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Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 68

Yep. I have a friend who worked for a now-defunct ad placement firm. They hired people specifically for the purpose of figuring out ways around ad blockers. Of course that was dumb, because for people who are determined not to be tracked and force-fed ads, that simply makes them more determined to find ways to block things.

Comment Re:There are Ads on YouTube? (Score 1) 68

I recently went to renew my /. subscription because it has been some time since I last had. They are no longer offering subscriptions, not sure if it's temporary or not. One of the nice things with it was the option to turn off ads. I still run uMatrix and uBlock Origin on the site but still wanted to support them.

So it seems like they may be going straight for an ad & tracker supported model.

Comment Looks like the loudness war is being fought (Score 4, Insightful) 174

Because of the Loudness War, Vinyl really does sound better, because it can't be abused the same way digital recordings can. There's only so much the needle will tolerate.

It's not because Vinyl is "better" -- it's because the mastering on the digital formats is appalling.

Comment Re:Great idea! (Score 1) 299

Or, perhaps, headphones will start including their own DAC & Amp, and plug in via USB -- which means their performance isn't limited to the circuit on a portable device where the design priority is portability, not quality.

Or maybe people will switch to Bluetooth headphones and stop the getting the cord caught in clothes & yanking on your head.

Comment Re:More advertising data (Score 1) 89

Linking who you share your location with their habits. Alice went to McDonalds. Bob went to Burger King. Both like fast food, show Bob ads for McDonalds.

Very elementary example, but they are basically asking the users to confirm that when Alice and Bob are in the same (or a similar) place, it is not a coincidence.

Comment Re:More advertising data (Score 1) 89

Thank you, you nailed it far more succinctly than I.

What gets me are the "So? Every other company does it." as if that makes it right. These are the same people that check in on Facebook, leave location metadata on in photos, and run Google Maps in the background because it gives them the warm fuzzies thinking they're helping.

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