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Comment say it. SAY IT. SAY IT! (Score 1) 483

Funny, many on slashdot have reflexively ridiculed Trump. Instead of listening to ideas and discussing around merit, there as been a tendency for people to fall into the Republican Bad, Democrat good mantra. So, when he runs a campaign and starts making initial policies that emphasize protecting U.S. workers and economy, the stupidly smug among us decried it as unworthy and juvenile. But, oh, the very moment when YOUR jobs are being thoughtlessly removed for short term gain by the company/University, suddenly you are crying for the very protections and actions that Trump was espousing.

Both sides have their share of good and bad ideas. Don't you think it past time to grow up get over the childish notion that politics is a team sport? You can agree with an idea, even if it is from "the other side" if it is a good one. It's ok. Honest. You can even agree with a leader sometimes, and then disagree on another issue later. If you can achieve this one simple idea, the country will improve immensely.

So, take your first bold step. So far on this thread, no one else seemed to link this issue to Trump's platform in a positive way. Yet, nearly every post has unwittingly agreed with him. Now, take a deep breath and say it.

"On this issue, Trump was right, we should find ways to work with him to protect our workers"
Say it.

Comment Irony much? (Score 1) 502

The thesis of your argument is that other people base their opinions on something other than fact. But if we examine what you wrote:

1. A. "This whole discussion is irrelevant. " This is purely your opinion. Other people may have read some of the honest parts of this discussion an found something new. Even if you are very smart, you simply can't determine relevancy for all people.

2. B. "They just won the White House, Congress, and the Senate in one swoop." This is just wrong on several levels.

C. In 2008, the democrats had control of all 3 parts of the U.S. government. The republicans won the house in 2010, not 2016. D. The republicans won the senate in 2014 not 2016. This is not one swoop, but three. One could argue that an increasing number of people seem to be growing very angry at something the democrats had done. The republican presidency is clearly not a random hiccup. E. "Facts do not matter." As it turned out, for the election, facts DID matter. Any intelligent person would acknowledge that there has been a disturbing trend of the U.S. press to hide negative facts about the democrat party. When some of these escaped via wikileaks, people's perception on Hillary and some of her policies began to chance. So, the facts really did matter. The question is, why are you so sure you have all the facts when so many indicators show that you probably do not.
F. "We can be here debating the minutiae of this data until the cows come home." In a post about people not examining facts, you make the absolutely hilarious assertion that facts should not be debated....
G. In your argument of facts should not be debated, you also make the amazing assertion that doing so would be a bad thing. In effect, you made a single emotionally charged statement that you feel all should obey.
."We need to a different way to communicate the threat" For all the reason stated above, you say the word communicate, but it seems you actually mean that other thing.

H. The use of the word THEY means that you committing the sin of tribalism, which is generally bad. This has a tendency to limit ones world view and biases their perception of all ideas. In choosing a tribe, you are setting up an us versus them mentality. Sadly, the history of the world shows us that there are no perfect human institutions or movements. When you zealously identify with a group/cause/idea you lose the ability to deal with criticism or new ideas. In fact, someone usually will come along and warp the message and use the zealots to their own end. With this one word, you are demonstrating that you guilty of exactly what you are protesting about.You may have weighed arguments and decided democrats tend to be more correct, but if you can't see any flaws in any of their ideas or candidates, then you are a zealot.

Comment Except this is where the hypocrisy starts (Score 2) 504

Your analysis would be beautiful, except that in reality, those who silicon valley and who claim to care the most about people, really don't. As a whole, you give very little to charity, minimize tax personal tax burden, and are very, very comfortable with the notion that your special snowflake tech jobs DESERVE 3x more pay than those who serve others. The corporations of silicon valley are notorious for talking the talk about social justice, but then surprisingly absent when it comes time to pay for it. I am looking at your Apple and Google.

So, I bet that you are very supportive about measures that address income inequality....just so long as it does not personally affect you. So, can you please cut the bullshit, SJW crap about how much you care. By all measures you don't. Having a "bad" feeling is nowhere near the same as actually doing something. Please, grow up or shut up.

Btw: Here is my supporting evidence.
Bay Area near bottom of nation charitable giving from SF Chronicle:
Silicon Valley does not social give:
Lastly, there are numerous of these showing that conservatives are far more generous than liberals:

Comment Such as? (Score 3, Insightful) 442

Its very easy to sit in the cheap seats and parrot what this around you are saying. I guess you can feel smart and "with it" by doing so, but frankly its been wearing thin. So, I would love it if you take a moment and show off this maturity that you claim you have.

