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Comment Could be big in Fintech (Score 1) 42

From what I understand, an advantage of Fabric is that it allows selective distribution, unlike a traditional blockchain with a global distribution of the "truth" in a more granular way than possible with a permission based ledger. This kinda marries the business benefit of a normal selective network and that of using a distributed ledger. I am not a programmer, this is my interpretation. This selective distribution makes the blockchain interesting for more solutions for example in financial services. Considering the technicalities involved it makes sense to offer it as a generic cloud service. Interesting developments for sure.

Comment Kindle clone would have been better (Score 2) 158

I expect that in general people are happy with IOS or Android. Not sure how much having both would bring extra, and it is clunky to have them together.
But, perhaps, a thin ebook reader a la kindle would be an interesting back for an iOS or an android device. Because the electronic paper of those readers is much more pleasant to read books than traditional screens.

Comment Re:Best uses? (Score 1) 138

With infant twin kids around, I don't have enough free time to truly dedicate myself to a raspberry pi project. However a few projects seem interesting:
- find an antique furniture style radio and convert the interior to an internet radio. This was not my own idea, it is a documented project.
- with some luck my fossilised macintosh 512k with 2 floppys (how I loved that machine!) is still in the basement of my parents. I thought it would be fun to replace the interior with a pi 3, and use an lcd screen instead of the crt of course.
- a diy picture frame style screen that displays all kinds of info from different feeds in separate areas of the screen. Weather, news headlines, picture of the day etc

Comment Will we see the end of cancer? (Score 5, Informative) 79

Having lost dear family members and friends to cancer variants, I follow such news items with interest.
Yes, this above study was with mice, not yet a trial on humans. But even so I have the impression that significant breakthroughs are now being made regularly, and then there is Microsoft throwing machine learning at the problem, all of which leads me to wonder - will we soonish be able to cure all cancer? That would be truly a breakthrough for for society.
Any insights from people in the field?

Comment A proper CEO - looking ahead over the hill (Score 1) 70

An interesting interview and it made me reflect back on Bezos's success.
I think that he has -much like Steve Jobs back then- a good feel of what will be important and successful in a few years, and acts upon it.
The runaway success of Alexa and Echo is discussed in the interview, and it seems they worked on it since a few years already; and also think of for example Amazon Cloud. I once read that the initial germ of this other success was his insistence to build all of Amazon's functionality using web services, long before that became common. Or the lead with the Kindle format.
Then there are interesting recent experiments with drone delivery and supermarket experience.
From a business POV, he does a lot of things right in a proactive way.

Comment Interested in comparison with the Apple Watch (Score 2) 40

I am curious about the main pros and cons of a Wear 2 watch vs the current Apple Watch, next to the fact that they are tied to their own ecosystem of course. I have the first generation Apple Watch since a good year, and my wife has the new one. We like them. I am actually a big fan of traditional mechanical watches and yet I find that I wear the AW at least two days per week (I have 10 other mechanical watches in my rotation, hence relatively it is worn a lot). What I like most: the discreet tapping notifications and reminders, the dial with integrated activity plots, the ease of Apple pay, occasionally it is quicker to answer a call on the watch than on the phone. Also the dial designs while less plentiful than on android watches are restrained and in good taste (nothing is as offputting as a screen dial that is bright like a torch). I like to use Siri to control a few homekit devices (Siri switch on standing lamp) through it. The daily charging is less an issue than I expected. The build quality and feel is quite premium, my stainless one feels more posh than most watches in the mall at similar price levels.
At first glance, Android Wear 2 seems comparable in functionality with the difference of having round dials in the case of LG. I must say that round dials look better to me for time display. Not so sure yet for general information display, rectangular seems better for that.
Any comments on the relative merits of Android Wear 2? What does it do that the Apple Watch doesn't and vice versa?
Regardless, I think that the true breakthrough of this category of devices will come when eventually more health related sensors will be added. It is well known that Apple hired people with PHDs on non-invasive sensors for blood glucose, blood oxygen etc; I can imagine Google having done the same.

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