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Comment Just Another Symptom (Score 2, Funny) 74

Of the "I'm too cool to respond to you" generation, and the "we're too cool to panic about your status" management style.
Normal employment policy is credentials are immediately revoked when any employee does not respond to login/status requests for over 3 business days. But don't let the cool kids tell you that's reasonable to enforce on important people.

Comment Anything to address spam? (Score 1) 85

Am very, very bored of the "Look for the lowercase L" copypasta spam everywhere, or ASCII tanks or whatever the current fad will be. Being copy/paste it is surely easy to detect and autoremove. This spam posts star ratings too, which will contribute to the overall standing of the game even though it's just gibberish postings.

Comment No different to Usenet kill files (Score 1) 220

This doesn't look much different to business as usual to me - can't see where the outrage is coming from.

Honestly, this looks no different to Usenet kill files, which I personally have been (lightly) using for around twenty-five years. On Reddit I've also got a fairly extensive kill file-alike set up, via RES and the Alien Blue app. Really don't see the issue in them introducing this, sounds more like a nice-to-have feature that some people will use, some people won't.

Comment Re:GMOs (Score 4, Informative) 526

Well okay, seeing as how I'm part of that 'science industry' as you put it, your claim is interesting if true. Let's see here, the first study detected proteins at a level lower than that test can accurately detect (ergo it was noise), the second one doesn't seem to indicate anything special about GE crops, the third one is mere correlation by a known liar with a made up institute (you could use that exact same bogus methodology to link those maladies with organic food sales), the fourth one has been widely debunked for extremely shoddy methodology, then next couple are about glyphosate, not actually genetic engineering, which is it's own often misunderstood topic, the ninth study was based basically on eyeballing pig organs with nothing particularly substantive and was widely criticized when it made the rounds a few years back, and a quick glance over the tenth one looks to me like it does not actually indicate anything about genetic engineering being dangerous, rather it seems to be criticizing not using a one size fits all approach to testing (not a criticism I would make).

So yeah, try again. Maybe explain to me what the causative mechanism is on the genetic and molecular levels and why it shows up in no other type of natural or man made genetic alteration while you're at it because I never really got that part about the claimed dangers of genetic engineering.

Now, about those bribes, know where I can sign up for Monsanto's Free Money Program? Because those stingy bastards haven't been paying me like they're apparently supposed to.

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