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Comment Body cameras should be retail surveillance (Score 4, Interesting) 110

Body cameras should encrypt their contents as they capture them.

Records at the station house should be dumps of the encrypted data.

The keys should be stored elsewhere, available by subpoena or warrant.

In addition to making body cam data useless for mass surveillance, wearers can be required to have the camera running all the time - nobody gets to see officers in the bathroom unless they are accused of beating someone up there.

Comment Silicon Valley is a great place to be from (Score 3, Informative) 103

Worked and lived in Mountain View in the late 1980's; visited the peninsula many times since then.

Got out when I realized that I would not be able to afford a house unless I hit the startup lottery.

Also, realized I did not want to rear children in either side of Palo Alto (east or west).

Still, having some direct experience of Silicon Valley has been useful ever since; it helped me get every job I've had since that time.

Comment Beginning another malware experiment? (Score 1) 177

For ages, there have been less problems with malware on Macs than on Windows PCs.

For ages, one main excuse for this has been "more people use Windows, so it's naturally a bigger target". Technical arguments about vulnerability are dismissed by people who make this argument.

OK, so now in Chromebook we have a new malware target which may be both bigger than the Mac market AND theoretically less vulnerable.

This could be amusing...

Comment Situational awareness (Score 2) 696

Two principles to be aware of when you are on a bike in auto traffic:

1. You are in the most danger when auto traffic crosses your path. Intersections are the most obvious example. Especially dangerous are turning lanes and off-ramps when you are going straight - cars that are changing lanes or preparing to turn are looking for other cars, not bicycles.

2. If you hear a siren, get off the road NOW. Cars will be trying to get out of the way of emergency vehicles, and looking to avoid other cars, not bicycles.

I've been a short-distance commuting cyclist since 1994. I've been hit once in traffic - at an off-ramp, by a car that was getting out of the way of a fire truck.

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