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Comment Social Responsibility? (Score 3, Insightful) 297

Its funny how when it comes down to it, Apple is not very good at things like the environment, gender equality, and social responsibility when it comes to THEIR business. But, my God they sure are not shy about smugly commenting to others about how they handle issues like environment, gender equality, and social responsibility.

The main problem with our times is that so many people are willing to give a pass to those who say the "right" things instead of judging if they do them. But hey, does it really matter if they move manufacturing offshore to avoid environmental responsibility as longs they make an emoji about your favorite, pet cause?

Comment Even more sad (Score 1) 148

A quick google search does not turn up a link to foxiness and HAARP, beyond the story referenced in this article.

However, left leaning NBC has a few discussing this. Also, left leaning links like the daily beast have several.

This is the general problem with the left today. It is very fast to define anything that is not agreed with as "right-wing," and this belief is very reflexive, often with little thought or any further reading. It is a very dangerous mentality, because it breeds to worst kind of colloquialism. The version of "my team is always right, because they are my team." Self criticism becomes next to impossible, because self doubt is non-existant. Since beliefs are never challenged, they quickly become stupid and ignorant...much like this.

Comment By integrity you mean... (Score 2) 165

Integrity: N. Definition: Having the quality of supporting liberal causes. Example: The liberal journalist showed great integrity by not further investigating any of the allegations that Hillary Clinton's private email server was used to cover up damning evidence that charitable donations to her foundation were given for doing favors as Secretary of State.

Example 2: Although what Snowden released was true, he showed no integrity by releasing information that showed corruption in the DNC.

Comment Economies are the same (Score 1) 72

According to wiki, the GPD of the U.S. and Euro zone are about the same. It is true that the EU does have many more people. However, that means that about each person in the EU produces about 1/2 the wealth. Since a high percentage of personal spending is living expenses, this means disposable income, the kind that Google/Alphabet covets is much less.

As for the comment about the U.S. breaking the back of Germany....all I can say is that your mind exists is a sad, warped place. I honestly feel sorry for you. Do you really think people in the US spend their time trying to figure out ways to impoverish other nations? Is that how you view the world? Twisted.

The story of the post WWII world has been the US helping other countries to prosper and rebuild. I know it sounds cool in college when people speak of the "powers that be" and conspiracies to keep others down by the "man." However, an honest look at history shows otherwise. Through the Marshal Plan and other programs, Europe and Japan was rebuilt. They have been allies and yes, economic competitors. Some very smart leaders in the US understood that rich nations can buy goods, poor ones do not. Any nation that has bought into this system has received fantastic wealth. All you have to do is turn your Eurocentric eye to Asia and see what is going in there.

So, can we please stop this petty anti-US shit that pervades these forums? Europe is awesome. You have much to feel proud about. You also face real threats both external and from within. It takes an incredible level of stupid to think that the US is one of the real dangers in your life. Can you please start focusing on the real threats?

Submission + - Infants Have Gender Identity (

Texmaize writes: It is in vogue today to pretend that gender is fluid and a mere social construct. Some parents even gleefully go out of their way to give their children toys that traditionally are for the other gender, in hopes of making them......better? A study published in Infant and development suggests that babies seem to know better than some confused adults.

"Children as young as 9 months-old prefer to play with toys specific to their own gender, according to a new study. The research suggests the possibility that boys and girls follow different developmental trajectories with respect to selection of gender-typed toys and that there is both a biological and a developmental-environmental components to the sex differences seen in object preferences."

Comment Re:Probably Trump (Score 2) 180

Even when it is proposed that the ID be offered for free, the democratic party still opposes the idea. See, that would be political compromise between two rational groups, the way the founders intended. This has nothing to do with that, and everything to do with tampering with the election. The sad thing is, you are so busy playing team sports instead of honestly pursuing ideas for the betterment of all, that you will likely not see or understand what the modern democratic party has turned into--until it is too late.

Before reflexively lashing out like a tribal two year old, the above statement in no way forgives the republicans of their sins. Instead of merely looking for evil and being skeptical of one side, haven't current events shown that perhaps, just perhaps, you may want to be paying attention to both sides? How about demanding honesty from everyone?

