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Comment Re:No. Not ever. (Score 0) 76

Oh I see. So in other words it has nothing to do with the topic, which isn't "how do you use your devices". Apparently devices are OK though after the "children are asleep". Fuckwits like his guy make me laugh. They are the 21st Century versions of the people who claim they never watch TV. Idiots like you are even worse, because you are too confused to even stay on topic.

Comment Re:No. Not ever. (Score 1) 76

How naive. You are already part of the network. You cannot put phones and computers "on hold". They are always pinging location back to their masters. And what difference does it make if you wait until the "children are asleep"? Do you think the "machine" stops when your children goes to sleep?

Comment Re:What a nutjob (Score 0) 456

Its not a troll you nitwit. Just because someone doesnt share in your scifi delusions doesn't make them a troll. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MARS. No one is. Ever. You can't even comprehend the complexity. How are you going to build a FUCKING FLEET of Mars spaceships? We have never even built ONE!

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