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Comment Re:...Or Just Take Aspirin. (Score 1) 93

It still doesn't typically contain caffeine.
There are combination pills, but they are neither aspirin nor typical. And as for migraine, apparently you think that every headache is migraine. It isn't, and isn't even the most common type of headache (that would be tension headache). Using pills that are meant to combat migraine for tension headache would be like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. This is why most ASA pills don't contain caffeine - people tend to abuse this kind of pills because caffeine makes them more alert, leading to stomach problems in long term. Standard ASA pills for pain and fever treatment are made of 325 to 500mg acetylsalicylic acid and filler like washing soda, silica, cornstarch or cellulose. That's it. Aspirin for blood thinning is the same, but dosed at about one tenth.

Comment Re:Infrastructure vs Independence (Score 1) 458

Transporting 50 litres of gasolene to a fuel station by truck costs no more than the truck expense, and the truck's fuel expense, and the road wear and tear.

That was a good one. As someone who is actually working in the fuel transportation industry, I can only laugh at such a naivety.
Even if we set aside crude production and refinement, the resulting product has to be transported to a fuel depot. Then the transport companies fuel their trucks up at the fuel depots and these trucks transport the fuel to the gas stations. There is far more involved, though, than the cost of a truck and a driver - there is also a dispatcher who is responsible for sending the drivers on their way and who has to ensure that a gas station never runs empty, because otherwise the transport company has to pay a huge fine for every hour of an empty gas station. There is the cost of finding a fitting road, because the truck transports dangerous goods and hence can't take just any road. There is the cost of a vehicle tracking system to ensure that the driver doesn't steal the product. If there is an ice storm you have mentioned, the truck won't come because an accident involving dangerous goods would be very, very costly. There is obviously the cost for operating the actual gas station - the attendant, gas pumps, the large underground gas tank that has to be periodically checked and cleaned because of all the crap that collects at its bottom.

Comment Re:Only a fraction of US munitions... (Score 1) 197

You do realise that 16% of 20 millions of barrels a day is still a fuckton? That is, in fact, as much as the total oil consumption of Germany. Moreover the oil market is a global market, meaning that if a source of oil disappears, oil prices rise everywhere, not just in the countries that were direct customers of that particular source.

Comment Re:Emergency response (Score 1) 138

The flying car, as it could be made with today's technology, is just a novel alternative to a helicopter, as you point out (or perhaps a "roadable aircraft"). They'll suffer from all the same problems of the aircraft that people aren't already using, including the cost to own and run one.

But most people don't think of it that way. Most people think of the flying car as a poorly thought out idea from a cartoon. It'll be just like a regular car except you can get away from traffic by moving up or down! It would solve the problem of traffic congestion!

Unfortunately this idea is so far from attainable with today's technology that nobody alive today will live to see it. They'll need Star Trek batteries to carry a large amount of affordable power running affordable motors, first and foremost. The average person is already struggling to buy and run a small number of relatively very pedestrian combustion engines, they can't afford anything that has multiple exotic forms of the damn things ferociously guzzling precious fuel.

Comment Re:Running Linux on Windows is awesome? How so? (Score 4, Informative) 188

Doing what I do now - developing for Linux in Visual Studio. And, to be honest, even though I develop for Linux, I personally prefer using Windows on the desktop both at work and at home (my little home server runs on Debian, but it is mostly used as a data graveyard and the only time I actually use it is when running midnight commander in a ssh session).

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