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Comment Re:Faker news? (Score 1) 318

I think you mean shipping companies and history teachers, since trade routes have, you know, a bit of an impact on history...

In the sense that searching for a trade route is what led to the "discovery" of the Americas. Not that you sailed due north from the Canary Islands before making a 56 degree turn for the 49th parallel and blah blah blah. So you're back to DGAF square one.

Comment Re:Yes, but they don't tell you... (Score 1) 372

BTW, College tuition is only really going wacko because the government stepped in and made student loans so easy to get.

The problem with that canard is that it tries to use supply-and-demand to explain higher tuition costs. Because if that were the case, more universities would jump in the market and thus force prices back down, but that hasn't happened. No, tuition has risen because:

1) States have slashed higher education funding
2) Big budget sports that cost more than they generate in sales
3) Bloated administrative salaries

And in that order.

Comment Re:The European Model (Score 1) 372

And therein lies a part of the problem, do you really want YOUR tax dollars going to a deadbeat student living of the system for 10 years to end up with an unemployable Social Studies Major?

That's the problem with conservative hand waving: higher education is an investment in your population and your workforce. If you insist that all investments must pay off, how do you justify the existence of capitalism?

Comment Re:A budget that actually has to budget something (Score 1) 647

They rejected his tax increases on the 2%, actually.

That and the price of rice in China. Doesn't change the fact that Obama put SS and Medicare cuts into his budget, or that Republicans rejected those cuts.

Fact is, Obama was a centrist, like Clinton, whose "Crime" was not straying from the center.

No. Obama was a right-wing freakshow on both domestic and international policy. Spent $16 trillion bailing out the banks with quantitative easing, while at the same time let the banks foreclose on 9 million taxpayer jobs. Appointed an ousourcing CEO to a jobs panel, used kid gloves on BP after the Deep Horizon disaster, did not prosecute torturers from the Bush Administration that beat people to death, abolished habeas corpus by allowing the military to detain you on American soil without warrant or trial, bombed more Muslim countries than Bush, overthrew at least two democracies, started a war on Libya without Congressional authorization, threatened Iran with military strikes for a weapons program he knew they didn't have, spied on even the communications of allied heads of state....and that's just a sampling of Obama's legacy.

Comment Re:Opposite effect of that intended (Score 0) 318

So let me get this straight, Africa and South America have that much more land and natural resources than the first world countries - and still can't do nearly as well in terms of development and wealth? That would tend to make one even more dismissive of cultures on those larger landmasses that cannot pull it together.

This is why you should never go Full Libertarian - it makes you go from a reasonable person to one who's eyes start moving in independent directions.

Comment Re:for various definitions of interfere. (Score 1) 516

A liberal elite that would not cut funding for meals on wheels.

A liberal elite that cut food stamps into law and tried to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits (Obama) after gutting welfare in the 90's (Clintons).

A liberal elite that would not have abandoned humanitarian aid for South Sudan in a time of crisis.

The liberal elite tripled the number of wars engaged in after Bush left office.

Comment Re:T = snake oil [Re:for various definitions of in (Score 1) 516

We should still try to know if Russia attempted to interfere regardless of whether they were successful or not in changing the outcome.

As much as we needed to know if Obama had a legit birth certificate. 2009: teabaggers go so far as to file lawsuits to find out the "truth" if he was born in Kenya, to deny him legitimacy as president. 2017: Democrats mindlessly repeat laughable, anonymous claims made to the CIA-funded WaPo to deny Trump legitimacy as president.

Comment Re:for various definitions of interfere. (Score 1) 516

They just really really try to imply those kinds of the things with the phrase "interfering with the election".

Pretty much - you get them on camera and they suddenly demure when pressed for specifics. Or just lose their shit and start calling a conservative Republican a Russian operative on Fox News. That's from someone with both the means to know specifics (top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee) and motive (he's a Democrat who wants people to blame Russia for his candidates loss).

The entire "Russia did it" farce is nothing more than the Birthering of the Democrats - stupid partisans buying stupid propaganda in order to say the POTUS isn't legit.

Comment Re:Fake News at its best (Score 2, Insightful) 516

Oh give it up.


His late-election statements that Clinton Emails were back under investigation likely cost her the election.

Nah, that would have been her decision not to campaign in the Rust Belt where Trump was actively going out and asking people to vote for him. Didn't help that Clintonbots had been shouting that if 'Trump didn't accept the election results he was undermining our democracy'. Because when it came time to do recounts, they couldn't do it without looking like the pathetic idiots they are, and had to rely on Jill Stien to do it for them.

He appears to be no one's friend.

If her name was Hillary Johnson she'd be serving decades in prison just for the obstruction of justice charges over her destruction of evidence. Comey is the greatest friend Hillary has ever had.

Comment Re:A budget that actually has to budget something (Score 1) 647

There were several budgets under Obama.
He just could not get Republicans to vote for any of them.

Yes, they rejected his proposed cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Which is funny that Republicans hate Obama like they hated Clinton, when they've been the "best" right-wing neoliberal Republicans this country has ever elected.

Comment Re:I know it's trendy (Score 1) 647

And if you actually read the news you'd know Russia has a nasty habbit of invading countries in their little sphere of influence that try to align themselves with us. As far as their hacking, the DNC hack is a million miles from Russia's only antiwestern internet mischief. Eastern Europe's internet infastructure faces continual harassment from the Russians or in other words, our allies are suffering constant harrassment by Russia.


Reality: the United States overthrew Ukraine's elected government, after the duly elected government went with a low interest loan from Russia instead of one from the IMF, with the usual austerity measures attached. Do any of you American Exceptionalists think the U.S. would stand idly by if Russia had overthrown the Mexican government, complete with a Russian foreign minister bragging on video about the money they spent to do so? And then have the nerve to whine about Russia's [nonexistent] interference in our election. The "harassment from Russia" is even more laughable when you remember how much NATO has expanded since the fall of the Soviet Union.

So even if Russia had invaded Ukraine, it would only be a million times more justified than any American intervention you can name. But they haven't, or you'd have more than laughable evidence collected from the Facebook pages of Ukrainian fascists. If you think the existing Russian military base in Crimea is an invasion, then the U.S. has been conducting 900+ invasions around the world for some time now.

As for the election hacking, those who believed that story from the start showed they didn't learn a damned thing from the lies told about Saddam's WMD's and involvement in 911. Anyone who still believes anonymous sources in the CIA-funded WaPo after the last Wikileaks dump is now an outright fool. Even moreso when high level officials would rather accuse a right-wing Fox News host of working for Putin when asked to look in to the camera and say Russia was behind a specific attack.

dl;dr Russia isn't the problem. Your dumb imperialistic, American Exceptionalist ass is.

Comment Re:Sniff test not 100% clean (Score 1) 299

1) No one can directly hire a spouse for a job and especially underneath themselves without running afoul of federal hiring laws--they would have to recuse themselves. Further, GS 14-15 are considered high grade and the hiring decision must be made by a panel that isn't even allowed to speak to the candidates. This holds even for SES's that make the final hiring decision. (SES's can't overturn CFR's)

He didn't say the boss's boss was her spouse, just another government employee - could have been at a different agency entirely.

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