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Comment Re:Fahrenheit vs Celsius (Score 1) 676

I call BS. Most of the time when I see Americans talking about temperature, they don't use exact numbers but rather group them into stuff like "low 80ies" or "high 60ies". Do you feel any difference between 62 and 63 F?

Well, when the forecast tell me to expect -22 C in Oslo, I know that it won't be -22 C where I live in Oslo, but I can guess what it will be like, probably a little colder depending on wind speed, direction, etc. If the forecast just says somewhat below -20 C, it makes my interpretation harder.

But more important is if the forecast yesterday was -20 C, I know it is expected to be colder today. Not much, but still. This isn't possible if you get the same forecast every day because you neither can predict accurately, nor feel the difference.

Comment The Tyranny Of The Lawn (Score 1) 819

As long as it's not presenting a danger to neighbors, they should be able to do whatever the hell they want with it.

Living proof that the geek is truly a solitary cellar-dweller.

The reason ordinances like these get passed is to keep peace in the family. To preserve the character and appearance of the street. To protect real [and perceived] property values.

You can't go it alone. You have to get everyone on board.

You have to be willing to make some concessions - the street view matters to your neighbors.

Lawn opponents are taking on more than a rectangle of grass. They're fighting an institution, a way of life, a setting for childhood, a part of the American dream of home ownership. The Tyranny Of The Lawn [Sept 1991]

Comment Re:Oink! Oink! (Score 1) 209

You miss my point. A space station could be more human friendly than a lunar city - it is much easier to have artificial gravity in a space station than on the moon.

It's been proven that humans can live for decades and reproduce in 1g conditions. It's not proven that they can do that in 1/6 g.

A space station could have areas with low g and higher g. Closer to the spinning center = low g. Further away = high g. These could be for recreation, therapy or fitness training.

What would be the advantage of being on a moon base as opposed to the space station? The vast expanses of moon terrain outside a moon base would just be as inhospitable as the vast expanses of space outside a space station.

As for mining resources I have already pointed out that asteroids have water. Some have even more water than the moon, and some suspect that Ceres might even have more freshwater than the Earth!

You can move a mining module (or even the entire space station) from one asteroid to another to mine it more easily than you can move a moon based mining module from one mining spot to another. Same for getting the materials to where they are needed.

The 1/6 gravity doesn't help. It's too low for human health but it's high enough to make transportation harder than "zero g".

Comment Re:But how to do that? (Score 2, Funny) 360

By that logic, this regulation of mp3 player volume level shouldn't exist either because the owners of the players should be responsible for their own actions and turn down the volume. I'm not saying I support that decision, I'm just saying it is a good point that if you're going to regulate headphone volume level, then you might as well also regulate volume level of bands.

Comment Re:Opportunity (Score 1) 134

For $1M, the perp may be encouraged to try some Ninja access. Dead-tree plant in your residence and an anonymous phone call... that's all it would take.

How do you collect the reward if you report it anonymously?

You might be correct (and super paranoid;-) if you rephrase it that the company frames someone they don't like and claim that there was an anonymous tip. That way the company gets free publicity by offering a reward but doesn't have to actually pay the $1M.

Besides I'm sure anyone trying to claim $1M will be thoroughly investigated as well.

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