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Comment Re:Sounds Familiar. (Score 1) 156


Professor Michael Delp, one of the researchers, said: "We know very little about the effects of deep space radiation on human health, particularly on the cardiovascular system."

We do however know a lot about the effects of terrestrial radiation on human heath...

Given the recent UN reports on cell phone "radiation", deep space is probably a 1:1 tradeoff at this point...

Comment Re:Summary is Wrong: It's Not Applicable to Mars. (Score 1) 156

Trip to the Moon is four days and measurably increases the risk of heart disease. What would a six month trip to Mars do?

Nothing? You'd need to bring a hell of a lot of water with you to Mars, so you'd just put it all around the outside of the crew capsule, and it;d be suffucient shield for everything but something like a flare that'd send you to the "storm shelter" anyway.

Comment Of course not... (Score 1) 175

"...no evidence that political robocalls prevent emergency communications..."

Of course not... everyone who could complain died in the fires that weren't put out, or before the could successfully call for an ambulance to save them from their heart attack, or because their phone rang while they were hiding under the bed as the killer searched their room while they were waiting to press "send" on their 911 call...

Comment Re:Windows 10, Windows 10, Windows 10! (Score 1) 481

An AC mentioned this not being the case for them, and it's because of a setting that had its default changed at some point.

To find it, right click on the desktop and choose "Personalize." (Or open Settings, which is not the Control Panel, and choose "Personalization." Do not search for "Personalization" in the Start menu because that will find you the Control Panel's version of "Personalization" and not the Settings version which what you want. Windows 10, everyone.)

Anyway, choose Colors. If you opened the Control Panel version anyway, then click on Color and it will open the Settings app to Personalization, Colors for you. Because Windows 10.

In that screen, scroll down below all the accent colors, and find "Show color on Start, taskbar, action center, and title bar." Turn it on.

From now on, focused windows will use your "accent color" and unfocused windows will remain gray.

Except for Firefox, because Firefox ignores this setting. Also the Settings app itself, because I guess Metro - er, ... whatever they're calling it now apps ignore it as well.

But it will make the majority of windows more noticeably focused.

Comment Re:Dont care (Score 5, Interesting) 481

In short, yes.

If you read through their privacy stuff you'll notice they talk mostly about how they encrypt all the data they collect on you and how they try and keep it "secure" - but they still collect a ton of data on you. iOS was known to gather your location, OS X has been sending all the wifi passwords you connect to back to iCloud for several versions (yet no one cared until Windows 10 did the same thing then everyone got mad), iTunes sends back information about what music is on your Mac, and who knows what else since I'm not about to dig through their excessively long privacy policy to find what they gather on you.

In short: yes, OS X collects a shit load of info about what you're doing and then sends it back to Cupertino. But they "encrypt" it so I guess it's OK.

Comment Summary is Wrong: It's Not Applicable to Mars. (Score -1, Redundant) 156

Summary is Wrong: It's Not Applicable to Mars.

Their sample group only includes people who went to deep space, and then came back to Earth.

It excludes people who went to deep space and stayed there, and people who went to deep space and landed on Mars, rather than coming back to Earth.

For completeness sake, we'd also need: Earth -> deep space -> Mars -> deep space, and: Earth -> deep space -> Mars -> deep space -> Earth.

The rest of you monkeys can be the control group.

Comment Pisses me off (Score 4, Interesting) 160

Sick of seeing profitable companies laying people off like this. I'm a right to work guy normally but this is starting to really piss me off. My company did the same shit. Had a great quarter then the next day after earnings released "By the way we need to lay off 3% of staff to position us better for next quarter."

Tech industry should really unionize. I hate unionize generally but this industry needs it.

