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Comment Re:The dotcom era had Pets.com and the sock puppet (Score 1) 85

simple economics drives the explosion of tuition, and almost nothing else.

once the government started handing out cheap, plentiful money to students in the form of loans and grants, the universities have every incentive to capture it all, plus more from mom and dad, if possible.

Comment the best thing about win10... (Score 1) 378

i've been running win10 on my primary dev desktop for months now and on an i3 laptop, and i can say, without a doubt, the best thing about it is the install.

i have yet to have to install a driver for anything, and everything "just works" right from the jump.

its a pretty amazing technical achievement, considering the size of the wintel environment.

Comment my 2cents (Score 1) 302

instead of Wordpress, try a MVC framework and a Bootstrap 3-based theme has your jumping off point.

i currently use Laravel and BS3 themes from wrapbootstrap.com or, of course, themeforest.

you should find that with composer, you can easily install whatever modules you may need in Laravel, and the hand-coded aspect of the prebuilt BS3 themes makes integrating them pretty darn easy.

it works for me.

Comment Re:More stuff done (Score 1) 112

Why would anyone share the details of their professional life or business contacts with them?

the same way they get everyone to share their details of their personal lives...

peer pressue...have you tried to have a social life these days without a stupid FB profile?

i did (for awhile) btw, and i might as well have had "perverted ax-murderer" tattooed on my forehead after telling potential dates i wasn't on FB.

Comment oh yeah...the l&e crowd will love this... (Score 0) 139

...if it saves just ONE policeman's life!

how expensive is this gadget? does it really work in the field like it does in the lab? is it practical?

the only real application i see for it is that it allows cops to know how many (apparently gun-toting, meth crazed) baddies are hiding in the house ready to shoot-it-out with them?

not really an everyday thing.

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