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Comment Re:Waaaaay past 200 (Score 4, Interesting) 342

My employer was founded at an unknown point sometime before 1096 AD, and currently has something like 25,000 members and employees.

My employee number is >2 million, but I don't think that numbering system has existed for more than 5% of the history of my organisation.

Comment Re:Diesel (Score 2, Informative) 1141

Godsdammit - all the early conversion have been eaten by the nohtml monster.

Now in extrans mode...

<10 MPG = <12.2 MPG
11-15 MPG = 13.2-18.0 MPG
16-20 MPG = 19.2-24.0 MPG
21-25 MPG = 25.2-30.0 MPG
26-30 MPG = 31.2-36.0 MPG
31-35 MPG = 37.2-42.0 MPG
>35 MPG = >42 MPG

Comment Re:No to Socialism!!!! (Score 1) 804

And during that time, the government run military prevented mexicans from invading and stealing back the land your home is built on.

Remember - if you're against socialism, you are against the military and social security for veterans. (from my latest guide on how to push right-wing buttons for fun and profit).

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