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Comment Re:It's just like JavaScript or NoSQL. (Score 1) 268

Why do I need to listen to a freaking podcast? You need to give a source from the Chinese government, your source won't even hold up in wikipedia, that is what's wrong with this site, it's full of people who just want to bash the US and have no idea what they're talking about.

I can podcast that Chinese only has 1 people working on the project, which is actually much more worrying than 1 million.

Comment Re:SO, does it look the same as it did in 1969? (Score 1) 268

I'm really tired of internet trolls dismissing United States' science and technology capabilities by inflating the significance of China landing a rover on the Moon. "OMG, China now owns the moon, they are the number 1 now, we all need to bow to China."

Here the reality check, Google is funding an X Prize for private rovers on the Moon, so what China did using the resource of a entire country is not only 40 years late, it's also something we're asking private enterprise to do for less than a day's profit of Google. The same is true for their manned capabilities, we have 2 private companies building spaceships for NASA, and more building sub-orbital planes/rockets, the vitality and innovation in the private space sector is something China cannot dream of as long as the communist party is in charge.

The only thing less optimal in the US space program is NASA's lack of direction in manned space flight and reduction of funding in automated missions, even so the projects they're working on (SLS, JWST, new Mars lander) far outpace China's plan in these areas (LM-5, more lunar probes with sample returns)

Comment Re:It's just like JavaScript or NoSQL. (Score 2) 268

All false yet marked insightful, this is why /. is crap these days.

1. Please give the source for one million people working on their space program. Also I think it should be obvious to anyone with project management experience that more people doesn't equal more work gets done, it's usually the opposite
2. They buy US Treasury Bills because they are running a trade surplus against the US by manipulating the exchange rate, if they have enough cash they wouldn't need to do this. And China is not the only one buying US Treasury Bills, Japan/Brazil/Taiwan/etc all have sizable holdings, so saying it has dubious value is simply false.
3. As for moon base, just because they are raising the possibility does not mean it will happen, US private companies plus Russian and Japan also released plans for moon base. And China have not officially released any plan regarding manned Mars missions.

So if you're an American, stop buying craps from China and support American companies such as SpaceX, this is the best bet to see humans on Mars.

Comment You're just repeating CCTV's stories (Score 1) 330

Interestingly most of your post has nothing to do with what I said or the article itself, you're just trying to blacken the US as much as possible, good try

"independent nation are able to run it how they see fit" is the same logic the communist party used to fend off human right criticisms. By this logic, it is ok for Nazi to use concentration camps or for Japanese to murder entire cities, I sure hope this is not what you meant.

Comment You should care about China (Score 1) 330

Because they have nuclear capability that can reach the US, is taking a lot of jobs from the US workers and held tons of US debt, they are also polluting the air and water like crazy, all of these can affect you. Also we're not talking about any NSA claims here, we're talking about Snowden's claim and what this particular claim says about him.

Comment Well at least I'm not an Anonymous Coward (Score 1) 330

As for your question, does it even need an answer? In WWII, Japan bombed US, which is bad not only for US but for the free world; then the US bombed Japan which is very good not only for the US but also for all the people suffering under Japanese occupation. So yeah, an action can be good or bad depending on the circumstances.

Comment Yeah, using a free press article to undermine (Score 1) 330

a free country, typical Chinese propaganda trick. The very fact that this software is: a) revealed by a US Senate committee; b) its existence published by a news paper; c) its developer and customers answered questions and criticism proves US is much better than your communist dictatorship. Just because you control all your newspapers doesn't mean we couldn't find your dirty secrets, there's plenty of Weibo gets out before being deleted by censors, you can't fool your people forever.

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