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Comment No FTL then? (Score 1) 282

What I was thinking, in the off chance that this is an advanced alien civ, like 10000 years more advanced than us or more, then that indirectly would confirm that despite our SF stories, faster than light travel may indeed be impossible if such an advanced civ wasn't able to crack it - otherwise they would have simply visited.

Comment Perhaps we are too impatient (Score 1) 152

It is not because there is not a breakthrough product launched every 2 years that they have lost their way.
For example, I still expect a lot of future generations of the Apple Watch (consider also how the phone evolved). Esp. because they have been hiring clever/phd level people with experience in sensors like blood glucose, blood oxygen and whatnot. Once they crack the nut of making that reliable for a large audience and once they pass health device regulatory certification, that will truly become a breakthrough product, since everyone wants to be healthy. Health is an enormous and far too costly business, Apple could be disruptive there.

Comment Re:"you can simply not ignore Apple" (Score 1) 152

But of course they do have impact on your life. I assume you have an android phone. Consider the way Android looked before the iphone. Consider also how in the 1980s they brought the GUI concept our of the xerox labs into the hands of many users. Whatever computer you use, unless you are a command line purist, you have been impacted by this.

Comment Re: Facetime and health (Score 1) 159

When I mentioned health sensors I was thing about non invasive blood glucose and blood oxygen sensors etc -Apple actually hired people with phds in these subjects. Once they get this right for mass production and past regulations, that kind of feature will truly be a killer app.

Comment Facetime and health (Score 2) 159

It would be interesting if they could add a camera for a facetime on the wrist experience, something that seemed utterly SF not that long ago.
But the true killer app for this kind of device will be the eventual addition of more health related sensors. Probably not in this release though.

Comment He made millions (Score 1, Insightful) 302

According to the ars article, it looks like the arrested man made millions of dollars in advertising revenue from his site. It is one thing to engage in filesharing - copyright infringing and all, but in addition he was profiteering big time from his activity. That makes it to me quite different from a legal point of view - he obviously made money from an illegal activity, and I expect that the punishment will be harsher because of it.

Comment Depends: Apple notes or paper (Score 1) 286

For my personal use, I like the Apple Notes app, it is basic but sufficient and most importantly thanks to icloud it syncs my iphone, ipad and mac. Perfect for my personal scribbles.

But professionally i prefer a little paper notebook. Some of my colleagues prefer a note app with pen on an ipad pro though.

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