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Submission + - Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch killed by brother after friends' taunts (

An anonymous reader writes: The mother of a Pakistani big name killed in a supposed "honor" murdering said her child choked his sister in the wake of being insulted by his companions over her conduct.

The passing prior this month of the model and artist Qandeel Baloch, who shot to popularity for her provocative selfies and recordings in the moderate Muslim nation, shone a focus on such killings and re-touched off calls for administrative activity to check the wrongdoing.

Addressing AFP from her home in the town of Shah Sadar Din, Baloch's mom Anwar Wai sobbed as she reviewed the stunning passing on account of sibling Muhammad Wasim.

"He executed my girl subsequent to being provoked by his companions. They would incense him and let him know she is bringing you shame," she said, encompassed by her better half and in addition a grown-up child and little girl.

The despicable murdering of Qandeel Baloch

Submission + - Homo Deus – How data will destroy human freedom (

Strudelkugel writes: At the heart of this spellbinding book is a simple but chilling idea: human nature will be transformed in the 21st century because intelligence is uncoupling from consciousness. We are not going to build machines any time soon that have feelings like we have feelings: that’s consciousness. Robots won’t be falling in love with each other (which doesn’t mean we are incapable of falling in love with robots). But we have already built machines – vast data-processing networks – that can know our feelings better than we know them ourselves: that’s intelligence. Google – the search engine, not the company – doesn’t have beliefs and desires of its own. It doesn’t care what we search for and it won’t feel hurt by our behaviour. But it can process our behaviour to know what we want before we know it ourselves. That fact has the potential to change what it means to be human.

Comment Re:Wait for the conspiracy - Feel the Bern (Score 1) 285

Soon the Trump campaign will instead claim that the democrats hacked their own system and set it up to look like someone else, to take attention away from some other conspiracy.

What's more likely to happen is that the Dems did hack themselves - i.e. a Bernie supporter did it. Look for Seth Rich to be outed as a (deceased) Sanders supporter. Assange has all but said he is a source.

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