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Comment Re: Why waste money... (Score 1) 330

Broadly, I'm guessing because the sailor was still in active duty at the time and subject to more regulations thank former DoD staffer.

Nope. Mishandling classified evidence is mishandling classified evidence - just ask any whistleblower prosecuted for it, or former high level officials like Sandy Berger or David Petraeus.


You going to give Trump a free pass on everything, because there's even less to the Russian conspiracy theory than there is for anything on Benghazi (aside from a CIA black site, of course) using the same reasoning? The story that Russia hacked power companies fell apart within a day, so Trump didn't really say he liked grabbing women by their private parts. Because....reasons.

Comment Re: Why waste money... (Score 0) 330

I think Comey's sudden announcement of more Emails to investigate nearly on the eve of the election, on a Friday Afternoon, seems way more influential and suspicious than the crap fake news you quoted.

You wanna talk influence and suspicion, explain why a sailor was being prosecuted by the DOJ for taking unauthorized photos of a submarine on his cell phone at the same time it was letting Hillary off for her unauthorized email server, which stored a vastly larger amount of classified information.

Democrats, far from hating on Comey, should be giving him free blow jobs for the rest of his life for not charging their Dear Leader with mishandling classified evidence and obstruction of justice, when she deleted 30,000 pieces of evidence, again without authorization.

Buy your knee pads and get busy.

Comment Re: So... (Score 1) 330

Obama had a supermajority for a month or so around July-August, 2009

Two months, as Franken was sworn in at the end of June. But that's still a non sequitur, given Obama's drowning of the public option long before Congress could vote against it, his continuing to hold prisoners in Gitmo that had been cleared for release by Bush, why he proposed austerity through the "sequester" or placed Social Security and Medicare cuts into his budget, or why we are still working under the last minimum wage increase signed into law. By Bush, when there were a mere 51 Democrats in the Senate, as opposed to 58.60.

Comment Re:Anyone surprised? (Score 1) 330

If this were the case the House Intelligence Committee Republicans wouldn't be dragging their feet on the Russia investigation.

Because there's no there there. There as much evidence to support the conspiracy theory that the moon landings were faked as the one of Russia having Jack or shit to do with election tampering. Which, even if they did, would only be a case of chickens coming home to roost. The United States has overthrown dozens of democracies since WWII and interferes with other countries elections (Ukraine, Venezuela for a mere two examples) constantly. Don't make me go look up that cover of Time in the 90's that boasts of the U.S. picking Boris Yelstin to lead Russia. Actually, fuck it, I had to Google it to spell Yeltsin correctly so here you go.

He actually WAS working on closing it down, by transferring detainees out of Guantanamo.

To a Supermax in Illinois, where they would still have no right to an attorney or trial. Seriously, this Obamabot talking point was debunked 18 ways till Sunday waaaay back in 2009. The problem with Gitmo was not that it was in Cuba, the problem with Gitmo is that it was an unconstitutional suspension of basic civil rights. One that Obama wanted to move, not end.

Comment Re:Anyone surprised? (Score 1) 330

If there was nothing to investigate, the why did Devin Nunes as chair of the House Intelligence committee call a hearing on the subject?

That's the same "where there's smoker, there's fire" logic right-wingers have been using on the Clintons since before Vince Foster turned up dead in a park.

Comment Re:Anyone surprised? (Score 1) 330

Sanders was never a Democrat anyway, so IMHO, they should have kept him out of the primaries.

That dead horse......Sanders has always caucused with the Democrats, registered as a Democrat for the 2016 race, and has a (token) leadership position with the Democratic Party. More importantly - he cast a crucial vote for Harry Reid as Majority Leader after the 2006 elections, giving Democrats control of Congress for the last two years of the Bush presidency.

All the right wing asshole Dems who keep whining about Sanders being an independent should come out and say they would rather have had Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader during the last two years of the Bush Administration.

Comment Re:Anyone surprised? (Score 0) 330

Of course the Ds will take the exact WRONG lesson from this and pivot left. Giving Trump eight years.

Sarcasm? Hillary Clinton lost because she was an incompetent right wing freakshow. Sanders would have wiped the floor with Trump - just watch his town hall meetings where he gets Trump supporters to cheer for free-to-use college and health care minutes after talking to them.

Comment Re:Anyone surprised? (Score 0) 330

The Clinton Administration was prosperous, had a great economy

For the rich. Workers got the shaft, hard, when Clinton picked up the Reagan/Bush free trade law and ran with it. And then Democrats wonder why Mrs. Nafta couldn't win the Rust Belt. The new jobs created in the Clinton years where 1) shitty service jobs paying a fraction of what a good unionized factory worker would make 2) part of the dotcom bubble. The Clinton's also set the stage for the 2008 housing collapse with their financial deregulation, which has seen ~10 million people and counting lose their homes.

but why on earth is the Clinton name so tarnished?

Because they've done enormous harm to working people, passing free trade laws and welfare-gutting laws that Reagan could have only dreamed of. They're also pretty fucking racist (Superpredators) and grind the poorest of the poor under the boot heel of capitalism (blocking Haiti raising the minimum wage to 66 cents an hour).

Trump is an ugly face on an ugly system. The Clintons (and Obama after them) were pretty faces on an ugly system.

Comment Re:Stilt houses on Deltas and flood plains (Score 2) 240

And perpetual motion is real, and cheap clean affordable fission energy is only 20 years away.

Your hand waiving is noted. The only losers in a wholesale move are shareholders in fossil fuel companies and the rich who might have to pay some higher taxes. Meanwhile the rest of the economy would see the greatest boom since the post-WWII era. Kind of a no-brainer.

Comment Re:Payment vs Service (Score 1) 903

You think so? We spend about $13,000 per student per year, nationwide.

As the average net work in a bar jumps the moment Bill Gates walks into it. You wouldn't pretend that Bill Gates has the same standard of living of someone making $7.25 an hour, so why pretend there isn't an enormous gap between schools in wealthy districts and poor ones? There's a reason why no one talks about "failing public schools" in Westchester or the Hamptons.

Average teacher salary is $55,000. but this varies pretty wildly by state. considering you only work 9 months a year and get pretty significant benefits.

You know perfectly well that teachers don't start and stop school when students do. Even if teachers didn't spend months out of the summer preparing for the rest of the school year or continuing their own education, it would be more than balanced by working 50-70 hours a week when school is in session.

That's a pretty reasonable amount, IMO,

Reasonable? The people claiming this wouldn't touch a teaching job for less than a six figure salary. Earning a masters degree, having tens of thousands in student loans to pay off, being salaried and invariably working far beyond 40 hours a week...and that's before even getting to the students. How much would you want to get paid per hour, per kid for being a babysitter, disciplinarian, nurse and social worker. Deal with the pressure of wealthy parents, coaches and principles wanting you to "take another look" at Bobby's grades so he can stay on the football team. And that's before even getting to the actual teaching part, where your performance reviews are dependent on factors entirely outside of your control. And you're also expected to continue your own education with nighttime or summer classes.

Not for a penny under six figures.

Anyone *can* go to college, that's how the system is currently set up.

Until they can't find a job that pays off their student loans, at which point it's time to sneer at them for taking on risk they couldn't afford.

You do realize, right, that the reason why doctors salaries are so high is because only wealthy families can risk the six figure cost of a medical degree


If you look at costs over time, the two areas that have been spiraling out of control, cost wise, are medicine and college. This is the direct result of government meddling in the field trying to be more fair and just, but really just fucking over the vast majority of Americans.

Uh huh. Found a reason yet for why countries that do far more "meddling" in health care or education than the United States cover all or most of their population for a fraction of the cost?

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