Comment Re:Timing (Score 0) 175

There seems to be an effort by the media to paint the DNC as being "a success" and the RNC as "a disaster" - despite all reports indicating that they were the exact opposite: the RNC was (with the exception of Cruz) a party coming together to support their candidate, while the DNC was two warring factions failing to come to any sort of agreement - primarily because it's come out that the "losing" side only lost because of massive fraud and cheating on the "winning" side. (But, hey, if the FBI gives a pass to criminal behavior with regards to handling our nation's biggest secrets, why be surprised when they do nothing about criminal behavior altering our elections.)

If you read any reports outside the MSM, the DNC has been a complete disaster. In addition to the walkout you mentioned there has been constant protests from the floor, off-script outbursts from invited celebrities, a "fart-in" where silenced delegates decided that if they couldn't speak they'd make do with farting (really! they had a bean cook-off), creative altering of the signs the DNC handed out to delegates (turning "Stronger Together" signs in "Stop Her", for example), which was followed by DNC goons literally stealing Bernie supporters' signs, and who knows what else that didn't get reported on.

By any objective measure the DNC has been a complete disaster. The party is more fractured now than ever before. Hillary has managed to turn 538's "80% chance" of victory into a 52% chance - WITH the "post-nomination bounce!"

But if you limit yourself to the New York Times or the Huffington Post or the like, everything is going just fine...

Comment Fuck mailing lists (Score 0, Flamebait) 39

Seriously, fuck mailing lists. I've hated lists for 25 years. Nothing but flamewars and pretentious douche bags yelling at everyone to not use HTML and top post. If you need a 20 page etiquette manual for how to use the fucking things then they suck. Full stop. I've never understood why they are so prevalent in software development. All anyone does is bitch about how much email they get and spend countless hours dicking with filters.

Comment Re: Why not? (Score 1) 1005

And nobody has yet explained how the recipient of a classified email could have prevented it from being sent.

When you have a clearance, you (at least contractors do, I suppose government types might be different) have to undergo "training" on how to handle classified information. One of the things that you're taught is how to deal with receiving classified material on an unapproved computer.

Bottom line (for contractors at least) is that basically you immediately disconnect from the Internet, immediately stop using the computer (but do not close any running programs or turn it off), and immediately contact security who will start making arrangements to deal with it. Failure to do so is essentially a crime. (Or at least I sure thought it was. Apparently it isn't, if you're a Clinton.)

Receiving classified information isn't itself a crime, but receiving it and then not doing anything about it is. Or, at least, that's what I've been taught every time I'm forced to retake the Security Clearance Refresher Training.

Comment Next request... (Score 1) 254

Next request...

DA: "We have the decryption keys; but that's not enough."
Person: "Why not?"
DA: "It's an asymmetric cypher."
Person: "So? You can decrypt it, and read what's there; what more do you want?"
DA: "We also need the encryption keys."
Person: "Why?"
DA: "With the decryption keys, we can only find what's there; we can't find what's not there... yet."

Comment Re:How were crimes solved before cell phones? (Score 1) 254

The council couldn't take them even when they were taking plastic in.

There's your problem: If you have "the council", then you live in the UK, where they lack both Euros and technology. The rest of us have no problems recycling plastic. We could teach you how, all it requires is some electricity... er... does the UK have electricity?

Yes, Google assures me that 31% of their electrical grid is powered by coal, and another 31% is powered by gas. The UK has electricity. They are in theory capable of recycling plastic.

But if you insist on having reusable shopping bags, I have some made from recycled material I would be willing to sell you.

Er... the recycled material is the kevlar racing sails from America's cup boats. Those fuckers aren't going to decompose for a good 5,000-10,000 years, unless you have lasers, or are willing to use extensive chemical processes. General Urko will probably make his battle armor out of them, after the apes take over the planet.

I make a point of mentioning that fact, any time someone says "Hey, cool bag! Where did you get it?". I especially like talking about it in front of the city officials who voted to ban plastic bags, as if I don't recognize them a couple people back in line. They get to just put up with me showing the idiocy of their policies to the interested person.

But that's better than plastic bags, which degrade quickly to useful materials when exposed to U.V., right?

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