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Comment Re: Relevant xkcd (Score 1) 187

There are literally hundreds of things YOU do on a DAILY basis that are over million times more likely than your note catching fire and FAR more dangerous.

In case you missed it, those things--unlike the Note 7--have not been the subject of a government-backed recall. This means, (a) if your Note 7 causes a fire, you're liable to get sued into oblivion, and (b) if you try to sell or give it to someone else, you're subject to criminal penalties.

This is the reality; any discussion of other things being more (or even less) dangerous than the Note 7 is completely beside the point.

Comment Re: Obama has no right to do this (Score 2, Insightful) 460

You can't vote without a voter registration card or some other proof of who you are (e.g. an electric bill), and you can't vote unless you have at some point properly registered to vote, which you can't do without a SSN. So for illegals to vote, they would have to either commit outright identity theft to register fraudulently (which they screen for and actively remove when found) or steal somebody else's mail and vote in his/her name (which would likely be discovered when that other person went to vote).

In short, the absence of strong evidence supporting such a claim is, in this case, strong evidence of the absence of such fraud.

Comment Re:Common (Score 1) 110

The reality is that the tech industry has reached a dead end with the death of Moore's Law.

Is the problem really processing power, though? For a system like this, it seems like there are other problems bound to creep up:

* AFAIK, we still don't have good enough AI to figure out a spacial 3D world from visual input. I know it's still being worked on and there's been progress, but being able to place objects in the real world in this kind of augmented reality requires that the computer can figure out the layout of 3D objects within the real world.
* Even if you can render the graphics and place them appropriately in the world, there's still the problem of designing the UI. You need to create both the visual look of the interface, and figure out which gestures to use for different controls. The interface (input and feedback) needs to be easy and intuitive and provide clear feedback to user interaction.
* You also need to make the gestures such that they're read by the computer reliably-- that is, if I'm supposed to do a specific hand motion to activate a feature, the hand motion needs to be something that the computer will recognize almost every time it is performed, it needs to be distinct enough from other control gestures and natural gestures. Basically, people need to be able to control these systems without constantly activating various controls by accident.

These are fairly difficult problems for computers to figure out, and as far as I know, they're not really a problem of insufficient computing power. That is, as far as I know, it's not like we've developed code that can do these things and a UI that works well, but we need a computer 5x as powerful to run it in real-time. The problem is that we just don't have the design/code to do it.

Comment Re:What a joke (Score 1) 58

Any kind of solution to the eye-ear problem that you could come up with for AR would also work in VR.

Overlaying things in real life that you interact with physically can be applied to VR?

I don't know, I see a big issue trying to apply someone running up and down stairs, through corridors of a house to hit buttons that are rendered in AR. To even do something similar in VR, you'd have to render the house entirely as a 3d model and some how perfectly align it with the real world house which... would essentially just be another form of AR, so, no.. I don't see your point as to how this solution can be applied to VR.

Comment Re:VR comes down to earth (Score 1) 58

Also the weight of the headset, which is why I see the HTC Vive as a joke.

Speak for yourself puny human. I've never had a problem with wearing things other people complain are 'heavy' (headsets, helmets, visors) etc. This will be no different for me.

As an anecdote, try playing this game for longer than 5 minutes

I can't, it looks boring as crap.

Comment Re:I stop /. ads giving you speed & security (Score 1) 75

I stop /. ads giving you speed & security

Your ads concern me more than any advert that Slashdot intentionally promotes and I'll elaborate why.

Your ads are more dangerous. Why you may ask? Because you're worse than a regular advertising company! You keep a dossier on people, tracking all their posts, trying to find out their Internet history and keep records (I mean, just look at your replies on this thread), you've been known since the 90s on the Internet as someone who contacts people's ISPs if you have sufficient details, you contact their webhosting providers, people's companies where they work to make a scene because they dared to disagree with you on the Internet.

You ironically are the antithesis of safety online, you harass, provoke (and don't think I didn't realize that was your sock puppet posts earlier), stalk and it often starts with one of your advertisements. You have people tell you to go away and leave them alone, but you continue to pursue them, make legal threats etc. until you are satisifed. You are one of he few advertisers out there that I can actually point at and show that you are using information gathered against other people!

In summary, the most dangerous advertisements people need to be weary of is yours, APK. Your adblocking solution does nothing to stop them either.

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