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Comment Re:Future of Internet Porn (Score 1) 255

Not quite. It was the "The Children's Internet Safety Presidential Pledge" produced by anti-pornography pressure group Enough is Enough. It starts out talking about sexual exploitation, child pornography, etc - all the things everyone can agree to fight against. But it goes on to broaden this out to include all pornography, no exceptions. This is because Enough is Enough believes that all pornography is dangerous and abusive by nature.

Here's the full text: The Children's Internet Safety Presidential Pledge

And the extract: "If elected President of the United State of America, I promise to: ... Uphold the rule of law by aggressively enforce existing federal laws to prevent the sexual exploitation of children online, including the federal obscenity laws ... by appointing an Attorney General who will make the prosecution of such laws a top priority in my administration.

Comment Re:Just another mindless attack (Score 1) 471

I can think of three good reasons someone might want access to the phone.
1. It goes into classified meetings, and has a microphone.
2. Trump, like everyone else, is sure to use his personal phone for work things from time to time. Even if just looking at his web browsing history, seeing what he googles for will give an insight into upcoming decisions.
3. The Twitter. If you can issue a tweet that seems to come from the president, you could cause panic. You could make a lot of money on the stockmarket or currency exchange. Announce that the government 'will not pay interest on Democratic mistakes' and that you are issuing an executive order nullifying all national debts and liabilities. Watch the dollar plummet, buy dollars, hoax is announced an hour later, sell dollars. Or you could just say something incredibly offensive about Mohammed and see if you can get World War Three underway.

Comment one-way laws (Score 1) 141

No don't think that you as a citzen can do something similar. These laws were made to ensure that the noble class rules over the peasant class for all ... what? Yes? ... ah... ok... sorry to interrupt, there was a mix-up in the time scale. So as I said, these laws were made to ensure that the corporate, legal entity rules over... what? oh? ok, apparently we don't say that anymore, the proper phrase is "can create more jobs".

Comment Re:Gartner, enough said (Score 1) 90

One has to admit the possibility is there.

Mathematically, yes. Realistically, you would have to be a complete idiot to bet money on it.

The one area that MS consistently fails in, for all its existence, is usability. Everything they make has always been just barely usable. Their interface design is inconsistent, constantly changing and at best tolerable. But for a small screen on a phone, the interface is the king. It is the one thing you have to get right.

Comment Re:Num pads on laptops (Score 1) 118

I won't buy a laptop that doesn't have a numeric keypad.

Why should I (a) have to move my hand well away from the keyboard to type in long numbers (e.g. 8-digit bug numbers) and (b) cart around an extra peripheral that eats up a USB port for no good reason?

And did I mention that I'm left-handed?


Comment Re:Big and Ugly (Score 1) 118

Relevant questions in this situation are, "Will it handle my workload?", "How much does it cost?", "What kind of warranty does it come with?", and "Will it fit in my laptop bag?"

Do my employers pay me to make a fashion statement? No, they do not. So gives a rat's ass what it looks like?

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