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Comment Re: What's wrong with Windows Server? (Score 1) 613

So you want the standard view instead of the extended as the default? It's easy to do if you're willing to have your own msc file - run mmc, add the services snap-in, and customise the view. Once done, save the msc file and open that instead of services.msc.

Once it's exactly as you like, use File > Options to turn off author mode, and prevent saving changes to the view.

This is most useful if you have a couple of other annoying MMC snap-ins with bad defaults. Make yourself a single 'control center' set up just how you like it.

Comment Re:You're welcome to them. (Score 1) 402

I'm not talking about big chunks of code, or entire functions. I'm talking about the smaller things you do all day long. For loops, case statements, defining a trivial property in a java class (the kind that looks identical to almost every other property, but has to be written out manually because java).

I thought the #! example would be enough to make that clear...

Comment Re:You're welcome to them. (Score 2) 402

There are many times where you repeat code and DRY does not apply. Common patterns that apply to different projects, but are mostly just grunt-work typing.

snipMate for Vim adds a nice version of code snippets. For example, I type "#!" in python scripts to add "#!/usr/bin/env python". It's a small single saving, but things like that add up over numerous scripts, and help avoid typos.

Comment Re:From Scratch (Score 1) 452

There is only anecdotal evidence to help counter yours...

The problem is not when developer (or team) A writes something, learns from the experience, and then rewrites it with all those lessons in mind. The problem is when A leaves, and B takes over. B fails to understand the mess left behind, and decides on a rewrite because they could certainly do better... except they don't, because they don't have A's battle scars.

I have seen this at my workplace - new developers reimplemented a core administrative tool and managed to reimplement a number of bugs that had been both made and fixed in the original, on top of all the new bugs they created.

Comment "Special purpose" (Score 3, Funny) 82

On the other end of the spectrum, Emacs and Vim offer extreme flexibility, but they [...] can only be customized with special-purpose scripting languages.

So, what, Python is a special-purpose scripting language now? What special purpose might that be? Pissing off whitespace fanatics? Confounding Javscript programmers with sensible behaviour?

Comment Re:Not surprising if you state Macs aren't support (Score 1) 281

I assumed that would be the case, but I know that if I hear about a game and want to learn more, I go to the game's website to check it out. I generally don't browse around Steam, or even open it up until I'm ready to try the game out.

I like the Steam service, but as a game browser it's really horrible (like Apple's App Store, it basically takes a website and crams it into something that's not a real browser, and won't do multiple tabs).

Comment Re:How does one prevent this ? (Score 1) 120

Gee, I'm using Opera Next on a non-retina MacBook Pro... and I'm considered unique among a paltry 3.6M samples. On a site that's *extremely* likely to be visited primarily by Firefox users.

As a long time Opera user, this does not surprise me at all. I cleared my 'browsing data' for the last hour and tried again... a 50% reduction in uniqueness! Huzzah ;)

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