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Journal Journal: The utter misogyny of /. 's 2006 April Fool's stunt 2

Pink website themes. "OMG! Ponies! Unicorns! 3 3 3 " etc etc etc

Come on, Slashdot, that's just wrong.

I'm as big a hater of male bashing and of stupid women as anyone, but you hit a lot of friendly targets today. A lot of intelligent women were insulted by your broadbrush tactics.

Bash stupid women all day long, hell, let's give them a taste of their own misandrist medicine, but leave the good people out of this. There was no legitimate reason for Slashdot to take such a prolonged, broad brushed and mean spirited swipe at women like they did on this sad day, 1 april 2006.

From a grizzled veteran of the battle of the sexes, and a frazzled and relentless hunter of male bashers: Grow up.

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Journal Journal: Libertarians say the STUPIDEST things

[Folks who talk about deregulation or decriminalization being "dangerous" do so because they fear their neighbors. They project that because some "government" wouldn't be holding a gun to other peoples heads, those people will act in irresponsible and evil ways. It is a very pervasive irrational belief.]

I had to share this with friends and family. So far I've got a whole city block laughing. There really are people that stupid swimming in our gene pool.

Fearing one's neighbors is a bad thing, suddenly. Ok. Let's go with that.

I guess it's time to tear down that fence.
And turn in those guns.
And disable that house alarm.

Whew. I need to catch my breath...

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Journal Journal: I really HATE people like this

The world is FULL of people like this:

I wish I hadn't missed this post or I would have ripped this Zulux guy a new one.

The poster he was referring to as 'unreasonable' was, in fact, pointing out a historically proven truth that eroding privacy almost ALWAYS leads to a rapidly encroaching police state.

We only need to go back 50 years to the days of Senator Joe McCarthy to find an example of a police state in America.

It infuriates me that there are SCORES of people out there like Zulux who wallow in their numb apathy and who launch pointless bullshit jabs at people for challenging their cattle grazing mentality.

Chicken Little, meet the Ostrich.

God forbid. It's days and people like this that make me think there's a good reason why people catch that thankfully rare mental illness known as Libertarianism.

- Travoltus, a libertarian (with a small l, because laissez-faire is as big an enemy of freedom as Communism. Whoops, did I just say that?!)

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