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Comment It doesn't like going through walls though (Score 1) 64

Or anything solid really. If you have line-of-sight it works pretty well but get anything in the way, and you can have serious issues. I tried it for wireless HDMI and it wasn't able to maintain a solid signal over about 25 feet because there was an interior wall in between the transmitter and receiver.

Comment Re:Hahaha I sure do hate stupid people! (Score 1) 115

Even if this benefits those dang stupid people and their dang phones most of all, I think I'd be happy with it if it means potentially preventing me from doing something we are ALL prone to doing: occasionally screwing up.

Jesus fuck, THANK YOU. I walk to work every day, and I cross a busy dual carriageway, and at least 10-15 roads. I pay attention, but there will be the odd time when a song comes on my phone or a text comes through and I'll be momentarily distracted enough that I miss a crossing that this would stop me doing.

If occasionally losing 100% focus on what you're doing is "stupid", there's not a clever person on this earth.

Comment Re:Because Windows & Linux are terrible? (Score 1) 267

As expected, hand-waving about Windows. That seems to be most of what you and your ilk have to complain about.

Why is Windows so bad, fellow dweeb?

Why, because Windows is terrible!

Windows is great. It boots up, and lets me run the apps I want to run. Not sure what more I need from it as a user.

As a developer, it's awesome, I can develop in any language I want using great tools.

As an IT guy, it's got all the manageability tools you could ever want.

Comment Hubris. (Score 1) 31

Google can compete with Microsoft in the Windows Enterprise space in one area - price. And even that will be difficult due to licensing costs. They will not be able to compete in capabilities or quality. Say what you want about Microsoft, they are pretty good technically when it comes to Windows. The most Google can do in this space is drive MS's prices down, but I hardly see how that's good for Google.

Linux? Sure, I'd expect Google to eat Microsoft's lunch.

Comment No kidding (Score 3, Informative) 203

We have electronic locks at work, and they are on the Internet. They are VLAN'd and firewalled off but they are still on the Internet because the company that administers them is remote. You can argue we should do it our self and I'd agree, but that is the arrangement. However every single one can be overridden on the inside the the handle. The locking mechanism is just that it basically unlocks the door frame so you can push it open from the outside with the electronic lock. Inside, you can always use the handle to override.

The reason is, as you say, fire code. All our doors always open towards the outside, no matter what. Old lock and key doors are the same. You will find a door with a Medeco lock on the outside that can't be permanently unlocked, only turned to move the bolt, but on the inside ti is just a bar you push to open it up. No matter where you are in the building, you can always get out just by following the doors that will open manually with no key/code. The locks are for locking people out, not in.

Comment No, just get a good charger and good cable (Score 1) 152

I mean one option is just to stick with old chargers. Your phone will work fine, it'll just charge slow. If you want a fast charger, just get a good one that is certified to work with it. Anker is a great choice, their chargers are well built and Qualcom certified for quick charging. Likewise get a good cable that is rated to handle the voltage/current. Being a phone it isn't going to be a ton so it really won't be an issue.

Comment What's the solution though? (Score 1) 152

If you are going to have power adapters that can provide 100 watts, in the form of 20v 5a that are on the same setup as devices that might draw 5v 100ma you have to have some kind of communication.

It isn't the current draw that is the only issue, it is the voltage. New USB specs allow for higher voltages. That's a problem if the receiving device can't tell it what to set it at. The charger I have for my phone can do 5v, 9v or 12v. My phone wants 9v. Somehow, the phone has to tell it what to send.

In terms of current, that has to be communicated but not with the device, with the wire. USB-C cables that can do high current have to have chips in them to communicate that they have that capability. The reason is easy to see: Look at a standard USB2 cable. Do those wires look like they can handle 5a? Ya.

So the only way to make a standard that remains compatible with the ports and devices we already have and can provide high voltage and current is to use communication.

Otherwise, you need a clean break to a new standard that requires higher gauge cables and uses a higher voltage.

Comment Which won't happen, they aren't a monopoly (Score 1) 261

All the monopoly regulations on them expired and with Apple and Linux where they are now, you'd have a lot of trouble convincing a court MS is a monopoly. In the desktop market they are still the big dog, but Apple is a major competitor. Macs are all over the place. In the server market MS is a big player, but so is Linux. I don't know what the split is, but it wouldn't surprise me to find out Linux is on top. In the mobile arena MS is a nothing. Linux (in the form of Android) is by far the biggest with iOS coming in #2.

Thus there's no argument to be made for a monopoly position. When there's very real competition out there in all segments of your market, you aren't a monopoly. Well if you aren't a monopoly, then anti-competition laws don't apply. Companies are free to lock-in their own solution. Again for a great example see Apple, who (tried to) lock their software to their hardware and puts everything in their own controlled ecosystem.

Sorry, but the MS monopoly ship has sailed. Unless the market changes significantly, they are just another player, which means they can do this kind of thing.

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