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Comment Capitalism has made similar mistakes (Score 1) 56

Capitalism made the same mistake when Ireland relied too heavily on potatoes because they grew so well and were profitable ... until they all got sick.

Lesson: don't put all your economy in one basket, whether you are commies, socialists, capitalists, or some mix.

Comment Re:This has happened before. Humanity excelled. (Score 1) 187

The thing we need to remember is that this has happened before, during the so-called "Medieval Warm Period". This global rise in temperatures happened between 950 AD and 1250 AD

From that wikipedia page (with some emphasis from me):

the warmest period of the last 2,000 years prior to the 20th century in the Northern Hemisphere very likely occurred between 950 and 1100. Proxy records show peak warmth occurred at different times for different regions, indicating that the Medieval Warm Period was not a time of globally uniform change. Temperatures in some regions matched or exceeded recent temperatures in these regions, but globally the Medieval Warm Period was cooler than recent global temperatures.

So, one, it wasn't warmer then than it is now, and two, it was not global.

Comment Re: Oh well (Score 1) 187

What it all really lays bare is the pure greed and nihilism of the capitalist system, oh, and the complete idiocy of morons on the Internet who follow them.

Fixed that for you.

And no, this is not a call for communism, it's just an observation that (unchecked, free-market) capitalism seems almost inherently designed to cause this type of greed and nihilism (not to mention an ever-increasing wealth gap).

Comment Re: Plutocracy (Score 1) 391

Home market, maybe, but both Xerox and IBM tried to sell low-end business computers (without much luck, at least at first), in the part because the micro upstarts were undercutting them on price. Thus, they did see a market for desktop biz and education computers.

And there is some evidence IBM's anti-trust lawsuits affected its behavior concerning how it competed in desktops.

Comment Re: So, the gist of it is... (Score 2) 225

Republic, not democracy.

Those terms are not mutually exclusive. The US is a federal presidential constitutional republic, but that does not mean it isn't also a democracy - i.e. a government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives.

There are precious few direct democracies in the world, Switzerland perhaps counts since they do tend to have nation-wide votes on issues more often than other countries, but most western countries- including the US - are representative democracies. Apart from that they can be monarchies (UK, Sweden), republics (US, France), or some other form of state; but they are all of them democracies.

Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 225

[burner phones]...Load them up with tantalizing information that wastes a ton of investigation time...Emails about stuff supposedly buried in parks, or sunk in lakes at specific GPS coordinates. Treasure-map fantasies

"Bob, that was slick how you snuck tiny chips with Snowden's current address in Trumpo's hair."

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