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Comment Re:Certainly the work of heroic Russian hackers . (Score 1) 107

"you're naïve enough to believe that V. Putin and Russia truly giving Snowden asylum based on strictly humanitarian reasons."

Of course not. He's doing it to stick it to the US. I'm sure Snowden moderates what he says about Russia, but he still criticizes them.

A warrant isn't "evidence." Snowden, whether you agree with him or not, seems to think he was doing the right thing for our country. The existence of a "moral imperative" is a subjective judgment.

Comment ah well (Score 4, Interesting) 57

I had a Windows phone and the OS was head and shoulders above its mobile OS competitors. Intuitive and fast interface, and amazing performance for the hardware. Unfortunately there was an astonishing lack of apps, so I had to switch back to android. It was kind of 1995 in reverse: I gave up a better Windows-based OS for an inferior Linux-based one because the Linux-based one had better commercial software support.

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