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Comment Re:Advert aimed at wrong market? (Score 1) 256

Kind of like another poster - that's not really what I meant. I'm 44 myself, have been gaming since the ZX Spectrum days (and slightly before in the arcades). I love Skyrim, but I love Pikmin as well and I still emulate a few C64 games to play. No, what I meant by the kids console bit was that it's putting it in a difficult position - I think existing phones and tablets occupy the niche it seems to be aiming for.

Comment Re:Advert aimed at wrong market? (Score 1) 256

Totally agree - the "kid's console" thing has been rife since maybe the SNES. I thoroughly enjoyed my Gamecube, and the Wii as well. I'm not much of a 'hardcore' gamer, which seems to consist of endless first person shooters to me. That said, I think the kids market is shrinking because you have phones on the one hand, and then the powerful 'hardcore' consoles (and PCs) on the other. I have no market data to back this up with, it's pure opinion - it does seem to me though that niche has been taken by phones.

Comment Advert aimed at wrong market? (Score 2) 256

Looks to me, sorry to say, like a kid's console. They're playing on the TV, then the rest of the family needs the TV so they move over and carry on playing.

Must say doesn't look massively desirable otherwise. It's pretty big. Can't see this challenging the primacy of phones for mobile gaming, and already we see that even with controllers available most mobile players don't go for them.

Submission + - How the Web Became Unreadable (

mirandakatz writes: If you've found yourself squinting at your computer and wondering if your eyesight is starting to go, fear not: you're probably just suffering from a design trend. As computer screens have achieved higher resolution, web design has trended toward paler, lighter-weight type that often doesn't meet accessibility requirements. At Backchannel, web developer Kevin Marks breaks down the history of this trend, and offers an impassioned plea for designers to go back to the typographic principles of print: keeping type black, and varying weight and font instead of grayness.

Comment Re:They can go pound sand (Score 3, Insightful) 197

Bollocks, what of all the GE crops like Golden Rice, BioCassava, Bangladeshi Bt Eggplant, and Brazilian golden mosaic virus resistant beans developed exactly for that purpose? These of course are equally opposed by anti-GE activists, probably more so because of how they disprove your claim. Besides that, GE is such a broad term that you might as well say cooking exists solely to make McDonald's money.

Comment Re:GMO (Score 3, Interesting) 197

You are right that political issues don't make you anti-science, but the vast, vast majority of complaints about GE crops I see claiming to be 'political issues' are simply nonsense dressed up to justify irrational opposition. I'm not sure which specific patent problem you are referring to though.

You are also right that we need better regulation. The regulations on GE crops are so strict right now that only one non-corporate GE crop is presently in use right now...the Rainbow papaya, developed by the University of Hawai'i, and even the creator of that one believes that the only reason that one made it is because it was released before the regulations became stricter. Very recently we saw approval of an apple by a smaller company. If you want to avoid excessive corporate control by Monsanto (which by the way isn't actually a monopoly considering that the are several other similar companies out there, like Pioneer, Syngenta, Bayer Crop Science, and Dow AgroSciences) then what we need are regulations that will allow innovations like this to actually come to use instead of being shelved indefinitely, which is the fate of most university developed GE crops.

Comment Python is taught in secondary (high?) schools now (Score 1) 370

Python is the new BASIC. My kids are being taught in Python. Their schools have Python posters up, and they do their work in it. No need to go back to the 80s and learn BASIC as I did, the school community is all about Python - at least here in the UK, not sure about elsewhere.

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