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Comment so the Je suis Charlie stuff was 100% bullshit? (Score 0) 335

What happened to all that grandstanding about free speech being sacrosanct? Don't tell me it's just about the right to be racist assholes towards Muslims?**

* AE's, don't bother whining about the Nice attack etc when for every drop of innocent western blood spilled, entire swimming pools are filled due to western-backed violence.

* Yes, islmaophobia is racism, because when you're bitching about Muslims, you're using that as a stand in for "Arab" and "black".

Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 0) 335

Yeah, Ratzo, the "jihadis" in Afghanistan helped end the cancer that was the USSR.

Uh huh. How many democracies were overthrown by the USSR? Why don't you come up with a list and compare it to the number overthrown by the CIA and get back to me.

Trunka lunka, donka dee doo, I've got a gulag ready for you...

Comment Re:Holocaust denial (Score 1) 335

This is way beyond holocaust denial - which actually requires denying the holocaust, not just visiting websites talking about it.

This ISIS fan was actively demonstrating sympathy for ISIS terrorism (his defense is laughable

What's laughable is the size of the stones being thrown from within the glass house. The United States and it's allies are the worst terrorist nations on the planet - should we lock people up for reading terrorism-supporting news outlets like the NYTimes or the Washington Post?

Comment Right, blame the consumer, not the company. (Score 1) 75

The greedy, dishonest company.

If you didn't part with your money until it was released, reviewed, tested, a handful of brave souls blah blah blah

Name a consumer product where a company can lie about its features and tell the consumer to pound sand and get away with it. Volkswagen lied through their teeth about your Golf's emissions? Grab your ankles, n00b, it's your own damn fault.

Comment This is about dividends, not "fanboys". (Score 1) 156

The problem here is the shareholders are being fanboys first and businessmen a distant distant second.

Eh - didn't they spend billions buying Nokia? Didn't they spend spend tens to hundreds of millions developing their desktop OS to double as a mobile OS? Didn't piss away marketshare with the Windows 8 debacle?

All of which affected shareholder value.

Comment Re:If you don't like what they pay, don't drive (Score 1) 304

And we're saying that a lot of people do a lot of things out of necessity and get paid less than they'd like for it.

"Like" is Randian wankery, a non-response to the issue of people working below the poverty line to pay seven figure salaries to a few executives, and a few billion in profits to investment banks.

Unless, of course, you're in favor of universal housing, universal health care, and a universal annual income, so working a shit job is an actual choice and not a responsibility if you want to get by. And want your taxes raised accordingly.

Comment Re:By cruft do you mean (Score 1) 304

Minimum Wage: Not necessary in general. If you can't live off of the job, then don't take it. If the company can't find anyone, they'll raise the pay.

Which means:

1) You're demanding your taxes be raised to provide not just a minimum wage, but a universal basic income AND free housing AND free access to health care AND first rate public schools for people's kids.

2) You expect people to take as many jobs as needed to pay for their necessitates. Which means that in your eyes, getting a job is not a choice, but a responsibility. And when the only job is one that abuses and exploits you for the sake of quarterly profits and seven figure executive salaries? Take it or die in the streets.

So which is or two.

Comment Re:So, just... don't? (Score 1) 304

These ride sharing services were set up to allow people to casually earn a little extra money

By preying on people who need to make next month's rent least they start getting eviction notices. Even if over the long term (after gas, insurance and maintenance costs) it means you'll be making less than minimum wage, fascist.

Comment Re:Congress has passed a law... (Score 1) 154

It has to suck to be them. Particularly one of the 52 D senators that voted to change the rule. We should send them all nice 'thank you' notes, perhaps with a pacifier.

Durwut? It was pitifully, painfully obvious that the nanosecond that Dems complained "but but but you need 60 votes!" under a GOP White House and Senate, that the filibuster would be repealed.

Comment Re:Feel free to stop fucking that Russian chicken. (Score 1) 272

Just as the Soviet and East German clandestine work was not an undisputed fact until the wall came down. For god's sake Putin worked as KGB agent in East Germany (Dresden to be precise), and we have a pretty clear idea how much he spends on disinformation.

Again with the hand waiving. It's the United States that has been busted for trying to spy on everyone in the world, not Russia. You're still in chem trail territory here, sorry.

To put this in the same league as chem trail brain-fuckery is beyond naive.

That's exactly where you are until proven otherwise. You have evidence that Russia has been busy tapping under sea cables, wiring taps directly into the communication centers of telecom giants like AT&T, and spying on the personal cell phones of it's closest allies the way the U.S. has with AT&T and Merkel - put up or STFU.

And to the extend that Russia ain't that bad, it is mostly that their reach is far shorter, and they can't afford the intelligence and blah blah blah blah

  • Who's had a world wide kidnapping & torture program - Russia or the United States.
  • Who's beaten 100 people to death under said program (that we know of) - Russia or the United States.

    Who's allowing boy fucking on their military bases - Russia or the United States. Your tax dollars make you complicit in fucking teen and preteen boys in the ass. Over and over again, right now. Can you say the same of Russian taxpayers?

    Who's overthrown two democracies since he took office - Obama or Putin?

I could go on all day, American Exceptionalist. You're firing stones from a glass house surrounding a mountain, at a molehill.

but go and talk to some Chechens

You first. But do explain why Russia is horrible for bombing opposing Muslims on Russia's doorstep in one country, while the U.S. is a saint for bombing Muslims on the other side of the planet from them in almost a dozen countries. Muslims who had zero chance of being a threat to your American Exceptionalist ass.

There is nothing exceptional about the US. It's neither exceptionally good nor bad.

Exceptional bullshit. The U.S. is the greatest terrorist state, and the greatest instigator of instability and violence than the rest of the world combined. You might want to clean the entrails of an entire extended family wiped out by a single Obama drone strike of a wedding before you dare shake it in someone else's direction, boy-fucker.

Comment Re: solar/wind more of a risk (Score 1) 290

Tell me something, of all this safety that you think needs to go into the energy sector who is it that is supposed to enforce it? Government you say?

Uh, yeah. Who were you thinking - the Easter Bunny?

Every nuclear power accident happened at a power plant that was government inspected and licensed. Every oil spill was from a drill, ship, pipe, train, or refinery that was inspected and licensed by a government.

Hmm, sounds like Randian Dumbfuckery. Blame the results of monied interests buying off government officials - on the institution of government, rather than on the institution of capitalism.

Comment Re:Cost is the Achilles heel of nuclear power. (Score 1) 290

Wind and solar can't provide baseline load.

Baseline bullshit. Nuclear and coal power are already transported many hundreds of miles across the grid from the point of generation - guess what you do with wind and solar? Build out your generating capacity across the grid. The chances of a region remaining sunless and windless over more than 24 hours is zero. And it will still be cheaper than nuclear power, which costs billions of dollars and a decade or more to deploy.

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