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Comment Re:Overreach (Score 1) 402

The vote was close to a perfect party split. That means it actually is a red vs blue debate. Politicians know they need to show loyalty to their party: Unless they have made an issue part of their campaign or have very strong personal feelings, they just default to voting according to the party position. And no senator is building their campaign around internet privacy regulations.

Comment Re:Plutocracy (Score 1) 402

Perhaps they just honestly believe their own rhetoric - that all regulations are a sign of an oppressive, overgrown government infringing upon the economic freedom of the people and crippling wealth-generating activity that would otherwise make the country more prosperous?

They see a regulation, they want it gone. It doesn't matter if the regulation is justified or not. Ideology says all regulations are bad and must be abolished to free the power of the market and of American enterprise.

Comment Re:Again like I said! (Score 1) 402

This applies the extremes. The left-wing parties in Europe would be decried as communists in the US - that sort of politics does not go down very well there. Government-run healthcare? Not a chance. Conversely, the American right is regarded in Europe as outright insane - a bunch of religion-crazed, paranoid, redneck homophobes only good for comedy value. What sort of party of nutcases continues to deny climate change, and frequently runs candidates who insist the world is six thousand years old and Noah rode his ark with dinosaurs?

Comment Re:It's Double Bullshit (Score 2) 151

I'd want a bit more regulation than that. At least a minimum period between STI checks, and a mandate on the use of condoms for all penetrative acts, and female prostitutes (I expect these to make up the vast majority, but there will be a few men too) should be required to show they are using additional means of contraception. You'd need an agency - either government- or industry-run - to manage this and issue the licenses. But done properly, it seems like a good idea.

Prostitution is called the 'oldest profession' for good reason. It's always been around, in every society, no matter how hard authorities have tried to stamp it out as immoral. You simply cannot get rid of it, and really, why would you need to regulate what is really just a private entertainment service? So legalise, regulate, and you put the criminal gangs out of business.

Comment Re:Bullshit. (Score 3, Interesting) 151

It might affect the Republicans more because they are more focused on condemning things as immoral, but it's really just a human thing - self-loathing. People hate something about themselves, and the only way they can feel any better about it is to very loudly and publicly condemn it - and pledge to themselves that last night was the last time they'll do that, really.

Comment Re:It's all a simulation (Score 1) 167

This is easily worked out. There is only one unit that would make any sense: The planck length. The smallest unit of length there can be in the universe. 1.6E-35 meters.

Now you need the size of the universe. Unknown. But the observable universe is 8.8E26 meters across - and yes, due to expansion of space, that is a lot wider than the age expressed as light years.

A little division puts this at... a crashed calculator. But a better calculator says that makes the universe 5.5E61 planck-lengths across. While an unsigned 64-bit number gets you up to only 1.8E19. Not even close. A 128-bit unsigned gets you 3.4E38, still not enough. A 256-bit unsigned is 1.2E77, too much.

Unless our simulators have a strange liking for 205-bit integers, this does not work.

Comment Re:I see what's coming. (Score 1) 101

No, you can't. The balloon gas you buy in stores is often helium diluted with air to reduce cost, and even if you breathed helium from balloons you'd just pass out - once you are unconscious you can't hold any more balloons. You'd need a mask.

If you want a painless suicide, there's an easier way. Welding stores sell tanks of pure nitrogen - it's used in some forms of arc welding to prevent the very hot metal from reacting with atmospheric oxygen. Just take a tank of that, improvise a way to hook up an oxygen mask - you can use a diving mask, but you might need to use some tape and sealant to make the incompatible fittings hold together - and you have yourself a comfortable way to resign from life.

Comment I see what's coming. (Score 1) 101

A person can take some off the shelf balloons, affix a solid object, and potentially endanger aircraft.

I know what comes next: In the interests of national security, the government shall ban all balloons without a license!

This isn't the US, so they'll at least be polite about it, and not shoot anyone for carrying a balloon of mass destruction.

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