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Comment Re:Odd question. (Score 1) 634

I've got kids who are about the same age I was when I first saw Star Trek. I'm introducing them. Does that count?

My strategy is just to watch TOS, so far we've seen 4 episodes and they are popular with all the kids except one who is freaked out by Spock's ears. I think I'll wait a few months and see if he gets over that.


Computer Games and Traditional CS Courses 173

drroman22 writes "Schools are working to put real-world relevance into computer science education by integrating video game development into traditional CS courses. Quoting: 'Many CS educators recognized and took advantage of younger generations' familiarity and interests for computer video games and integrate related contents into their introductory programming courses. Because these are the first courses students encounter, they build excitement and enthusiasm for our discipline. ... Much of this work reported resounding successes with drastically increased enrollments and student successes. Based on these results, it is well recognized that integrating computer gaming into CS1 and CS2 (CS1/2) courses, the first programming courses students encounter, is a promising strategy for recruiting and retaining potential students." While a focus on games may help stir interest, it seems as though game development studios are as yet unimpressed by most game-related college courses. To those who have taken such courses or considered hiring those who have: what has your experience been?

Comment Re:Reading glasses are not a universl fix. (Score 1) 549

Separate pair of glasses that are monofocals. When you are sitting at your desk you only need to see the display, and the glasses can be optimally tuned for this. You just put the bifocals on the desk and pick up the reading glasses when you sit down, and switch when you stand up.

If you don't want to buy the $5 pair at Walgreens I'm sure your optician will be happy to sell you a $200 pair that is exactly right for you.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Jon Katz Turns to Gun Violence

douglips writes: "Beloved former Slashdot contributor Jon Katz has turned to gun violence. In this post-Columbine world, is it acceptable for journalists to make a profit on the slaughter of the innocent? Are firearms really the answer?"

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