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Submission + - The Rise of GNU $150 MIPS and ARM Netbooks. (

twitter writes: "The promissed sub $200 Netbooks have arrived. Based on MIPS and ARM, these first systems are light and promissing.

technology that once powered supercomputers now is found in embedded devices. In recent years both MIPS32 and MIPS64 cores have been found powering everything from routers to the Sony PlayStation. About a year ago the first MIPS32 based netbooks appeared ... We are talking about systems that reportedly will sell for as little as US $130 and which have already sold for as little as US $149. Say hello to the $150 netbook.

M$ has fought to eliminate this category of computer and failed. Early models reduced their profits and we see what happened to ASUS and Xandros for that. M$ got hardware makers to agree to haredware restrictions in order to sell XP but gave up as hardware makers fought to survive in the downturn. Now they are trying again with Windows 7. Paradoxicly, these restrictions increase the appeal of even lower spec machines which can't run Windows. Other hardware makers will be forced to compete so the category will flourish as $1,500 laptops languish on store shelves."

Operating Systems

Ubuntu Wipes Windows 7 In Benchmarks 781

twitter writes "Recent and controversial benchmarks for Windows 7 leave an important question unanswered: 'Is it faster than GNU/Linux?' Here, at last, is a benchmark that pits Ubuntu, Vista and Windows 7 against each other on the same modern hardware. From install time to GUI efficiency, Ubuntu beats Windows and is often twice as fast. Where Windows 7 is competitive, the difference is something the average user would not notice. The average GNU/Linux user is now getting better absolute performance from their computer as well as better value than the average Windows user."

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