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Comment Re:Certainly the work of heroic Russian hackers . (Score 1) 106

"you're naïve enough to believe that V. Putin and Russia truly giving Snowden asylum based on strictly humanitarian reasons."

Of course not. He's doing it to stick it to the US. I'm sure Snowden moderates what he says about Russia, but he still criticizes them.

A warrant isn't "evidence." Snowden, whether you agree with him or not, seems to think he was doing the right thing for our country. The existence of a "moral imperative" is a subjective judgment.

Comment Bad scaling? (Score 1) 107

D-waves systems are inherently statistical. Which means you need many replicas of an experiment to map out the ground state and reliably establish it is the ground state. Doesn't this mean that the more cubits you have the exponentially more replicas you need to run? thus anything short of exponential gains in speed is a step backward in perfromance as you add quibits? or am I wrong.

Comment From Glassholes to snapholes (Score 1) 92

Um... didn't we learn something from the abhorrence of google glass. I'd tolerate being in the room with someone wearing these as long as I knew ti was painful for the wearer to use them and put them in visible agony when they were activated. I'm thinking something like glass shard ear pieces and a 50Kv electro shock to the brain when turned on for ten seconds.

Comment Re:Peak time on satellite vs. cellular (Score 1) 222

Cell phone used to use peak and off peak for minutes. Things like $10 / mo for 20 peak minutes and 500 off peak minutes. Clearly designed to encourage off peak usage. The ratios started to change as cell phones began to be used socially and they couldn't do anything that extreme. Data is similar. Sure there are peaks but it is gently rolling hills not the sort of sharp drop offs that make a variable pricing scheme make sense.

Comment Re:Makes more sense (Score 1) 222

These are public companies their spend for the networks are public documents. The cost of spending to create 3G and then LTE was many billions for each of them every year. They have huge debts from it and your job is to indirectly pay down the bond holders. It is not pennies on the dollar to provide when you count the capital cost. That's why most of the cell phone providers went broke.

Comment Re:"Allow apps" from only "sanctioned" sources now (Score 0) 200

Because Apple runs the ecosystem. They are trying to gradually shift towards a situation where software distributed in the ecosystem to non-power users is regulated by Apple. That way Apple doesn't get slammed with viruses. If you as a developer are going to be distributing applications to end users not capable of making good choices about their software then you need to register with Apple.

Comment Re:Worse than Win10 for Privacy defaults (Score 0) 200

Apple has always been iffy when it comes to enterprise support. This has been intentional. There were similar issues just recently with the switch to iPhones for business. They have always aimed that the user of a device have a good experience even at the expense of a purchaser not getting what they want when the two are different. They are willing to accept enterprise purchases but not at the expense of enterprises creating a bad impression of their system.

They fundamentally disagree with the choice Microsoft made.

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