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Comment Re:Democrats are the enemy (Score 1) 549

I now consider Democrats to be the equivalent of the "other side" in a war - they will still oppose every and any thing your side does, they can lose a battle and still wage war, incessant and total non-compliance, they will fight to the last man, and any victory - even pyrrhic - is still a victory. Any means are justified in the pursuit of their ends.

Sounds like the last 8 years of Republicans. Fighting everything done, without trying to do anything constructive themselves.

I was thinking through the recent news (last night) that Trump got Carrier to keep 1000 jobs in the US, and how I couldn't see a way to frame that in a bad light.

You see nothing wrong with millions in corporate welfare while refusing to feed or educate children in need? I guess that's the issue. Why do you support corporate welfare, while opposing child welfare?

And no, I'm not a Democrat. So save that vilification for someone else.

Comment Re:Saudi Arabia (Score 1) 183

Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of people.

The entire Middle East is full of deplorables, including the land-swiping nation that starts with an "i". Is there something in the soil? Does oil, camels, sun, and/or sand trigger insanity?

The US tries to divide the regional players into "good guys" and "bad guys", but it seems there are no "good guys", just bad guys taking a break.
Iran is actually "stable" by the standards of the M.E. Most miss Saddam also. When it comes to the M.E., if it's only half-broke, don't fix it.

Comment Re:Another step toward tyeanny (Score 2) 250

yet there are very few tyrants around

Oh really? A good many were surprised by the Snowden revelations; and there's likely more snoopativity that we don't know about.

And Trump would record every sneeze and fart of all Muslims and illegal immigrants if he could.

The worse tyrants may be the stealth tyrants.

Comment Re:Yes? So? (Score 1) 549

More than 50% of the voting public stayed home.

That's what I said. Read the numbers. It rounds to: 50% voter turnout, 24%Hillary 23% Trump 3% other.

Also note, not voting for Hillary *or* Trump is an option without staying home. If Jill had gotten 10% of the vote, and Gary 15% of the vote, and 38% Hillary and 37% Donald, the discussion now would be vastly different. Even more so if the 3rd parties managed to get enough states to "block" an outright majority.

3rd party votes aren't wasted. Voting D or R is a wasted vote.

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