1. Trump provided position papers on immigration reform, the second amendment, supreme court nominations, veterans affairs, economics, and more. Each of these is detailed. I doubt that you read them. Perhaps take a moment to do so. Try coming to your own conclusions about where you agree and disagree before going to google to find what you are supposed to think. This is what a mature person would do.

2. When you search for similar content from the Clinton side, you will find it much more sparse and less detailed. Like many people, you probably just felt she was "right" on the issues since she was a self proclaimed liberal. Perhaps note that "right on the issues" has a chance to very from person to person. In fact, many of her campaign speeches were contradictory, as if she was pandering more than selling a vision. Do you think it is wise or mature to support a candidate who is fluid on issues? Try to find her policy papers and compare them with the Trump ones.

3. Mature people make decisions and evaluations based upon logic and fact. An immature person makes important decisions on emotion. In fact, an increasingly popular political strategy is to simply call names to make an argument instead of outlining a case. This is very effective because it almost impossible to defend against emotional contructs. For example, you can call anyone racist. Once the label sticks, it is hard to counter even if it is untrue. You seem to have a very negative view of Trump. Perhaps you should prepare a list and right out why. Then, if you are mature, cross of any comment that is emotional or name calling. You might find that you are the victim of mass media manipulation.

For example, a mature response could be "I dislike Trumps stand on illegal immigration. I believe open borders are a good thing. People, like ideas, should be able to flow freely. I see no major issues resulting from assimilating large numbers of people into a country's culture. Such ideas of nation are antiquated and not worth profiting."

An immature response would be "Trump is a racist."

See the difference? In the first case, people can have an honest discussion, trade ideas back and forth, and sharpen their understanding of the world. The racist comment leads to now growth. No ideas. No solutions. I would even argue that those who continually use such tactics have something to hide. You may want to see what it is.

Comment Actually, no. (Score 1) 511

Although it is popular on these forums to Trump bash, he actually is not terribly corrupt. There is a difference between disagreeing with a policy position and corruption. Making a judgement call that is different than you is not a crime. The most frightening thing of our time is that so called smart, educated people of this time do not see this.

Hillary Clinton was actually the definition of corrupt. She accepted money for favors. She used power and coercion to silence political opponents and alter election results. She and her staff actively worked to suppress the political views of Sanders supporters. Amazingly, it is all they're in the Wikki leaks and other sources, if you bother to read them. Remember, the counter arguments of these leaks is not that they were untrue, but another government may have brought them to light. Think about this. No, really, think. The. Accusations. Are. True.

The better question is why do accept an American press that was complicit in suppressing and hiding these facts? So, Trump may be an asshole. He may be gruff and insensitive. He certinally used every loop-hole that he could find in the law to abuse the system. However, that is not a crime. These are the rules that people like Clinton and frankly nearly every congressmen (including the Republican ones) put in aid rich friends and donors. To imply the person using the system is more corrupt than the one who designed it to be corrupt is truly beyond hypocritical.

The democrats nominated a corrupt person. She was ultimately destroyed by the truth leaking out. The democrats almost nominated an honest politician. Things might have been different if they did. But please, stop this bullshit of saying everyone is equally as corrupt as Clinton was/is. It is untrue.

Comment Thanks for showing I am not alone (Score 1) 230

I really liked this thread and the above post especially. It shows that I am not alone, because that is pretty much where I am. I have had apples for a very long time. I have convinced friends and companies that I have been in to go mac. Now, I can't do so with a straight face. Deep in my soul, I know my current MacBook pro will be my last one, and it saddens mean. They were insanely great computers. Now, you are just insane to get one.

Comment those damned facts (Score 1) 199

I know in the echo chamber of slashdot the canard about no wmd is taken as gospel, but it really is not true. We know Iraq had them, so did the rest of the world since most of the major countries sold them: US, China, Germany, France, UK, and Russia. This was known at the time and why the war was not stopped. The only real criticism was if it was SMART to go to war over it and destabilize the region, not if they had them.

Now, I know urban legends die hard, and that it is fun to Bush bash, so you may not want to believe the history. So, just in case you need more. Here is a link to an article from a major news source that describes how they found the wmd. See, its not generally known because it was released with minimal fanfare, because ..... well do the math.

Comment Social Responsibility? (Score 3, Insightful) 297

Its funny how when it comes down to it, Apple is not very good at things like the environment, gender equality, and social responsibility when it comes to THEIR business. But, my God they sure are not shy about smugly commenting to others about how they handle issues like environment, gender equality, and social responsibility.

The main problem with our times is that so many people are willing to give a pass to those who say the "right" things instead of judging if they do them. But hey, does it really matter if they move manufacturing offshore to avoid environmental responsibility as longs they make an emoji about your favorite, pet cause?

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