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Comment Re: Inherent contradictions within leftist ideals (Score 1) 303

Not really. Most German technology went to the USA, the Soviets received only scraps so they had to design their own missiles after 1949. By the time of Sputnik the only thing left from German technologies was using hydrogen peroxide in the gas generator to drive the turbopumps. Everything developed in the 1960ies and later was fully independent.

Comment Re:It is so unfair. (Score 1) 359

Come on, you know Sowell is a Libertarian hack with a background in "economics", which is barely a science.
Here is the definition of "progressive": a person advocating or implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas.
There may be a sordid history of progressives and eugenics, but the current progressive movement is not the same. The current conservative movement is the one with problems. The progressives who advocated Eugenics and the other stuff your talking about are not the same as the ones advocating for desegregation, it's an apples and oranges comparison.

Your going into this thing with an agenda your trying to validate. Generational wealth may not be necessary, but generational help is certainly necessary. All the things your parents and grand parents gave you helped you. When your sold away or your parents are imprisoned, this disappears.

I'm not going to debate progressive or conservative policies. My only point was that conservatives riot. We just have to go further back to find a time when they felt disenfranchised, but we're probably going to get there again in my lifetime.

Pick up some real history, for economic history, try Only Yesterday, by Frederick Lewis Allen.

Comment Re: Inherent contradictions within leftist ideals. (Score 2) 303

The Soviet Union went from a country a century behind the developed world to launching the first man into space in just 45 years, despite it losing a fifth of its population and a large part of its infrastructure in a war of extermination. So much for that.

Comment Re:What governmen brought to the table (Score 1) 107

Ariane 6 is going to have the same configuration.
The most probable cause is that both SpaceX and Blue Origin aren't experienced enough to use either solid fuel boosters or hydrogen fuel. My speculation is that they have employed a lot of ex-USSR aerospace engineers who aren't accustomed to either and both companies simply don't have a technological base that is required for liquid hydrogen - it is after all notoriusly diffcult, one only has to read about the Energia launcher development to see why.

Comment Re:It is so unfair. (Score 1) 359

Your confusing Democratic and Progressive. The two have only recently become conflated. Republicans were progressive for a long time and Democrats had many conservative trends. It wasn't until the Civil Rights Act that rascists seemed to all become Republican. There are records of many Democrats flipping parties to opppose the Civil Rights Act.
Integration and desegregation are progressive and have been since America was founded. If it is ever well founded for generations, there could be a "progressive" movement to segregate, but since the status quo is segregation, the progressive policy is integration and desegregation. The rioters opposing this were conservative, they were seeking to maintain the status quo, the same as the South in the Civil War. They lost at the Ballot box and went to violence and riots. It's not a progressive method, it's a human method.
It's also possible for people to mix progressive and conservative policies. Even Obama was conservative on many issues.

Your "statement that there was no clear link between the plight of blacks today and 19th century slavery; in fact, blacks today tend to be poorer largely as a consequence of segregation, eugenics, and the destruction of the black family" Is partially true, those policies of segregation, eugenics, and black family destruction are well documented and resulted from a mix of conservative and progressive policies. Many of the progressive policies were "modified" by vile rascists to facilitate this, similar to how the Republicans supported black in government jobs until Woodrow Wilson purged them.
Your also missing the clear policies enacted by local, state, and federal policy makers that prevented blacks from living in certain areas or taking certain jobs. Claiming none of this is related to slavery, is a falsehood.
There have never been any reparations for slavery. Slavery prevented generations of African's from handing down wealth and creating strong family bonds. Slavery and subsequent laws prevented black from getting educated, created rifts between house and field slaves. Slavery allowed the rape of black women and the created the inferiority complex of poor whites. All of these issues and more are deeply affecting our culture today. They've influenced how blacks and whites interact, contributed to racism, and allowed "progressives" to advocate the scientific inferiority of blacks.
Now that I see where you are misled, I apologize for my earlier frustration. It's easy for someone only familiar with today political climate to assume Democrats are Progressive and Republicans are Conservative in history books.

Comment Re:Abolish NASA, and deregulate aerospace. (Score 1) 157

Then you'll have a bunch of space launch companies with no work to do other than launching private satellites...although without regulation in space, maybe they'll also launch autonomous space fighters to attack competing satellites and defend their own. And then we'll have Kessler syndrome and the whole space launch business will shut down. And then everyone will have to buy flaming space junk insurance for their homes and cars.

Maybe the space junk insurance industry will be bigger than the space launch industry and Trump could play that as an economic win?

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