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Comment Re:Correction... all AMERICAN millennials (Score 1) 473

Your non-response to any of the points raised is hereby noted.

Mashing off-shoring and elimination of jobs together already shows you are not able to think clearly, because these are two different things.

That shows you're being willfully obtuse. Harping about automation leading to job losses is crying SQUIRREL to distract from the effects of corporate trade laws, which have work moving to low wage countries. To be done by low paid workers, not improved automation.

Comment Re:Trump will pardon him on Day 1 (Score 1) 263

Everyone knew it. She couldn't be fired because unions.

Anti-union canard #30147. There is nothing about unions that prevents people being fired for cause. And do you honestly think that the teachers that came after Mrs-can't-do-arithmetic were happy to do twice as much work to catch those students up?

I believe that the reason there are so many anti-union today is because they have often failed to police themselves.

See above. If you joined a union, would you suddenly think "boy, I wish Stan over there would start slacking off, so I could do my job plus his" - probably not. Your problem isn't with unions, your problem is with poor administration.

Unions should *not* protect teachers who fail remarkably at their job.

They don't. Again: there is nothing about unions that prevents people from being fired for cause. What you have been propagandized to support is firing people without case.

Between complete shit teachers and unbelievably shitty teaching practices, is it any wonder people are looking for "something better"?

Better would involve higher taxes - you get what you pay for. It does not involve charter schools, where your can't-do-math teacher would be happily employed under an ineffective or chummy administrator.

Sure, their are and will be problems with charter schools but we're seeing giant problems with the corruption of the public schools today for which we don't see an immediate remedy and we can't put our kids in stasis while we fix this problem.

You might as well drink Drano for an ulcer. Makes as much sense as replacing public schools with charters. And you didn't answer the question - what happens when Billy Bob starts beating the shit out of your kid, but nothing happens because his dad is on the board of the charter?

Comment Re:Correction... all AMERICAN millennials (Score 1) 473

Sounds like the automated red herring - if it were just robots and automation, then the story wouldn't be of factories closing and moving overseas to employ human workers. It would be of American factory workers getting laid off and being replaced with robots.

What we have tried so far will all not cut it in the future (and that includes the "worker's paradise" that socialism promised), and things are starting to get dicey at this time.

Yes, at some point we might have construction robots building our streets, laying pipes, etc. Until then, we can tax the rich and pay humans to build shit.

The lost jobs, these jobs that would urgently be needed to keep the old models working, will not come back and there will be no replacements.

And then people wonder why those in industrial don't vote the way they are supposed to.

Comment Re:Walled Garden under fire? (Score 1) 120

Nothing says true believer more than someone who will ignore evidence and reason. Let me guess your bible says the world was created 9th January 2007.

I see the shell fell off the nut.

as you either have a principle, or you don't.

What principle? No one cares about principles. Courts throw out cases based on principle. What people care about is affect on them. What courts rule on is damages incurred.

I'll speak slowly and use small words. There are a variety of electronic platforms, most notably game consoles, where you may only run applications approved by the manufacturer. But the phrase 'walled garden' is only used by people that dislike Apple, because reasons.

Walled gardens are a problem when the primary purpose of the device is inhibited, such as using apps on a smartphone. No one gives a shit about walled gardens outside of smart phones.

You're having a hard time with this word, principle, aren't you. I suggest Googling its definition. The primary purpose of a game console is games. Yet I cannot play games not approved by the manufacturer. I cannot load user-created mods not approved by the manufacturer.

Yes they are, because the end user can still do everything they want. Developers aren't locked out, in fact they make special concessions to small developers to help them in.

Now you're just being willfully obtuse. People are free to get their own apps or games on a Playstation or a Nintendo - if they go through Sony or Nintendo. Which is so totally unlike getting your own app on an iPhone, as long as you go through the App Store.

Appleu Akbar believer.

Enjoy your don't-hold-it-wrong exploding Samsung that cracks at the same pressure than an iPhone bends, Hateboi.

Comment Re:Trump will pardon him on Day 1 (Score 1) 263

You make it sound like no democrats were unhappy with Duncan when in fact he was practically chased out of his job by democrats.

Was he threatened with impeachment? If not then he wasn't chased out of the job.

One thing is certain, that between the time Obama entered office and the time he will leave it, the democratic party as a whole became a lot more corporate-skeptical.

By giving Obama a free pass on bailing out corrupt criminal banks while at the same time allowing said banks to illegally foreclose on people's homes? This is the same party that freaked out over Bush's Patriot Act but couldn't be bothered to get out of bed when Obama repealed Habeas Corpus with an NDAA.

Comment Re:It must really suck... (Score 1) 517

The topic at hand is H1-Bs, who do exactly that: live in America.

If you're saying they're no different than working Americans, that's just being obnoxious and willfully obtuse at the same time. H1B's are not laying down roots, they are not getting married and having kids, they are not buying homes, and they are not making consumer purchases aside from necessities or a Playstation they can ship to their family when they move back. They are saving as much money as they can and sending it back home.

You'd do the same thing if you were working overseas and knew you'd be going back home in 18 months.

If you ban H1-Bs, then we're competing with the same people who now have a very low cost of living indeed.

But without my own government working directly to lower my wages.

Comment Re:Obama overthrew 2 democracies??? (Score 1) 263

Ukraine & Honduras. Hillary even bragged in her own book about how she helped the 'orderly transfer' of the elected president of Honduras out of power, while recognizing the junta as the legitimate government. And it was her assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland that bragged on video about spending $5 billion to influence Ukraine - and then motherfucking Democrats whine about Russia trying to interfere with our elections. Same Nuland that had her phone call tapped where she talked shop with the US ambassador to Ukraine, where they were picking leaders for when the coup was completed.

Any more questions?

Comment Re:It must really suck to be a corporatist bootlic (Score 1) 517

Umm, H1B's live in the US, so their costs of living are comparable.

Umm, not when they're crammed ten to a two-bedroom apartment and send all their money back home. Which is the same thing you would do if you went overseas to take a temp job for 18 months. Umm.

Also, have you considered the benefit of the employees? They take these jobs, they obviously see it as an improvement on their condition, even with all the bullshit H1B's have to deal with. Do they not matter at all to you?

Non sequitur that in no way addresses your own government importing temp workers to compete for your job.

Comment Re:Or maybe you're a fascist. (Score 1) 263

but that definitely was legal and approved by congress

You say that like it's supposed to mean something. Congress votes for illegal and amoral actions all the time.

even the spying on allies

Was that in the same statue allowing the intelligence community to spy on Congress while lying to Congress?

Nor was it secret that the NSA's mission included that in their scope

Now you're talking nonsense. Of course it was a secret that the US was spying on the allied heads of state and hoovering up every electronic communication from every person on the planet that it could get its hands on.

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 517

bullshit. Without trademarks, copyrights, and patents (and the threat of government backed force to enforce them) it would be very hard for companies to establish a monopoly.

You bullshit. Read up on the history of the East India Company, just for starters. Confusing cause and effect is typical Randian idiocy.

Comment Re:Something feels off about this. (Score 1) 517

Yeah, something's off. Your meds, if you equate Clinton and Trump.

You're meds are off if you don't compare them. They are both racist, corrupt, incompetent right wing warmongering blowhards.

Trump U vs Clinton Foundation.
Trump threatening to use nukes vs Hillary threatening to nuke Iran
Trumps rhetoric on muslims vs Hillary's Superpredators and Hoodies
Trump spouting stupid BS vs Hillary lying about sniper rifle fire

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