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Comment Re:If it 'snot good enough for the feds... (Score 1) 625

The government or military may simply be interested in creating fear and demonstrate to the public that they are determined to screw anyone who doesn't conform. If that's the goal, electron scanning your hard drive is but a small price to pay.

Right, because that unethical government or military needs iron clad evidence for their devious plan to work.

Comment Feedback Loop (Score 4, Interesting) 172

Just a little over a week ago my boss brought this up:

Bullet #6 is probably the biggest complaint I hear from all PDA users.

He was referring to an article that he forgot to link to and I got the URL from an IM. It seems some "journalist" had an article due and the iPhone is hot and top 10 lists are easy to write. The #6 slot was dedicated to the enterprise shortfall of the iPhone by not including native support for editing MS-Office documents.

My boss doesn't even have a PDA. However, the other executives with PDAs have bought into the marketing line that needing to edit office documents on your phone is a sign of importance. That strokes their ego a lot more than pointing out it's more a sign of the need for a collaboration platform that can operate without duplicating and shuttling large binaries.

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