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Comment Re:When a business says "not permitted" (Score -1, Interesting) 300

Bring it on.

This very sort of issue has already been talked in the auto industry and a good lawyer will eat his face for lunch.

In short:

Dear Musk,

Go fuck yourself, we've already determined you don't get to tell me what I use my car for, in a court of law.

Comment Re:Including a Mac Pro tower, right? (Score -1) 142

If you connect Thunderbolt expansion chassises to the current Mac Pro, you effectively have what you seek with multiple PCI slots and drive bays. The addition of Thunderbolt to the machines allows them to make all that stuff external.

They effectively given you more flexibility because you now determine how many PCI slots you want, you can have at least 18 using COTS right now if you wanted, though the lack of TB3 on the current Mac Pros would make a bunch of video cards silly, you can certainly stack on drive bays (I currently have 32 drives attached to the MBP I'm typing on using Thunderbolt spread across 2 expansion chassis)

So you want less of an option then? You want Apple to decide how many PCI slots you get, or do you want to decide for yourself? I choose no PCI slots and a fuckton of drives.

Now, if you want to talk about price ... then you have a valid argument, but complaining about PCI slots and drive bays means all you're really complaining about is the case size rather than the functionality since the functionality is available outside the case.

On price, its just ridiculously unreasonable to add PCI slots that way, but its certainly doable.

Comment Re:I've come to dread these events... (Score -1) 142

Granted, the Mac Pro was too expensive

Definitely, for comparable hardware quality and components, its over priced, but not ridiculously over priced. We're not talking monster cable level of insanity here.

I had calculated that I would have built it for less than half the price

*sigh* No, you didn't.

You calculated building a machine that was close to the same, probably using 'cheap' parts to make it half the price. The problem would be, those random crashes you're getting on your half-the-price machine due to cheap capacitors (or something else) are going to cost you far more in time and productivity than the money you saved using substandard hardware.

But in 2013, it happened. They took their only "classic" workstation with multiple drive bays (I have 2 ssds and 3 hds right now), dual CPUs, PCI slots etc and "transformed" it into a cool looking yet useless to me cylinder.

And this was the fault of laptops. You're expected to replace those missing things with Thunderbolt enclosures. Theres no need for space inside the box, just run a wire outside the box off your desk to where all those ugly PCI cards sit ... No functionality was lost, but it did just become an order of magnitude more expensive, into the monster cable level of expensive :( I can understand why this sucks for a desktop user, but as a laptop only user now (if my laptop isn't fast enough, amazon has a VM that is) it is a benefit to me, now I get access to all the same stuff you have, except I'm still portable.

Also, adding RAM stopped mattering to me when I got kids. I simply don't have the time to bother looking for proper RAM that will not just 'work', but will do so without random odd crashes and issue related to mix and match hardware and driver interactions.

Yes, I'm an apple fan boy

Before ... I had more time than money. I built my PC, shopped for parts, tried to figure out the right pattern for a reliable machine without resorting to a bunch of half assed hacks, and in general waste a lot of time with a half-assed 'PC' because I couldn't afford to buy a Mac. Upgrading RAM was important to me back then, I might only populate half the slots to start with, due to cost, so I could buy more later when I got more money. I built a few hackintosh machines back in the day.

Now ... I have 2 kids and a good job. The time it would take me to find the parts and build the machine multiplied by what I make per hour means that building a machine is an expensive total cost, one that generally will end up costing me more than buying a Mac. So now I just order a fully loaded MBP from the start, knowing that not only will I NOT be screwing around with its components ... I CAN NOT, so it actually prevents me from dicking with it when I shouldn't. I also likely due this about half as often as you should do when buying COTS components and assembling your own. Unless you're paying absolute top dollar, your hardware is going to cost you time due to oddities/crashes well before my over priced MBP is going to bother me, by virtue of nothing more than 'everything is soldered'

My point? That 'cool black sphere' has its place, even if it doesn't exist yet.

I will not, however, buy a new MBP until they go back to nVidia cards. I'm not overpaying for second rate parts. I'll overpay for top of the line parts, but not second rate parts.

Comment Re:I bet half the people who said "C" actually (Score -1) 252

Yes, its not even hard, the vector lookup table used in a C++ application alone makes it larger than my assembly implementation if your using some shitty compiler like GCC. Thats not true of the intel compiler and probably plenty of others. But if you're using GCC to compile C++ ... you can probably write it in PHP and get better executable code.

Proper compilers can make it better, but you're not using a proper compiler, you're using one of the common ones that everyone else uses because those compilers are far more friendly to shitty developers who write buggy code.

Comment Mac flamewar starting now ... (Score 0, Interesting) 183

So basically, stop buying cheap ass bargin basement Windows laptops and get a Mac? Thats what you're saying?

