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Comment Is it roleplay, or an actual lifestyle? (Score 1) 379

If it's roleplay, and the participants are able to acknowledge this and function in society while adhering to standard social norms, that's one thing. But to my knowledge, many of the Gorean types are the ones that don't see it as roleplay and see it as a genuine lifestyle. These are people for whom the idea of regressive male/female relations are a fact of life.

If it's roleplay, that's a completely different discussion and it isn't something people should really get worked up over. But one of the big differentiators that I've heard between Goreans and the typical BDSM scene is that the Goreans live it and don't play it.

And you know what, if it means being called an SJW to say that kind of lifestyle and view of other people is fucking horseshit, I'll take that label gladly.

Comment Re:Is other news... (Score 1) 154

I've noticed a growing portion of slashdot articles are basically flamebait/choir preaching or things that are otherwise designed to cause maximum bandwagoning and outrage in the comments.

The stories might technically be relevant or "stuff that matters", but it's really starting to get blatantly obvious.

You must be new here! ;)

Comment Re:Sucked out of an airplane? Not likely (Score 5, Informative) 269

That wasn't the myth they were testing. As other people have pointed out, people can and have been sucked out of airplanes. As I recall, the episode you're talking about even mentioned that fact.

What they were testing was that a bullet hole in a plane could lead to "explosive decompression" and cause a large hole to suck people out. Specifically the myth that a terrorist with a gun shoots a hole in a window and that causes a large hole that people get sucked out of. And they determined that such a scenario just wouldn't work: airplane glass won't fracture like that, and the hole the bullet creates wouldn't be large enough to cause enough suction to suck people out.

But they never tested anything like an exploding iPad or laptop. They were specifically testing shooting holes in a plane with a gun.

Comment Re:I really don't understand the scale model thing (Score 1) 144

The DC-X was successful except for the idiot who didn't connect the landing leg.

Human error is not the same as a fundamental flaw in the program.

If the DC-X had six landing legs instead of 4, one could have failed (like it did) without the thing tipping over and exploding. It could have also landed on rough terrain, both on Earth, and off (moon landing, anyone?) without needing a relatively flat place to land.

Making it small didn't really serve any purpose, other than to save some money up front, and McDonnell Douglas, at the time, was pretty much printing money (which is what made it such an attractive target for a takeover).

Comment Reminds me of where I work (Score 5, Funny) 90

Every other month it seems, we get an urgent notice from IT reminding us to either uninstall or update Flash.

Unfortunately, I have to have Flash installed on my work computers because the corporate-required "training" courses that they keep on making us take require Flash - such as the one on "information security" about how important it is to keep our software up to date.

So, basically, I have to have Flash installed so I can tick off a little checkbox that says I know not to install software like Flash.

Comment Re:Expect Russia to take advantage (Score 3, Insightful) 102

You mean, except for the whole thing with Crimea, "independent contractors" fielding equipment straight out of russian military depots, and even those little green men fielding weapons only produced for russian special operations units. Or the whole dismantling and transferring to Russia certain production facilities for ceramics needed for the production of new engines for fighters etc.

Comment Re:I can't get that idiot Siri to place a call (Score 1) 137

It'll also does that if you ask for directions:

"Hey Siri, get directions to the nearest Starbucks."
Siri: "I found one that's two miles from here. Would you like to call, or get directions?"
Siri: "I'm sorry, I didn't get that."

I don't think I've ever seen Siri actually be useful for anything. In fact, this story is the first story I've ever read about someone using Siri for something useful. Most of the time she just misunderstands or does something stupid.

And as you've noticed, all that stuff Steve Jobs talked about how you can carry on a conversation is bullshit. Modern Siri is basically a command prompt, each line is a brand new command with absolutely no relation to any previous context, except for very specific commands. Things like asking her the weather in one place and then about that weather report - which Steve Jobs demoed, if you recall - do not and have never in fact worked.

Comment Re:Universe Quantitized at Low Enough Level (Score 1) 414

Agreed - and Quantum effects are discrete if someone is looking at them, which sounds a lot like a computing optimization... "Hey, I can save a lot of cycles if I just flip a coin if someone happens to look at an electron that closely and return a random spin for that electron rather then keeping track of a whole universe worth of electrons. Cool!"


Comment Re:Why I wait before buying.. (Score 1) 112

The Sam Vimes theory of economy has a lot of basis in reality.

Look at real quality furniture for example. I inherited a kitchen work table that's been in the family for over 120 years. It's been sanded down and re-polished a number of times, but it's still a large thick slab of wood on REALLY sturdy legs. Great for baking or cooking in large batches etc(like say 10 plates of various rolls, bisquits and cookies. At the time it was made, it would have cost a working class family more than a year and a half's income to buy the table. Sure, I could buy something that would last us maybe 20-25 years at best with regular use fairly cheap, but it would still be more expensive in the long run, especially since with proper care, this table I have now could probably last another 100-150 years.

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