Comment Trancend yourself (Score 1) 180

In a world after the FBI ruling on Clinton, where it basically says she is guilty, but the government basically refuses to prosecute people in her pay grade, don't you think you should really start re-evaluating your world view and perspective some?

Do you honestly still think that the actions of this very same government are not suspect in other legal matters? You may want to reconsider the possibility that the throwing out of the black panther racial intimidation lawsuit had nothing to do with legal merit.

Comment The world is not rainbows (Score 2) 173

One of the things I very enjoyed about college was meeting people from other countries, and learning a little about them. Something that struck me was despite what TV, my liberal professors, and fellow American students were telling me, other cultures and perspectives really do exist, and few of them actually follow the school of thought that is being popularized in the U.S. We tend to take a very parochial, Euro-centric view of the world. So, while multi-culurism is preached, what is really meant is just the one that agrees with Euro-liberalism. There are other ideas, many that are in direct conflict with ours.

For example, China. China is a very conservative country, that has a value system going back thousands of years. They have withstood several invasions, and their culture proved stronger, ultimately subverting their would be conquerers. They are very proud of this. They view the West insistence that only their values matter and are correct as a profound intrusion and disgustingly arrogant. They value family. We no longer do. They value structure and order; we clearly do not. They see the collective as important, we seem fixated celebrating the rebel. They think the majority should set the tone of commerce and culture. We have....well, read the news. Most of all, they teach their kids to love their country. For some reason, we have made it cool to be self loathing

The net result is that they think of us as the enemy. As an extension, the believe war will come because the leftist philosophies of the lest simply cannot leave others alone. If you stop and think about it, this is the main driving force behind Muslim aggression and other little rebellions around the world. They do not follow the party line, and deeply understand that they are being threatened.

So, I guess I am trying to say is that the world is a tough place. There are competing ideas and ways people want to organize their societies. The views that many on these forums hold as unchallenged and sacrosanct create enemies and alienate people. Is your world view really so limited that you are surprised by this?I

Comment that would be a Step-up (Score 1) 1010

Despite bias and tastes, both Trump and Sanders are true outsiders bot beholden to the machine, and either one has a real chance of shaking up the system. I do not agree at all with Sanders, but I do believe he is sincere. If Justice existed, and Sanders became the president, I would honestly support him. I can live with honest opposition. You can argue and debate, and have synthesis for real policy change. To me, this would be a step-up. I would like to imagine that the intellectually honest people in the forum could be the same way about trump. Either one would be a step-up.

Now, we are likely to get someone who is now shown to be literally above the law. Things will only grow worse from there.

Comment Except (Score 1) 1010

Except J. Edgar Hoover generally used his abuse of power for the good of the country. I know many have this feeling it was otherwise, mostly because this is what Hollywood teachers. He is famous for purging communists who were infiltrating the country, which actually was happening. There were many of these in Hollywood, much like today. They resent that. Also, he had societal rules like, no killing children in movies. Also, bad guys must be brought to justice at the end. I suppose you can celebrate having more grit in movies...much in the same way you can celebrate the resulting urban decay by moving to Detroit etc.

He also combated organized crime, Nazi infiltration, and well, making the FBI. The FBI was originally meant to be a police force filled with intelligent people, who used the most modern science and methods, to catch the worst criminals. Now, we have Hillary selling favors and state secrets, and they seem disinterested.

Comment Re:Funny, you are so blind you assign the wrong on (Score 1) 117

1. you never actually defended the claim of treason, or stated what it was. However, hilariously, you were moved up for making a pro-liberal statement, without any defense, again. Bias much?
2. A tactic of communists, American Liberals, or the quite stupid, is to set up a straw man example, and then continue to attack it, instead of never actually addressing the core issue If your flawed hypothesis was correct, and all republicans were evil, why does this excuse a Liberal from behaving the same way? Hillary did commit those crimes. If you were as moral and true as you (falsely) believe yourself to be, then you would demand that she be purged from the ideology because she is acting like those "evil" other guys. But, since you are not very moral, true, or remotely intellectually honest, you will excuse any behavior, no matter how vile or in contradiction to your so called values, as long as she wears the same sports jersey.

This is what I find disgusting.It is not the ideology itself, but the weak, self-serving sycophants who seem drawn to it these days, but really do not believe in it.

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