kernels. It changes with each release.

Comment Re:About time! (Score 2) 266

I'm not 6'5", but I will never get on a plane again without knowing the model and seat configuration. I've been on a trip where the way there I had plenty of room. On the way back I felt like I was molesting this poor woman next me because my shoulders were wider than the seats.

Lawmakers are useless. Vote with your ass.

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