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Journal Journal: KDE! What Have You Done?! 12

Note: Typed this out last year but never got around to posting it.
I’ve been meaning to install Linux on this notebook for quite some time, and finally got around to it Friday.
I started using Linux back in 2002 with Mandrake, and I loved it. They later renamed it Mandriva, and I kept using it. Then I found out that they were disbanding and patches would stop coming, so I switched to kubuntu, which is Ubuntu with a KDE

Submission + - UN slams UK Bill (

TuxThePenguin2205 writes: Joseph Cannataci the UN special rapporteur on privacy expresses serious concern and calls on MPs to use their influence to ensure “that disproportionate, privacy-intrusive measures such as bulk surveillance and bulk hacking as contemplated in the investigatory powers bill be outlawed rather an legitimised.”

He also states that the UK shold “desist from setting a bad example to other states by continuing to propose measures, especially bulk interception and bulk hacking” which run counter to recent European court judgements and “undermine the spirit of the very right to privacy”.

Comment Re:Linux Gamer (Score 4, Interesting) 179

By purchasing the (good) games available for Linux I am giving those companies which produce Linux versions motivation to keep doing so.

I don't buy terrible games just because they get a Linux Release.. Of the games I listed and their metascore

XCom2 (88)
Alien Isolation (81)
Spec Ops (76)
Metro Last Light (82)
Bioshock Infinite (94)
Saints Row 4 (84)

I haven't really played SR4 yet but I'm not sure how you can say I am "settling" and "anything" is good enough for me. Of the "Indie" games I have ( and have enjoyed enormously ) they include
Faster Than Light (FTL) (84)
Don't Starve (79)
Thomas was Alone (77)

There can be some snobbishness about Triple A games. Though looking at my Steam history my top 5 games for actual hours played include 2 "indie" roguelikes. Sometimes I just want to play games that are fun and have some replayability.

Comment Linux Gamer (Score 4, Interesting) 179

I often get snooty comments from work colleagues about how I'm playing Triple A, or Double A (or some such arbitrary designation of gaming quality) late. Then when some AAA game comes out on Linux I get comments along the lines of "well you haven't got (insert arbitrary game) on Linux"

I am happy with my game collection (177 of 210 games in my library play natively on Linux) and with quality ports coming from companies like Feral on an increasingly regular basis and newer engines like Unreal 4 (and I assume Source 2) supporting Linux natively things can only get better.

I have more than enough quality games still to play I'm currently playing XCom2 and when I want to take a break from that I'm part way through Alien Isolation, SpecOps: The Line and Metro Last Light. When I finish them I'll have Saints Row 4, ARK: Survival Evolved and I may replay Bioshock Infinite since I've got a better graphics card for XCom. I'm sure by the time I've worked my way through those there will be more games available.

Comment Re:You can't let these get into the (Score 1) 312

I have no control over your karma. If it does take a hit, however, it will likely have more to do with you deliberately confusing two unrelated issues than with any hot topic buttons you may press.

I'm not sure that how one group of people treats another is unrelated to how they feel or respond.

I don't love what Israel is doing with the settlements, but using that in order to claim that Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza, or to try and claim moral equivalence between Israel and Hammas, is simply wrong.


There is a great amount of wrong on both sides, certainly enough to go around. International law also frowns on Collective punishment but that doesn't seem to stop the Israeli government when it suits them. I have not claimed moral equivalence.But it seems strange to be concerned with International law when Hammas is in the wrong but the Israeli government gets a free pass for their crimes or people are even accused of anti-Semitism for simply pointing out when this is the case.

Comment Re:Apple is like a posh handbag (Score 1) 206

"My Note 3 has 3GB of RAM but due to all the shit Samsung and AT&T have stuck on the phone it only has about 1GB free." I Cant speak about AT+T firmware. But the Note 3 in UK (EE) a lot of the Samsung Apps aren't installed by default and only install if you select them from the app menu and others can be disabled ( which also un-installs any updates ). This is much better than the S3 which I rooted almost immediately to free space and remove apps. Also as the linux kernel is in use and it (rightly) tries to use all the RAM all the time. Apps you have closed may be cached etc. I think your complaint may be misguided to a degree. Though the bloatware and carrier restrictions seem much worse across the board in the US.

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