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Comment Re:Math (Score 1) 86

This is really not true at all. Not only do they need at least a 1024 qbit computer at least, it still needs a massive amount of operations (both classical logic and quantum operations). Current optimistic estimates for a quantum computer still put it in the slower than classical or still so slow that it doesn't matter. And all you need to do is add a single bit to your key, since you cannot emulate a larger register than what you have in quantum computing.

I have a lot of friends in the field. Not one of them believes that quantum computing will ever be a viable way of cracking ECC and RSA. There is a very small minority who thinks it can. But most won't say it can't work too loudly lest their funding agency's get wind of it.
United States

Submission + - The War on WikiLeaks: What Next for the USA? ( 1

Stoobalou writes: With 'Cablegate', the leak of some 251,287 diplomatic wires between the US State Department and American embassies and consulates around the world, WikiLeaks has pulled off its biggest coup to date.

At 261,276,536 words — seven times the size of WikiLeaks' previous outing of military secrets about US operations in Iraq — the haul represents the largest leak of government data in history.

The question is: what can the US government do to stop WikiLeaks — or sites like it — from publishing such information? And what can the whistle-blowing site do to outwit them?

The distributed nature both of WikiLeaks' network, and of the internet as a whole, swiftly brought US authorities to the realisation it couldn't simply 'gag' the site.

Submission + - US lawmakers demand WikiLeaks be shutdown (

An anonymous reader writes: Cutting across party lines, US lawmakersexpressed their outrage at what they called "illegal" publication of classified American documents by WikiLeaks, and asked the Obama Administration to use all legal means to shut down this whistleblower website.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - SPAM: Lawsuits Filed Against School Webcam Spying

Affann writes: Another lawsuit has been filed against the Pennsylvania School. It has been claimed that the school officials installed a software in the school issued laptops that took photographs of the students at all times secretly and killed their privacy.
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Submission + - Appelbaum detained at U.S. border, questioned abou (

suraj.sun writes: Appelbaum detained at U.S. border, questioned about Wikileaks

A security researcher involved with the Wikileaks Web site — Jacob Appelbaum, a Seattle-based programmer for the online privacy protection project called Tor — was detained by U.S. agents at the border for three hours and questioned about the controversial whistleblower project as he entered the country on Thursday to attend a hacker conference. He was also approached by two FBI agents at the Defcon conference after his presentation on Saturday afternoon about the Tor Project.

Appelbaum, a U.S. citizen, arrived at the Newark, New Jersey, airport from Holland flight Thursday morning, was taken into a room, frisked and his bag was searched.

Officials from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S. Army then told him he was not under arrest but was being detained. They asked questions about Wikileaks, asked for his opinions about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and asked where Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is, but he declined to comment without a lawyer present, according to the sources. He was not permitted to make a phone call, they said.

After about three hours, Appelbaum was given his laptop back but the agents kept his three mobile phones, sources said.

CNET News:

XBox (Games)

Submission + - Are consoles holding back PC gaming? ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Despite all the excitement over Nvidia's upcoming Fermi GPU, there is still a distinct lack of DirectX 11 games on the market. This article points out that despite the fact the PC has returned to favour as a gaming platform, consoles are still the target for most developers, and still provide the major limitations on the technological sophistication of game graphics. Inside the Xbox 360 sits an ATI Xenos graphics chip, a DirectX 9c based chip that bears similarity to the Radeon X1900 series of graphics cards (cards whose age means that they aren't even officially supported in Windows 7). Therein lies the rub. With the majority of PC games now starting life as console titles, games are still targeted at five year old DirectX 9 hardware.

Comment Re:And where is the source? (Score 1) 690

Adherence to standard and safety regulations is found out by testing and measurement rather detailed information on the underlying mechanics.

It's far easier, quicker and more accurate to just crash a car into a wall at 60mph than to try and simulate the same thing from schematics. Likewise the same is true about braking, handling and emissions.

Comment completely misunderstood (Score 2, Insightful) 186

the editor completely misunderstands the point (or misuses his/her GPS). The potential clutter of the user interface/map/traffic aside, GPS is the most dramatic simplification in driving to emerge in years -- provided you just listen to the voice prompts.

When used correctly, this one amazing device outsources your mental burden of navigation, and presents it to you with a clear voice that lets you devote your effort to (hopefully) driving better, although obviously this has turned many people's attention elsewhere.

If you've ever found yourself in an unfamiliar city in fast moving, dense traffic, trying to find an address, you will be grateful that you can offload your navigational workload to the GPS, which tells you clearly and plainly when to get ready to turn, in how far a distance, potentially even making it safer as you no longer swerve across 3 lanes of traffic at the last minute while looking at a paper map.

Of course, people who use it to navigate down isolated country roads they're familiar with will never see the point, but for someone who's task-overloaded in a busy situation, listening to the GPS voice is an amazing improvement in life.

Comment Not quite yet (Score 1) 186

Until my GPS stops sending me to people's houses when looking for an IHOP I'd rather get a picture and evaluate for myself what's going on. 95%+ of the time I could just follow the directions unquestioningly and not have problems, but if there are detours, new roads or it has addresses wrong, it suddenly becomes useless unless I can use it as a map to figure out the directions for myself.

Maybe you have to hit a button to temporarily display a map, or park the car to keep the map up- the map could stay up as you move if you aren't being given directions. I'd value a reduction in the distraction it creates, but it shouldn't lose functionality in the process.

Submission + - Sweden Promotes Space Tourism by 2012 (

think_nix writes: The is reporting for around 200,000 $USD tickets for eager space tourists looking for that outer space adventure will be purchasable from the Swedens Ice Hotel in Kiruna. The flights are planned to be run by Virgin Galactic, also allowing flights to be taken from New Mexico U.S.A. The Article further states that already around 300 Tickets have been purchased.

Submission + - Faster page loads by removing javascript blocking ( writes: "The blog post compares standard javascript file include method and the script DOM element method in detail. Around 80% of the end-user response time is spent on the front-end. A fair share of this time is spent on downloading components of the page like scripts, Flash, stylesheets, images etc. Javascript takes majority of the loading time of a webpage because scripts block parallel downloading and rendering in the page. Even if you do not have a lot of Javascript files to load on your webpage they can still block loading other content on your page while they load."

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