I have a lenovo that cost more than my MBP (which was maxed out at the time of purchase in 2012), the lenovo is only a year old, and its trackpad is complete and utter crap. Blow on it the wrong way and it jumps around, god forbid you touch it by accident or rest your palm on it while typing.

It is so completely unusable it blows me away that other people haven't returned these things, its my work laptop so it sits on my desk ... closed ... while I use my 4 year old MBP that has hardware that isn't crap. Yes, I paid a overpriced premium for it, but it cost less than the Lenovo and is still a better machine even with 3 years of age on it.

Yes, I'm a fanboy of MacBook Pros. Show me a laptop that the ENTIRE PACKAGE is of that level of quality and I'll switch in an instant, but you're going to have a hard time beating the quality (not impossible, but hard) and you're not going to beat the OS by subjecting me to Windows 10 or Linux and buggy video drivers/sleep/sound/(Whatever This Weeks Issue Update Is That Has Half The Devs That Swear By Linux Running Around My Office Without Functioning Machines), so its pretty much a non-starter

Comment Of the strongest hurricanes in 50 years? (Score -1) 82

Hurricane Matthew, one of the most powerful storms to hit Florida's Space Coast in the last 50 years

Sensationalize, sensationalize, sensationalize ...

Matthew is a Cat3, Florida gets hit with a cat 3 about once a year or every other year.

Andrew was powerful, Matthew is just another one.

Yes, they prepared for it to hit by taking apart theme parks and launch pads, this is routine for Floridians. Disney World can deconstruct itself to a safe state in less than 24 hours.

Having grown up in Florida I can tell you that unless you're on the cost, Matthew just means its time to have a storm party. Beachfront property is fucked, but thats known well in advance. You don't find 'old' beachfront buildings in Florida, nor do you find particularly well constructed ones ... why? Because within 5-10 years theres a very high probability that the ocean is going to erase it from existence in conjunction with a hurricane.

Finally, WTF is this on slashdot for? Just cause KSC? Might as well have a story about how its beating up the Oracle offices in Orlando too then, and the thousands of other 'tech' businesses there, if thats how low this sites shitty standards have fallen.

Comment Cause (Score -1) 97

I'm not sure I care who's at fault for getting into an accident. At some point, it becomes your fault for getting into accident after accident, and when my car has crushed my skull in because it was following 'the rules' rather than avoiding the accident, I don't think I'll care who's fault it was, will I?

With that said, 14 accidents is pretty impressive.

Comment Re:Of course (Score -1) 332

No. Just read the summary that says that the complaints dropped for police NOT wearing cameras as well.

This implies that people stopped complaining because they didn't know if the police had a video of them, so they didn't rush to say something that could easily be shown as bullshit on video.

This was EXACTLY the reason they started using the cameras. There are plenty of power abusive asshole cops. There are more people who want to take advantage of cops by playing the victim ... unfortunately for police these people are also much more inclined to try to take advantage of cops by making up bullshit, cops deal with criminals remember?

Comment Re:Tracking (Score -1) 54

I wrote crypto implementations for 10 years, have a software package certified as FIPS 140-2 written entirely by me (reviewed of course by a certification facility), and I read the proposal.

Having done crypto in the real world for those years, I know the difference between proposed implementation and actual implementation, just like the guys at OpenSSL ... remember heart bleed? You think that was because those guys didn't know crypto ... or because of a bad implementation or bug?

Comment Tracking (Score -1, Insightful) 54

So in the end ... you can easily track Tor users ...

Oh, and this doesn't do jack shit to stop bots ... a user can authenticate one bot manually by viewing the captcha ... then letting it run for hours, so theres a startup cost, but after that ... its back to bot town.

And how do you get users to do captchas for you? Something like the URL in my sig, which uses a 'game' to get users to do actual work no wants to pay for.

Comment Re:The Internet (Score -1, Insightful) 181

Can we get some sense in here and agree that Assange is in his right to tell you to disregard obvious attempts to discredit wikileaks before an important leak??

Yes, we have common sense, we're ignoring Assange's lying, bullshit, attention whoring ass because he's full of shit 99.99999% of the time and does nothing but seek attention for himself.

If Wikileaks was concerned about reputation, they would have disassociated from him years ago, but they don't, so its easy to assume they are nothing more than Assange's lap dog.

Can you use common sense and stop assuming every time Assange wants some attention that he actually has something useful to say? You're one of those guys who still thinks Sweden is just a puppet for the US trying to extradite him aren't you?

If he had something to say and wasn't just trying to get attention, he would say it. Every time you tell me that in the future you're going to tell me something, you make me realize every time you do it how little importance it is. If it was as important as its made out to be, he wouldn't wait.

Every action he takes tells you why you should ignore him, are you blind?

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