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Comment Brain damage from lead. (Score 1) 630

Between 1979 and 1984, the researchers recruited pregnant women living in poor areas of Cincinnati, which had a high concentration of older, lead-contaminated housing, into the Cincinnati Lead Study. They measured the women's blood lead concentrations during pregnancy as an indication of their offspring's prenatal lead exposure and the children's blood lead levels regularly until they were six and half years old. They then obtained information from the local criminal justice records on how many times each of the 250 offspring had been arrested between becoming 18 years old and the end of October 2005. The researchers found that increased blood lead levels before birth and during early childhood were associated with higher rates of arrest for any reason and for violent crimes. For example, for every 5 g/dl increase in blood lead levels at six years of age, the risk of being arrested for a violent crime as a young adult increased by almost 50% (the "relative risk" was 1.48).

Comment Re:Sure (Score 4, Informative) 578

Modern drives come with their own on-drive controllers, as far as I know. Chaining another controller on top will not give you any power to override the on-drive controller behavior. If the on-drive controller makes its own decisions on where and how to write data, your custom controller will not be able to override these decisions, I am afraid.

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