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Comment Re:Wish I could spend serious time on this (Score 1) 40

Not blaming anything.
No one indeed forced me to have kids, but it was something -let's call it D1- that we found very important, more important than my other personal interests.
Also having your own house paid off is actually a good element to keep poverty at bay when old
So, not blaming anything, not even unhappy with my job, and my own family priorities are more important. ML is a personal interest that I hope to develop.

Comment Wish I could spend serious time on this (Score 1) 40

With the advances in machine learning and the easy availability of tools like this, it would be so very satisfying to put serious time and energy in studying these interesting topics. However, like probably several others here, with a mortgage and in my case twin kids coming, it is near impossible to break away from the day job...

Comment No FTL then? (Score 1) 282

What I was thinking, in the off chance that this is an advanced alien civ, like 10000 years more advanced than us or more, then that indirectly would confirm that despite our SF stories, faster than light travel may indeed be impossible if such an advanced civ wasn't able to crack it - otherwise they would have simply visited.

Comment Perhaps we are too impatient (Score 1) 152

It is not because there is not a breakthrough product launched every 2 years that they have lost their way.
For example, I still expect a lot of future generations of the Apple Watch (consider also how the phone evolved). Esp. because they have been hiring clever/phd level people with experience in sensors like blood glucose, blood oxygen and whatnot. Once they crack the nut of making that reliable for a large audience and once they pass health device regulatory certification, that will truly become a breakthrough product, since everyone wants to be healthy. Health is an enormous and far too costly business, Apple could be disruptive there.

Comment Re:"you can simply not ignore Apple" (Score 1) 152

But of course they do have impact on your life. I assume you have an android phone. Consider the way Android looked before the iphone. Consider also how in the 1980s they brought the GUI concept our of the xerox labs into the hands of many users. Whatever computer you use, unless you are a command line purist, you have been impacted by this.

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